Calling Survey & Update

Thanks to CoolWhip, I am posting a fun survey about Church callings. Feel free to post yours if you'd like!

1) What was your favorite calling? It really is a toss-up - I have loved being an RS instructor, nursery leader, ward missionary/Gospel Principles teacher, and all my callings in YW.

2) what was your least favorite calling? Probably Cub Scouts. I loved the little guys, but I had such a hard time getting anywhere with them. Plus, they loved DH much more than me (it seemed like good cop/bad cop - and he let them ride his sk8board!)

3) What was the calling you struggled with the most? Again, a toss-up. I'm sure it could easily be this one (YW Pres), but have struggled with other callings as well. I think it's healthy to struggle to magnify your calling, no matter what. Then you grow.

4) What was your first calling? Well, as a youth, it was Beehive President. As a semi-adult, it was nursery leader (in Germany). As a college student, Welcoming Committee Chair. As a married adult, ward bulletin. How's that for an answer? :)

5) What calling are you serving in now? How long? YW Pres. 1.5 weeks. :)

6) What was the calling you had for the longest? How Long? Hmm... I seem to last approx a year in most of my callings.

7) What calling did you serve in the shortest? How Long? Ward missionary/Gospel Principles teacher - 2 months. (This is the one I was just released from)

8) What was a calling your spouse had that you liked the best? Why? Well, we've done several callings together, which has been fun (ward bulletin, CTR8 teachers, Cub Scout den leaders, ward missionary/gospel principles). But for his growth? Being in the Elder's Quorum presidency.

9) What was the calling your spouse had that was hardest for you? When we were both in different singles wards, he was in charge of Ward Prayer (affectionately referred to as ward stare, since often it was a flirting thing). There were many girls to distract him from me, so I was a teensy bit jealous.

10) What is the calling that you would like? Your dream calling? I would love to try Primary pianist. Or maybe *gulp* Gospel Doctrine teacher. It would be good for me. But I love YW & RS too.

11) What are the other callings you've had that you didn't mention yet? Newsletter committee (singles ward), Ward Music Chair, YW instructor (in Germany), YW Camp Director/Personal Progress, Laurel adviser, YW 2nd counselor, VT supervisor, VT coordinator, Enrichment Board/media specialist.

And on that note, here's a calling update. We aren't in Utah anymore, folks. I set out this evening with good intentions of meeting ALL the YW, dropping off a cute little treat for them and chatting a bit. Thanks to DH for watching all three kids, even PJ who doesn't take a bottle.

  • Time this would have taken in my UT neighborhood? all delivered, 1 hour tops
  • Girls I got to deliver/visit here? 4
  • How long it took me to visit 4 girls? 2 hours
  • Amount of time, just in driving? 1 hour, 20 minutes. One of the girls I went to is a 20+ drive there and a 20+ drive home. And that's not even the furthest one!
  • Girls left to visit? 18

I am realizing getting to see each girl is going to require a serious chunk of time. More than one day for sure. And it gives a whole new meaning to visit NIGHT! :) But I loved visiting with the girls I did see. They were sweet and welcoming and chatty :) I think this will work out.

Up ahead: Pictures from our Austin trip, 1st swim of the season, and more!


I am so impressed that you are doing that. In all the YWs I've served in....I've never seen anyone take on that challenge. I think the girls will appreciate your love and desire to serve with and for them. Great job! :)
Holy callings Batman. You have pretty much done it all. Thanks for playing!
Emily said…
I grew up in the midwest, so I know how it is to have the members so far apart! It is so different here in Utah. Everyone in the ward is so close. I still am not used to it - and to have a ward building on every block.