Happy Mother's Day!

Tribute to Some of the Moms in My Life (AKA my mom collection)...

1. My Mom. What a wonderful person! She is a great example to me of patience, intelligence, figuring stuff out, perseverance, kindness, strength and love. She has always listened to me, talked with me, given me advice (of course, I haven't always taken it), cried with me, laughed with me, and helped to mold the person I am. Sometimes I find myself doing things and realize "I'm turning into my mom!" which is a good thing :)

2. My Sister. If I had been able to have my pick of all the women of the world to be my sister, I still would have chosen her! She has taught me much in my life - in my childhood, teen years, and as the example of a mom now in her life. We can talk all day about all sorts of things, and we laugh and cry together. She is such an example to me of strength and teaches me to rely more on my Heavenly Father when things are rough. Not to be cheesy, but I really feel like she is often the wind beneath my wings and my hero. :)

3. My Grandma. As much as I love being near my sister, I miss my grandma a ton! The older I've gotten, the more I feel love & respect toward her. She has gone through many joys and sorrows in her life and is still adorable and plugging away at 93 years old! I love to hear the stories she has to tell, her wisdom and watch my children grow to know her, too.

4. My Host Mom. When I lived in Germany, I stayed with a host family, and Rafia became another mom to me. It was cool to learn mom-isms from another culture (Tunisian mixed with German) and she always had my best interests in mind. When we went back to visit in 2007, she treated my kids like her own grandkids and I am grateful for the impact that year living with her had on me and my growth.

5. My Aunt. I had the opportunity to live with another mom for a year while at college. They just have one son, and although they've opened their home to many a weary college student, I was the first girl. It was fun to talk about girly things, enjoy the occasional early-morning walk, talk about my day and my life and learn new things from her. After I got married, she even helped me learn more about canning fruit. And she's always been such a great aunt/grandma to my kids! They love to snuggle with her and be tickled.

6. My Mother-in-law. It's pretty neat that all you have to do to get another mom who loves and cares for you is marry her son. :) My MIL is one of the most generous people I know. She is interested in everything we're doing and always finds just the right things for my kids. She has stayed with my kids when I've been at Girls Camp or had new babies. It's been said that DH was a momma's boy as a kid, and I don't blame him! She's a great addition to my mom collection.

There are so many more I can't name everyone - sisters-in-law and so many friends (you know who you are!) who I also look up to as examples and who support me.

So to all you women out there - whether official "mothers" or not - you are all nurturing the children of the world! Thanks for all you do to touch my life and others! Happy Mother's Day!


Kristy said…
So loved this tribute. You have amazing people in your life. You are amazing too.
I hadn't read the post. I guess I have not been blogging a lot lately. Thank-you for your kind words about me. It has me in tears. If I had to choose all the women in the world to have as a sister, I would choose you too! I am so glad that Heavenly Father brought your family here. He truly knows all things and knew how much I would need you. Thanks for listening and moving here! :)