Terrific Twos!

Today is PJ's 2nd Birthday! And we woke up to this...
SNOW! Wow - snow in Texas happens like once a season, and it happened to be on PJ's birthday! So after a scramble to track down gloves, hats, coats, I bundled up the kiddos and they spent some time enjoying it. Since it had melted by lunchtime, I'm glad they got to go out.
We were thinking about going to the Fort Worth Zoo in the morning, but even without the snow sticking to the roads, it was wet and cold and it's Texas. I'll wait a few weeks until it's 65 degrees again :) But I had some great leaders who pinch-hit for me tonight at YW, so we ended up out to eat at IHOP (kids eat free, it's a beautiful thing!) and then the next best thing to the zoo - Cabela's.

Then home to "cake" and presents.
So see the dog in the above picture? It has a little remote control, walks, wags its tail and barks. PJ loves animals more than the other kids and we thought she'd adore it. But right now, she has a love-hate relationship with it. Sometimes she laughs and sometimes she screams, drops the remote and runs away. We might be looking for a new home for the dog... :)

Overall, a fun day. We're so blessed to have PJ in the family. She is definitely challenging at times but we have loved watching her grow up! Last year she didn't have any teeth, she wasn't walking or talking, it's really amazing how much babies change from one to two.

A few things about her at age two:
  • She doesn't talk much (some in English, some in German) - about 20 consistent words and some babble. Her favorites? Mommy, Dada, fertig, alle, danke, cheese, buh-buh (bye-bye), Schnappi, baby, ball, hurrah
  • She LOVES babies and is always carrying one of them around. She loves doing eveything her brother and sister do. Playing with blocks, singing, coloring, throwing the football with her dad, running around, etc. Oh, and having her picture taken. Can you see her great "cheese" face?
  • She still has some stranger anxiety but not as much as she used to. Now she mostly just looks away if someone she doesn't know tries talking to her.
Happy Birthday! We love you PJ!


Kristy said…
She is growing up way too fast!
Wow. She is so grown up. It really is amazing how fast they grow between 1 and 2. I love it.
Emily said…
I have to agree - they grow up too fast!!! Beautiful photos and how fun to have snow! :)
Gosh! I really haven't looked at blogs for a long time, huh? I am surprised at the love-hate doggie thing. I thought she'd go for that one! We can't wait to see her and celebrate together. Darn schedules! Love ya, PJ. Love ya, Sis of mine. Love ya, the rest of you! ;)