Humbly Overwhelmed - New Calling

So for those of you not of my faith, I wanted to preface this - but I wasn't exactly sure how to explain it. Then I remembered that my sis did a great job when she posted about her calling... so I am stealing the words from her:

"A calling is like a 'job' at church. All teachers and leaders in our local congregations are non-paid volunteers. We are asked to perform a certain job by the leader of our congregation. We have the option to accept or decline. If we accept, we are then presented to the entire congregation for a sustaining vote. No position is sought after or campaigned for, but most choose to accept, no matter how difficult the 'job' might be."

So a week ago I met with the Bishop of our ward (leader of our congregation) and he asked if I would accept a calling as the Young Women President of our ward. The Young Women (YW) organization is part of the youth group our Church has in place. It is basically for girls ages 12 to 18 to help them come unto Christ. I have worked with the YW before and loved it! They are energetic, fun-loving, stalwart girls who want to do what's right. So I am SO EXCITED to be involved with working with them again!

After I accepted the call, part of the process as a president is to prayerfully find others to serve in the presidency (all presidencies in our Church have a president, two counselors, and a secretary). Since I've only been in this ward for a few months, I know very few women and I was nervous about this part of the job. YW is a rewarding, yet time-consuming calling - and I wanted to be sure that those in the presidency would be willing to put forth the time and be right for the job. I will tell you, I spent a lot of time looking over lists of the members of our ward and a lot of time pondering, and a lot of time on my knees in prayer. We were actually in Austin for the week (I'll post on that later) because DH was there with his job. It was nice to focus on my family and on pondering this because I wasn't at home with the normal pulls on my time.

Well, to make a long story a little shorter, I struggled to find the right people. I was very worried that I wouldn't pick the right ones or that people would be upset at the names I chose. I did my fair share of stressing. But as I continued to pray and to listen, I was able to put together the names I felt needed to be in the YW Presidency at this time. I was able to feel at peace and to give those names to the Bishop for him to get a confirmation that they were right. It was such a blessing and I know I was guided by a higher power and that the spirit was with me!

Today I was sustained, along with my 1st counselor. I am still waiting on the rest of the presidency, and we might have to make some changes on that, but we are officially "on the job"! I am so grateful to an amazing YW President just released, because she is helpful and gracious and just a fabulous person. She has already given me a lot to go on. It will be a hard transition for many of the young women because they love her so much, but I hope they will be open in getting to know the new leaders as well. Today one of the girls in her prayer thanked Heavenly Father for me as well as for the previous president, which I thought was so sweet!

I'm sure I will be posting more about this in the future, but I do want to say that it has been a humbling experience already. I KNOW this comes from Heavenly Father, that somehow He knows I can do this, but I also know that it will only be through complete reliance on Him. I am so impressed with the strength of the young women. They are truly tested, and they do so well! I hope that I can help them know of their worth, of my love for them, and of their eternal potential! Those of you who know me, know that there's a good chance I'll mess this up. :) So I promise I will be relying on what He wants!


You are such an awesome person with such a desire to do what the Lord wants. You will be given that extra strength. I would love to have you as my YW president! The love you have for the girls is tangible. Congrats and good luck! :)
Cheryl said…
You will do an awesome job!! Congrats, and good luck!
Sonja said…
Yea, I don't think so. (mess up) I think you will do an awesome job. The girls will love and respect you cause you are an amazing leader. They are very lucky to have you. Congratulations!!! I think the YW is the best auxiliary to serve in.
Jen said…
Wow! I was very similar to you (my third baby was small) when I was put in. My testimony grew more in those years as pres than at any other stage of my life.

That is a very overwhelming calling, and so new in the ward! But that must reinforce how 'right' it is. You are going to teach those girls some life-changing things.

Congrats on the new endeavor!
I don't think they could have gotten a better YW pres!.
the lazy reader said…
Wow! What a wonderful opportunity to serve. The Young women are fun to work with because its such a great time in their lives.
Litnak Family said…
WHOA!! WHOA!! That is Crazy COOL!! I am sure you were very surprised and humbled to be called there. I KNOW you will do great. The Lord has a plan to USE YOU as an instrument in his hands. The YW in your ward are so blessed to have you in there leading by example and LOVE! Good luck!!Remember you do have A Lot of resouces of those that are also Pres. like Kelli and Rainbow it never hurts to ask and get ideas seeing that they are also GREAT women to turn to!
Kristy said…
As Bishop L said to us when we moved "this is a training ward and where ever you move to they will put you to good use, because WE trained you well". Guess he was right. You'll do great.
wrightNOW said…
It was nice to find you on facebook and to now see your blog. You are an amazing writter and journaler(sp?) Anyways, congrats on the new calling. I am currently with the yw as 1st counselor and so you will have to help me out with ideas and ways to help the girls. Good luck and what a beautiful family you have.
Warner Family said…
You are going to do a wonderful job. I wouldn't expect any less from you. You are strong in you testimony and in your family. That is why you are called to serve here. The YW need you, and you need them.
You will do great !!
Emily said…
Wow! That is so awsome! I think you are going to be a great leader! Congrats!!! and of course, good luck too! :)