Modern Revelation

Welcome to the wonders of having a living prophet who receives revelation! They are adding a new value to the seven Young Women values - Virtue will be the eighth value, with the color being gold. Wow! Exciting! And they will be changing the YW theme and adding requirements for this value into Personal Progress.

I think this is a great addition - but some of me is thinking, "Wow, I have a hard enough time motivating the girls to do PP for the seven values, let alone eight!" I know the YW will rise to the challenge and in the end, it will strengthen their testimonies and give them more tools to help them live in the world, but not of the world. Any suggestions on how to jump-start the excitement for this value? I'd like to have a special lesson and activity to really help them understand and be excited about it!


Litnak Family said…
I thought about doing that with my girls maybe do a special lesson or maybe I will encourage the girls to put it into our NEW beginnings for the year or an activity. I am excited about the change it is NEAT!!
Am I the only one who is annoyed when they change things? A new value is good, but didn't they just change PP a few years ago? Now I'll never know what's going on! And why gold, there is already a yellow! Okay...enough of that, a special lesson sounds like a good idea - especially for those crazy people who are resistant to change.
Emily said…
That's so neat! Wow! Very cool! I just got called into the Primary - I had hoped that I was in Young Women's ... but I do love little kids.

How have you been? Things have been crazy around here and I am finally able to enjoy the internet and catch up on blogs! Stop by and say hello! :)
Damselfly said…
I don't know anything about this program, but I think anything that helps young people to learn values is great.