Why I Feel Like a Horrible Mom Today

  1. There are dirty dishes in my sink.
  2. I was two minutes late dropping off the kids for preschool.
  3. I'm having pediatrician woes and decided to try someone new - who happens to be 35 min away. So I had to wake PJ up from her nap to go to the doctor.
  4. PJ is 9 months and only 13 lbs, 2 oz. The doctor is concerned. I have been avoiding the well-child visits because of my pediatrician woes, so the doc doesn't have all her records to compare. But still - she's very small and the doc is encouraging more feeding, nursing, and formula (And before you get grumpy at him, he did say - "I'm not saying you're a bad mom...")
  5. Because I was picky with the pediatrian and now 35 min away, I'm going to be late to pick up Bubbs and Simster. I bug DH to go and get them.
  6. DH gets in a minor accident on his way to pick up the kids. I call the preschools to let them know I will be running 15 minutes or so late.
  7. DH has the car with the carseats, so I drive from preschool home (5 minutes) with the kids in regular seat belts.
  8. Somehow I managed to hide the insurance card so well that DH doesn't know where it is.
  9. DH needs the insurance card before the cop shows up. Kids are happily finishing lunch. The accident is just around the corner in our own neighborhood, so I rush to the car, leaving the kids alone in the house, drive to the scene of the accident (20 seconds), show DH where I put the insurance card (40 seconds) and drive back home (20 seconds).
  10. When I arrive home, one of our neighbors (someone I don't even know yet) is holding onto a screaming Simster, accompanied by a sweet-looking couple with a baby who were checking out the house that's for sale next door. Turns out, he spilled his water and wanted me to clean it up. So of course the obvious thing to do is unlock the deadbolt and run out into the street.
  11. The couple & the neighbor don't seem to believe me when I explain I'd been gone for only 2 minutes max. I promise I'm not a bad mom - they don't seem to buy it. Not sure I blame them. I won't be too surprised if someone calls the police on us.
  12. Simster comes back in and is grumpy and bites the Bubbs (something he hasn't done for MONTHS!), and PJ is screaming because she's hungry (and didn't the doc just tell me to make sure I'm feeding her?).
  13. Knowing that my children are under 4 and that they are unfortunately smart enough to unlock the deadbolt, and knowing that they know not to run into the street but our neighborhood is still so new so there's not sidewalks everywhere so they would have to run into the street to get to me, and knowing that somehow in 2 minutes something could happen that would make them want to find me, and knowing that a car could come around the corner on our rather quiet street and hit my child who's running into the street trying to find me, I should NOT have left them alone, even for less than 2 minutes!
Because I have a Heavenly Father who loves me, I was still very blessed today! (The accident wasn't serious, DH is fine, kids were at friends' houses for preschool and they were very understanding, a car didn't hit the Simster...) But it's still a hard day for me as a mom. I should know better. The kids need better. I see better moms all around me and wonder why Heavenly Father felt okay sending me kids in the first place. I just hope and pray that He understands, and that my sweet DH and my kids understand that I really am trying. I just mess up sometimes a lot.


AHH, You ARE normal! I have had SO many of those days!
Once i was screaming at my kids becasue Sev locked my out of the house into the garage, and when i got back in and yelled some more i decided to go out in front to cool down, only to realize Julie had been to my house and probably because she heard me screaming decided to put my VT list on my door instead of interupting my rampage.
Total, guilty bad mom moment, that i will obviously never forget.
Jen said…
Are you mad at me for chuckling through your post?

Oh, S, we have ALL been there. And I mean all. I am so glad you are normal and human. And just last night in my prayers I was the one crying "I can't do this. Why am I doing this??"

Thanks for the reality check today. And go get the kids safely in bed and take a bubble bath.
Kristy said…
I also think chocolate is a must at times like that. I know you shouldn't turn to food in times of stress, but really, is chocolate even a food? It seems to calm and sooth, even if it is one little piece of Dove chocolate.
Lindsay said…
Sharon- you're amazing and a wonderful mommy!
You are such a talented writer. Yikes! I know now why I don't have any writing genes...you got them all!

I knew already about the day and yet read every word of your post!

I know you are a great mom. I know Heavenly Father sends the right children to the right mom and He knows you are so capable of having three kids under four! :)

BTW: I can guarantee that those moms you see as "perfect" have days just like this one...we just hide it from each other.
the lazy reader said…
Don't know whether to laugh or cry. I so know.
Warner Family said…
I think days like this are ment to humble us. That is why the LOrd sent us kids you know. You are a great mom. Welcome to my world of being not perfect
Janna said…
Aww, Sharon! I have to agree with the others and say that we ALL have these moments! We feel so inadequate, and helpless and just so in capable of doing anything right.

And all those "perfect" moms? There is NO SUCH THING as a perfect mother, none. At least not on this earth. We all just try our best, and that's all we can do. You ARE a WONDERFUL mother, and don't let anyone tell you any different!
Janna said…
Oh and yes, my house is officially on the market now. We have found a house we really like in east Layton, but we've got to get our home sold first! That's the frustrating part. School is going ok for the most part. It's quite different than the charter school. Gooskie starts preschool tomorrow! That will be really strange to have no one home with me! Just me as myself hehe... oh and would you mind giving me your email address? Then I can just message you there, if that's ok? Mine is jannafox@gmail.com.