Long Overdue

(Update: It looks like the hospital bill will be lower because they are going to bill it as a participating provider - Whew! Thanks for the info on that, Carrie!)

So I was just going through our pictures and realized I never posted about my "business trip" back in August. So here we go...

On the way out to Utah, I had about a three hour layover in Denver, so my Mom and my brothers came to see my at the airport. This is my baby bro A, who will be leaving on a mission in October. Gotta love the shirt, huh?

Of course, PJ had to pose with her uncle before we left. She'll be talking and such by the time he gets home!

The time in Utah was spent primarily working. It was full of mixed emotions - overall, I am sad my stint working there is done, and I will miss the associations I have had and the contributions I have made to the Center. Before I started there in 2003, they had one or two computerized testing programs, so 95% or more of the current testing system was created and supported by me. I will definitely miss it. However, I am sure my replacement will do great things, and it's time to start a new chapter in my life.

PJ and I at work. This is one of the only shots of the lab at work. This is my co-worker Inna and her cute son Sasha. He's two months younger than PJ, but definitely looks bigger! I will miss Inna a ton and am crossing my fingers that her hubby decides to go to law school out here in Texas!

Another cute kid picture. They just sat there on the floor jabbering to each other in Baby-nese.

PJ with her great-aunt J. My uncle & aunt were kind enough to let us stay with them while on our trip. Aunt J even watched PJ a few times while I was working. They have always opened up their home to members of my family and it's been greatly appreciated. I lived with them my freshman year of college.

We got to spend a lot of time with Gma as well, which was so much fun! PJ loves hanging out with her beautiful great-grandma! And I know Gma misses me and the kids, so it was important to visit with her.
PJ cuddling with Gma. Isn't my grandma so cute? Hard to believe she's 93, that's for sure! I miss her a ton!
Hanging out on campus with Gruncle (great-uncle) C. He's such a good grandpa to my kids... I hope he has some of his own in the not-too-distant future!

We also got to meet up with DH's family for lunch on one of the days we were there. Here's PJ with Aunt S.
This is a picture of the little gathering coolwhip threw together. It was fun to see old friends and to eat and visit and chat and etc etc etc! I only have this picture because my camera died! And along these lines, it was so nice of coolwhip to let me stay at her house! It was like old times again and her kids are so fun and cute. I had a great time - closure with my job and visiting with family and friends, most of it at the university's expense :)

This is for DH's benefit - his old primary kids on sk8boards. Gotta make him proud!

On the way back home, we again had a layover in Denver. This time, my Dad met us and we were able to visit with him for a while.

It was really a fun trip! I wish I had had more time to visit with friends, but I hope to be back not too long from now. On the plane ride over, a couple of passengers were discussing all the perks of Utah (national parks, skiing, boating, hiking, and more) and I was feeling very sad that we left. But on our last day and on our way back, all I could think about was getting HOME! We are definitely starting to feel like this is our home! I will always miss family and friends that are still in Utah, but our home, right now, is in Texas!


What great pictures. It is inspiring me to go ahead and post about DC. I am so glad that you have good friends and family everywhere you go! Of course you do, though, since you are so incredible! I am lucky to have you as my sis! When Heavenly Father saw I'd only get one...He decided to send me an extra, extra special one! Thanks.
sully said…
It looks like you have your hands full. Hope you remember BreeAnna, and our homeschool days. She is now happily enrolled in private school with her brother, playing on the school's volleyball team, on dance team, and has adopted three "guy" friends that I have dubbed the Three Musketeers. She, of course is Dartanian! Love from L.R. 10th. - Amber
Emily said…
Love the photos! It looks like it was a good trip! I am glad! :) Hope things are going great with you!