Enjoy :)

The Bubbs is off in the movie room, singing to herself when I hear (not exactly sure what the tune was): "I don't have any faith... I'm just a vegetarian"

Simster to Bubbs: Hey, let's play Batman!
Me: Hmm... that's not a very good Sunday activity.
Bubbs: Yeah, you're right.
Simster: I know! Let's play Batman CHURCH!

While listening to Christmas music...
"Walking in the winter of the lamb"
"Angels we have heard on high of the high on the plane" (Simster)
"Mom, this is NOT Jingle Bells!" (It was the "dashing through the snow" part)
"He knows when Sim's been bad or good" (Bubbs)

PJ: A-Bee-bee! (AKA Peek-a-boo)


Love it! The best is that first one. I am glad you have it documented. Those are the best!
Kristy said…
Those were so cute!