Don't Have a Heart Attack


I am ready to get back into it. In the interim I have been using Facebook to make sure everyone knows the things that are going on in my life. It's pretty darn easy to just change my silly status... and I can even do it from my iPod :)

Here's a quick picture overview of what we've been up to the last - wow - almost three months:

YW Gingerbread-House-Making and wrapping presents for the missionaries.

PJ celebrating her birthday with her cousins.

My beautiful Christmas girls. (Look at how cute PJ's smile is!)

We were very blessed at Christmas time...

Santa brought us an awesome bounce house, and cousin J spent the night so cousins K & C could go to a live production of "Annie" with their parents.

PJ wanted in on the candy action long after Christmas was over. :)

I hosted a Preschool Valentine's Day Party. I hope the kids enjoyed it!

We have also celebrated a birthday and had a pretty exciting weekend, and have some other cool stuff going on, but I'll leave those for another post. Maybe tomorrow. Or knowing me, maybe in two-and-a-half months... :)


Emily said…
So good to see you blogging again! I've missed you on here! Your little ones are growing so fast! Adorable photos! :)
sully said…
Facebook is the cause of many blog's death. I got my facebook before my blog, and let me tell you- I like the blog better!! Hope Y.W. is going well, BreeAnna is almost to her Medallion!!!!!
Down with Facebook! Glad you're still around.
Kristy said…
So did you ever hear back on why PJ is so small?
Sonja said…
Welcome back. It has been way to long. Blogging is much better for me. That is how I keep in touch (or so I think I do) :D
Can't believe you posted! I even checked this morning and nothing. Your kids are so cute...even though I get to see them in person, they are so darn cute in pictures!

PS Thanks for singing to me.
Emily said…
Hi again! I haven't seen a post from you on the book group yet - I hope all is ok! I am really enjoying reading this one and I know there are several others excited about joining in the discussion! :)Let me know if it is going to be too much - Have a beautiful day!