Halfway to 8!

September 22nd is one of my favorite days of the year for two reasons:
  1. It's the First Day of Fall! Yea, cooler weather! Yea, sneakers & jeans & hot cocoa!
  2. It's the Bubbs' Birthday!

So my baby turned FOUR YEARS OLD today!! She is growing up so so fast! We are so blessed to have her in our family. She's a wonderful older sister (most of the time) and such a joy to watch as she grows up. She's starting to create her own make-believe world (and Simster joins in the fun). She's starting to sound out words and knows what letter most words start with. She loves going to preschool, primary, the library, and hanging out with the family. She waffles between saying she's a "Mommy's girl" or a "Daddy's girl" and enjoys spending time with each of us on her own. She's getting old enough to help with PJ and for the most part, she likes to. She picks her nose a lot. Pretty much constantly. Just an FYI - and yes, we're working on it. I'm trying to find her a NPA meeting to go to (Nose Pickers Anonymous), but they seem to be all booked with other kids her age. :) She enjoys singing primary songs, especially "I Am a Child of God" and "I Love to See the Temple". She loves to play house, swim, play with trains, dance, jump on the bed, torment boss around play with her brother, and draw (both pictures and write letters). Her favorite foods are cereal, tortillas with cheese, broccoli, chicken, and apples, although she's pretty good about eating most everything. One of the cute things she says "Mom, do you remember when you were little and I was the Mom and I had to make dinner for you? That was nice of me, huh? And you have to say thank-you or I would be grumpy." Gotta love what comes out of her mouth! We've been fortunate to this point, but now that she's four, she is really turning in to a...

PRINCESS! She got a set of dress-up clothes today and was THRILLED! We probably didn't have to get her anything else! Simster also had fun trying on dresses, tutus, tiaras, and high heels, but Dad put a quick stop to that one... We spent a busy day today, with lunch at McDonalds

and several stops to pick out supplies so we could do this...

I think I was insane when I agreed to redo her room as part of her birthday. Well, at least I shouldn't have attempted the project ON her birthday! We just finished up the primer stage and I'm going to work on the colors tomorrow while the kiddos are at preschool. We also have some gifts still to open and a party in the future... Hey, who said birthdays can't last a week? :)



Emily said…
Happy Birthday! I hope she has a fabulous day! I am so excited it's the first day of Fall! The weather is already turning cooler here - the trees in the mountains are changing! It's beautiful!! Hope you are doing great!
Litnak Family said…
This is only the beginning!! Happy Birthday Bubbs! I hope all goes well painting good luck!
She looks so pretty in her dress up! We were sad to miss talking to her yesterday. I can't wait to see the colors in her room. I've been meaning to redo C's and K's room for years!
Warner Family said…
HPA I think that its great that they hold those meetings in texas. I am laughing my guts out.
Happy B-day Bubbs. Holy cow. *4* They grow so fast and change so much. One day you will look at her and remeber when she was four, but she will be the teen rolling her eyes at you.
Sorry Its bound to happen. Miss you guys