Monday, September 01, 2008

That Time Again!

I am MORE than excited. The end of August/beginning of September is more than just a new school year and the beginning of Fall. It is COLLEGE FOOTBALL SEASON! Thanks to the long-awaited intelligence of a certain satellite company, we are the proud watchers of...
bringing us all the 4-1-1 and the live action and the replays, excitement, interviews and more so that I can drink in another fabulous season. This is definitely my new favorite TV channel. The first day we had it (Aug 27), I turned it on to find them replaying 2006's nail-biter. Priceless! Then we DVR'd the opening game on Saturday because I was at the temple with the youth. We watched it (with a little fast-forwarding) and it was a little more exciting than I wanted it to be... (fumbled AGAIN?! Can we please hold on to the ball, people?!) - but we came out comfortably victorious.

Anyway, if you're trying to track me down sometime this fall on a Thursday night, Friday night, or Saturday afternoon, try our media room. There'll definitely be some whooping and hollering and crying and laughing and many roaring rounds of singing the fight song and such. And forget about Oct 16th. I'll be here -

BUT I'll be wearing THIS -



Jen said...

Rise and Shout, Baby!

Cheryl said...

I couldn't have said it better! Gooooo Cougars!!

Warner Family said...

Don't you love fall!!