Goodbye Sanity, Hello Carpet Steamer

WARNING: This post is rated PG for some mature themes. And the picture you are about to see is rated PG because of some missing pants. Just an FYI.

I can't put it off any longer. The time has come...

The Simster is approaching 2 1/2 and I've kept saying, "I'll potty-train after..." First it was, after we move. Then, after we move into our house. Then, after PJ is sleeping through the night. Then, after Girls Camp. Then, after DH takes his sabbatical and trains the kid himself (which, yeah, will not happen - and I guess I wouldn't want him to use his sabbatical for potty-training). I mean, the Bubbs was one thing. I understand her -ahem- equipment. This kid? Not getting it. It's a wild thing, if you know what I'm saying.

BUT! In the last two days, Simster has done both #1 and #2 in the potty without much prodding (4 times). And he's been wearing undies OVER his diaper as well. So today, after he again successfully #2-ed, I reluctantly asked, "Do you want to just wear your underwear?" And he. was. thrilled! With a capital T! And so now we've past the point of no return (at least for me) - once you put them in underwear, you don't give in to reverting back to diapers.

So - I'm excited to kiss the diapers goodbye (only 1 kid in diapers! Yipee!). But the whole training process? Not loving it. He had two accidents today (but both pretty little) and I know there's more to come. And here I am, in a new house that's mostly carpeted. With the Bubbs, I had an entire floor that was mop-able. And believe you me, we stayed on that floor 90% of the time during training. Here? Just the entry, kitchen, and bathrooms. And a 2-year-old boy can barely stay put. So I'm in for a lot of soaking up "accidents", aren't I? Any suggestions for making the clean-up easier? Any other suggestions on helping him focus his -ahem- thingy so I'm not cleaning the ceiling? (I'm already training sitting down, much to his daddy's dismay.) Comments are appreciated, all you seasoned little-boy-potty-trainer-mommies!


I am totally a "let them sit as long as possible" kind of mom. I'm not sure how, but Sevy would manage to pee on the wall behind him.
I'm jealous. We've been kind of potty train Eva for the past month, and after this week of baptism/company/big dinner, i am going to jump in with both feet. She's gone 1 and 2..... lots, on the potty. But we have really good days.... 1-2 accidents, and really bad days...... not pee in the potty.
This is why i put it off.
On the other hand..... Emma is sleeping through the night.
Kristy said…
Good luck, once you have them all in undies you will never want to buy diapers again, so unless your family is "complete" just always have at least one in the diapers :)
Cheryl said…
You are brave! As far as improving the aim, I've always heard the thing about putting a cheerio in the toilet and telling them the try to sink it, but that usually only works with standing, unless he sit's on the very back of the toilet and looks down at it. I think I'll teach Tanner to sit as well, but I think the aim is harder to teach that way also. Good luck!
Meg said…
just tell him to tuck it. thats what my dad told jon to do.
Warner Family said…
don't worry about the aim. Let him sit to tinkel. Boys can sit just like girls and then when he is bigger. And beeter at aiming let him stand. It also helps with the number 2's.
The only thing that worked for Holden was going to las vagas. He wouldn't go on the potty at all. Took a trip with grandma and grandpa. And what do you know. He figures out what a potty is for. Glad what happened in vagas didn't stay.
I am so proud of him! It will go fast....I have my fingers crossed for you! :)
Olsen Family said…
Hi Sharon! Your little baby is so cute. How old is she now? I potty trained James in January and it definately is an adventure! We started having him sit too, but he saw "others" stand and wanted to do so also. Now that he is taller it is easier for him, but I am still trying to get him to aim. I think my problem is that he thinks its funny when it goes everywhere which drives me NUTS! I am constantly washing shower curtains and the bathroom rug. I don't know if simster has done this yet, but if they sit on the potty, if they dont aimed right in, it goes up, out, and all over!
Good luck with the rest of the training. It's been almost 6 months now and I'm still cleaning up messes around the potty. What fun!
Frumpy Luv said…
Potty training is one of my least favorite things in the whole world - I am in the "i'll do it after" club too.... good luck!!!!!