Stink Can Earn You Money

So, at our camp meeting last night, the girls were bellyaching a bit about showers. I guess they've been spoiled previous years, but this year we're almost roughing it. Tents, but still an air-conditioned building for cooking, eating, and the leaders of course. But the showers are far enough that we need to drive there and not everyone will be able to shower every day. That seemed to create some stress.

Me: "Girls, it's no big deal. It's camp and there's no boys to impress anyway."

Still nothing. So I got this brilliant idea.

Me: "All right, I'll give 5 bucks to anyone who doesn't take a shower ALL week!"

All of a sudden, most are on board with that. Poop. This could get expensive. Maybe next time I'll tell them they get the 5 bucks for not showering AND not wearing deodorant. Except then I would suffer. Hmmm...

On another note, anyone know how many dollars I can get for 15 Euros? I found some in my wallet from our trip to Germany last year and I'm thinking, with the dollar depletion, I might be able to get enough to pay off my stinky girls.


Litnak Family said…
So it is going to cost you a lot of money to go to camp?
How do you get yourself in these predicaments?
Good LUCK!!
Emily said…
That is too funny!