Yep. Welcome to the House of the Sick. The Bubbs had a mild fever for a day or two last week, but no other symptoms. She was pretty much fine by Friday night and a happy family went back to normal activities. Then Monday afternoon, the Simster had a fever. By Monday night, PJ had a fever too. And we've been sick ever since. I haven't given in and taken them to the doctor because, let's face it, it's 99% likely it's a virus and they won't do anything but tell me to give them Tylenol anyway. So I don't feel like packing up the troops, driving across town, and waiting and paying my co-pay just to have the doc tell me to go home and give them Tylenol & Motrin. Anyone else with me on this? (If we're still miserable Monday, I might call the doctor then...)

Good things about a sick house?
  • Lots of cuddly, movie-watching, sleeping kids. PJ has spent most of her days sleeping away which is nice. The Simster sits still for more than 5 minutes and lets me coddle him.
  • Little pressure to make dinners and clean the house. The kids need me, and they don't care what's going on around them.
  • Less fighting, more compassion. The Simster is too sick to fight, and the Bubbs wants to take care of him and help him feel better. I even caught her stroking his forehead and saying, "It's okay you have a fever, Sim. It's okay. It's okay." Nice to see the sweet sibling side!
  • Some home time. Besides a run to drop off one of my YW at a stake meeting, we've pretty much stayed home. It's kind of nice to have an excuse to stick close to home. I'm a home person anyway.
Bad things about a sick house?
  • My babies are sad and moaning. And they don't understand why mommy can't fix it. :(
  • Cleaning up messy sheets and clothes. I don't think you need any more details on that one.
  • Nothing is getting done besides catering to my babies. And my in-laws are scheduled to come for a visit in the next few days!
  • Potty-training is on hold. He actually went two days in a row with not one accident and I thought we were home free. Now he's sick and can't concentrate so he's back in diapers for the time-being. Poop. (hee hee)
  • I miss going to our pool! We've been going at least three times a week, but we haven't gone at all this week, and I'm going through withdrawals. It's like 140 degrees. Okay, maybe only 100. But hot. At least I have air-conditioning.
  • The worst thing? Last night I started to feel a scratch in my throat. Now I'm a little warm and achy. I hate it when I get what they have!
I hope I can post more next week. And something more interesting. But right now, the Motrin is calling me. By name. :)


Kristy said…
Too bad when mom is sick she doesn't have someone to take care of her. Hope it passes quickly.
Frumpy Luv said…
Hope your house is all better soon!
It is nice to be able to slow down when the kids get sick. I hope you are all better today! :)
Damselfly said…
I love your pros and cons lists. So true. Hope everyone feels better and stays that way!