All of these deserve their own posts. But I am a lazy blogger. So without further ado - what's been happening around here in 10 items or less...
  1. Because I know it's your first question: No. Baby. Yet. Should be 10 days or so, we'll let you know. :)
  2. My fantabulous sister watched the kiddos for us while DH and I went to San Antonio for a few days. In a nutshell: DH had meetings, I shopped, DH went to the urgent care and ended up with a cortisone shot and some meds for allergies, I went to lunch with a friend from high school, we saw the Utah Jazz crush the Spurs (and we didn't get beaten up!), we did the whole Alamo/River Walk/boating-ness, went to a late movie because we had no kids and we could, went by the temple, and drove home!
  3. The sickies went around. Sim had it first (just a cold), then PJ ended up with it and it turned into pneumonia(!) but at least we didn't have to go to the hospital, just a heavy dose of antibiotics and an antibiotic shot at the urgent care. After PJ was better, the Bubbs finished it off. They missed like three weeks of preschool with all of it. Luckily, DH and I survived with just minor colds.
  4. We had YW New "Bee"ginnings :) complete with great musical numbers, a cute bee skit, adorable bee cake, and plenty of wonderful ways to talk about the YW program using "bee"s.
  5. DH went out of town and came back to 12.5" of snow! Yes, folks, we had 12.5" inches of SNOW in TEXAS! We were so blessed that his flight made it back at all! This was our fourth snow of the season(!) and it was HUGEMUNGOUS! The kids are loving it. (And we're slated for a few inches again in the morning. Crazy Texas weather)
  6. I taught preschool. I have a love-hate relationship with preschool. I really do love the kids we have in our co-op, and I have fun planning and doing cool things with them. But sometimes they're crazy and I have to waddle around getting them to settle down. And the hardest is really just PJ - lately she cries through the whole three hours for pretty much no reason. *Sigh* I guess they don't call it the terrible twos for nothing...
  7. Mr. Sim turned FOUR! Wow - he is growing up so much and I can't believe he's already four. I really will do a separate post on his wonderfulness, so beware of some mommy bragging :)
  8. The YW and their moms and the leaders threw me a surprise baby shower. Not planning on that one AT ALL but it was very sweet.
  9. The Simster has started T-ball. Well, I think it's technically called BlastBall, but basically it's T-ball. And he and his daddy have had so much fun getting all of the equipment and practicing for great lengths of time in the backyard. I didn't grow up with brothers playing baseball so it's kind of new to me, but DH was quite the ball player when he was young and I love watching him coach Sim and get excited about it. The first game will be in a few weeks and that should be interesting... :)
  10. I put together a fantastic CARS party for my special birthday boy! (Disclaimer: I did not make the cake, my friend Natalie did. That's why it looks so awesome.) We had a "race track", visited Radiator Springs to lay asphalt and play don't-wake-the-tractor, ate race track food, rolled tires, put headlights and tires on cars and drove them around, and of course had presents and cake. All in all, a success! The kids had fun and once again, my sister rescued me by helping out. If she hadn't, I think I would be in labor at this very moment...
So now you know what we've been doing. Well, some of the stuff. The big stuff that I have pictures for :) We've been rearranging bedrooms and doing work and Church things and hanging out with friends and going to doctor's appointments and more. You know, the usual.

If I don't see you until our three kids become four, wish me a quick and painless labor! (Hee hee)


Kristy said…
I didn't even know you were expecting :( Congrats... I hope all goes well.
Jen said…
What a full and busy life you lead! Thanks for the update. Best of luck with baby #4.
That is a great update. Remember I love those kids of yours. I can't wait to meet my newest niece!!!! :)