What the Youth Need to Hear...

Anyone feeling suggestful?

We are having a youth Standards Night at our church on Wednesday. This is basically a night to emphasize moral values and eternal goals to the youth ages 12 to 18. It is to encourage them to live the standards that will bring them closer to the Savior Jesus Christ. Our particular take on it this year has to do with keeping standards in all our relationships (with family, friends, the community, in dating, etc).

As we prepared for this activity, we decided to ask six adults to sit on a panel and answer questions the young men and young women submitted about relationships and standards. Of course, we only had a smattering of questions from the young people. So now we are filling in the gaps with some of our own questions, questions we think the youth need to hear answers, issues that are on our minds and the minds of all the adults who love and care for teenagers in a scary world.

Overall, we have enough questions. I think we're pretty much set. But as I have been pondering this, I thought I would ask you if you can think of an issue/circumstance/question that the youth of today might benefit from hearing more about. What tugs on your heart strings as you watch kids grow up today and strive to stay close to the Savior?


Emily said…
As I was reading this, I was thinking about the talk that the Young Woman's President (I can't remember her name at the moment...) talked about in Conference. Temple and Virtuous women. You don't here too much anymore about a virtuous woman - It was a beautiful talk....it was amazing... Anyway, hope you guys are doing great!! :)
Warner Family said…
In the sep ensign was a talk about modiest dress. It was for the boys as much for the girls. It had great tips for everything from too much. i.e. the boys and their baggy jeans and the girls too little. it was also talking about how it effects out thought, they way we talk, Everything
It was great.
long time no blog!
Natalie said…
I think that more girls need to hear that they should base their opinions of themselves on their own ideas, and not what other people think is right, or popular. They need to value their own thoughts and opinions, and voice their thoughts and opinions, instead of worrying what other people think. Its about how we feel about ourselves, instead of what other people feel about us. We are, afterall, at the end of the day, always stuck with ourselves, so we need to make sure we are making ourselves happy, and that we like who we have become.

Natalie Young