One Word (or Two?) Resolution

Thanks to some blogging friends (Jen, The Lazy Reader to name a few), I have decided to go for the whole one-word-resolution thing. You just choose a word that exemplifies what you want to BE at the end of the year, not just a list of things to DO. I like it. There are some great suggestions out there - release, grace, focus, savor, integrity... But since I am beyond boring, guess what word immediately popped out in my mind for 2010?


What would that mean exactly? Well, it just applies to every facet of my life I find myself floundering in. It means to manage my time better, my resources better, my house better, my temper better. But manage also means to get by - and I think I'm thinking a little bit of that is in order as well. As in, get by without freaking out that things don't go as planned. In 2010, I'll be managing a four-child household (yep, if this is news to you, I've added a nice ticker on the sidebar so you can countdown with me), managing my first child in school, along with all the other responsibilities I have as wife, mother, friend, YW leader, employee, functioning member of society, etc. So manage is my main word for 2010.

BUT... Have you ever known me to stop at one word? C'mon, I'm a little verbose, people. And the other word I want to use for 2010 is (drumroll...)


Lately I've felt this huge push to really get my tushy in gear in certain aspects of life. Like it's now or never, this is what life is about and you're missing out by not stretching yourself more. Things I've been doing already but need to accelerate. It feels like the gentle naggings of the Holy Ghost, not just the little supermom voice inside of me saying I need to be more awesomer. So I'm taking it. I specifically want to intensify my scripture study, my daily time with my kids, and my temple attendance this year. Of course, I actually have a bigger laundry list of things to intensify (housework, food storage, Church service, cuteness, etc) but these three things are the ones foremost on my mind. And let's not bite off more than we can chew, okay?

Here's to a FANTABULOUS 2010 everyone!!!


Jen said…
Manage is a fantastic word. You'll be doing a lot of that with four kids.

Intensify just sounds scary! Remember baby steps. Adding another one to your young, young brood is a big deal. Aim for small changes I say! :) Best of luck during the final 2 months.
She-Mulk said…
wow! I don't recall hearing that you were having another baby. How exciting! I wish you all the luck with your goals. I, too, am trying to do better at "managing" this year. Let us know how it goes.
Mary said…
Yay for baby #4! Congratulations! Manage is a great one word resolution. I may have to work on that one too...since my life is far from being manageable at the moment. You inspire me! Thanks.
Garet said…
Congrats! That is awesome. :)
How did I miss this post? I love, love, love it! It is exactly what I need to do, too. You pinned it down exactly! :)

Love ya! Hope you actually slept.
Lindsay said…
hmm just noticing that this baby I didn't know existed until quite recently is coming very soon...thinking about you and your fam and sending lots of love! Happy Chinese New Year/Valentines/President's Day/Mardi Gras Extravaganza :)