Sunday Schedule

12:30AM Finally get to bed after dinner groups, kids baths, final lesson prep, etc
5:30AM Alarm goes off
6:30AM PJ and I leave for the Church
7:00AM Ward Council
9:00AM Church begins
12:00PM Church ends
12:30PM Kids and I go home & have lunch. DH goes out visiting members.
3:30PM DH gets home & has lunch.
6:00PM BYC - Bishopric Youth Committee
7:00PM Sunday Evening Discussion with the youth.
8:40PM I get home. Nobody's had dinner.
8:45PM We eat dinner.
9:20PM Finish dinner, get kids ready for bed.
10:00PM Kids actually in bed, asleep.
10:30PM PJ gets to sleep.
11:00PM Personal Scripture Study
11:59PM In bed (hopefully)

Sunday is a day of rest? Hmmm, I think DH & I spent a total of 3 hours together all day today! I was thinking again today about how people outside our faith might wonder why we do it. I mean, my calling right now is almost like having a full-time job. Without pay. But if we think about it, we don't receive worldly rewards for the things we do in the Church - money, new cars, a vacation - but what we DO receive is so much better! We are blessed as we do the work of the gospel. Some of the blessings are seen physically, some are felt emotionally, others manifest themselves in simple things (like PJ sleeping ALL night last night!), and still others we may not be able to recognize but they're there. The things we do for our families and in our callings are truly the most important things we can do on this earth. They help us become the people who can go back and be in the presence of a loving God. It's just a matter of keeping it all in perspective, especially on a long day like this!

On another note, as I attended the Sunday Evening Discussion tonight and observed the YW, the love I feel for them was so tangible to me! I felt the spirit testify to me of the caliber of these girls and the great things they will accomplish and that I have been entrusted with this stewardship at this time for a reason! Although I've seen the girls in passing, I've only started to get to know them in the last week and I am amazed at how much I already love them!

Anyway, I now have two counselors and a secretary and our first presidency meeting is this week. None of these women have really served in YW before so it will be kind of fun to help them understand the program and work on doing our best to serve the needs of our girls!

Coming Up: I'll post about last night's dinner groups and the Bubbs' first scripture/prayer given in Primary!


Add a first councilor as a husband.... we have the same life. I actually have a Sunday here and there where i don't pull my hair out and gain a few grey ones. Oh well, it won't be like that forever,
Emily said…
Sunday's really can be so busy!! I totally understand! Hope things are going good your way and that you had a fun holiday weekend!
I was in the middle of commenting when the power went out and deleted it. I am sure it was profound. more restful Sunday's, but you will still be blessed doing the work of the Lord you are doing. So sad I missed you today! :(
the lazy reader said…
I often wonder about the Sunday as a day of rest thing. It just doesn't seem to happen between being The MOM and serving in church callings but, oh, the blessings can stretch through the week. So glad you love your calling.
Litnak Family said…
I bet it is much harder with the calling thing, not living in Utah? You have to actually DRIVE to church!! :)
Jen said…
S, the Bishop is here doing my railings and he asked me to pop in and say Hi to you & P! He hopes all is well!