Blurry Blogness & Other Stories

I am confessing a problem I have. I am a list-maker. (I know, shocker!) And I love to compartmentalize my life. Blocks of structured time are my friend. Otherwise, I tend to waste the day away. Of course, my kids love to de-compartmentalize my life. I seriously think they wake up in the morning thinking "How can we decompartmentalize Mommy today? AKA How can I best disrupt her well-meaning schedule and pre-arranged blocks of time?" But I digress. So after analyzing my blog-slump from the past week or so, I think I have it. And I also think I could make money by becoming a blog-slump analyst. I'll make some business cards for y'all to hand out. Anyway, I decided I love going to certain blogs and knowing what I'm going to find there each day of the week (On My Mind Monday, Thursday Thirteen, WFMW, etc), so I am releasing my alpha version of my new and improved Focused Blog Two Month Plan. Look forward to:

  • Mondays: Munchkin Monday (all things about my kids; now you can plan ahead to avoid me if you're sick of hearing about them)
  • Tuesdays: Deutsche Dienstag OR Take-It-Or-Leave-It-Tuesday (I'll either post a German post or a product/book/movie review post)
  • Wednesdays: Works-For-Me-Wednesday
  • Thursdays: Thursday Thirteen OR Tell It All Thursday (This is my catch-all for updates and any other randomness - I may even divulge a secret or two. Probably about DH - his secrets are juicier.)
  • Fridays: Free Recipe Friday OR Feature Friday (Either a recipe or I'll be highlighting a blog or website I like)
  • Saturdays: Short Story Saturday (Creative writing at it's best. Or worst. You'll be the judge.)
  • Sundays: Spiritual Recharge Sunday (Thought/scripture/lesson/quote - something uplifting, inspiring, testimony-building)

What do you think? Any topics you'd like to see? I am going to try this for a few weeks and see if I like it. It might not give me a chance to blog as much about my daily life, which of course, is oh-so-interesting, but I will be able to compartmentalize! Yippee!


Jen said…
I would love to see a daily post from you! I like using themes, too. Gives me a fall back when I'm not in the creative mode.
Damselfly said…
Wow. You are really organized. When it comes to blogging, I'm definitely a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants gal.

Love that comic!