Art Birthday Party!

So originally the Bubbs was going to have a small party (4 or 5 friends) and we were going to go out and do some fun girly things (I'm planning to do this next year, so I won't spoil it and give the details now). Then she decided that she REALLY wanted all the boys in her preK to come. And then just everyone in preK. And she wanted a princess party but one of her friends with a birthday a week before her just had a princess party. Are you following all this?

Ergo - she does love to draw so I talked her into having an Art Party. The invites turned out cute ("artist E is celebrating the opening of her first art exhibit") and we planned out some crazy fun crafty stuff. One problem - the kids had all had preK here and hmm... an art party seems a little bit like preK. Oh, well, we did it anyway!

DH couldn't take the day off to help (which I know he was not too sad about), but my awesome sister-in-law (she's 17) ended up here for a few days and she was a life-safer! Twelve party kids, one seven-year-old neice, and one two-year-old. Without Addy, it would not have happened. Well, it almost didn't happen anyway... twenty minutes before it was supposed to start, the Bubbs and her cousin were running around and somehow she managed to cut her head open on the edge of the couch. We're talking a pretty good gash and lots of blood in her hair. Thanks to DH taking a break and stopping up the blood a bit (no stiches needed), the party went on...

  • colored with sidewalk chalk on the driveway
  • painted a huge mural on the garage door
  • painted and put footprints on little art aprons
  • made and ate our own pizzas (colored the tablecloth while they cooked)
  • played twister and balloon games
  • decorated and ate our own cupcakes
  • presents
  • sent them home with their aprons and goody bags (with candy, play-doh, crayons, and foam notebooks with foam stickers)

(Sorry for the lack of pictures... some of this artsy stuff is pretty messy and we were too busy washing kids and cleaning up to take pics :)

Anyway, she had fun, her friends gave her great art gifts (really nice homemade stuff too!), and she only had a little pool of blood in her hair when it was over (see picture below). She still says she wished she had a princess party *sigh* but I still call it a success!


Rachael said…
Wow, You are BRAVE!! looks like you had a great time!!
Wow! You are the way coolest party mom ever! How fun. And so many kiddos! Great job! :)