Feature Friday

Here it is! Day One of the New Plan. And my first FEATURED SITE?


*Description: Links to live streaming for over 5000 radio stations from Europe, the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.
*More Details: Fantabulous website! Most radio stations these days seem to have a "listen online" choice for some easy access to jamming-in-your-car radio tunes or argue-with-me-political talk radio. The cool thing about this site is that they're all in one place! It's not so much to get the local radio stations to listen to on the web (since, hello, I have a pretty uncool Wally World special that does that for me), but I use it to get access to things I can't really listen to otherwise. The site is divided by country and then, for the US, by state. Each link has the call letters for the station (if applicable), the name of the station (which is a link to the radio station's site if they have one), a listen live link, and a "format" - oldies, top 40, country, news radio, etc. Pretty darn neat. I was introduced to the site while student teaching several years ago. My mentoring teacher showed it to me when I mentioned I missed my favorite German stations.
  • All the streaming stations listed in ONE easy place! (No more google-ing station names to find a "Listen Live" link!)
  • Station lists also link to individual station websites for more info, etc
  • One-click listening availability
  • For US stations, you can sort by location within a state to find a specific station based on location
  • You can browse stations by location or genre
  • Great resource for language teachers or foreign language learners
  • Only lists for Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the United States. I would love to have links to African, Asian, and Central/South American countries.
  • Most of the live streams require Windows Media Player or Winamp. Which, if you're a Mac user like me, is a little annoying. You can download Windows Media Player for Mac (or get Flip4Mac to work with QuickTime), though, so it's okay.
  • Some of the stations are not A+ sound quality, which is to be expected with the variety of internet connections. Most of the ones I listen to are at least B+ quality if not A- or better. But just an FYI.
*My favorite stations:
  • Antenne Bayern & Bayern 3 - German Adult Contemporary stations I listened to when I lived there; the kids and I turn them on and jam out and it brings back memories of studying in my bedroom while my host sister begged me to play UNO "just one more time"
  • Radio Teddy - A German kid's station. Stories and kids songs that I like to put on when my kids are coloring. Background noise in their non-native language. I love it!
  • DeutschlandRadio Kultur - German news and feature stories. Are you sensing a pattern with the German?
  • Alouette - A French Contemporary station. The music's mostly American, and how I am supposed to make fun of French if I don't listen to it once in a while? :)
  • FM 100 - I listen to this mostly on Sundays for their Soft Sunday Sounds. I have a limited collection of inspirational music, and I like the variety. I feel like I'm back in Utah getting ready for church :) Downside? commercials. :(
  • KOSY 106.5 - Same as above.
  • KBER 101.1 - They often broadcast Utah Jazz games. 'Nuff said.
  • KSL - They broadcast BYU games. Again, I think that's self-explanatory.
  • Capital 95.8 - A contemporary station out of the UK. Because British accents are fun. And they say funny things.
  • Radio CLM - A German/Spanish station out of Spain. It can be confusing. But pretty cool.
But I think I've said enough. Check it out and see if you find an international (or more local) station you love! Leave me a comment and let me know what you like so I can check it out too!