And HERE She Is...

Now here's the good stuff!
We have a new baby! I'm calling her the Buggs on the blog, but she does have a regular name. And it's really cute too, I promise. :) She was born on March 4th at 4:24pm and she was 7lbs, 10oz and 21.25 inches long. She's our biggest baby in weight and length. And now I know why my ribs always felt bruised and I had so much heartburn with this baby - I'm not a very tall person and she was kind of a long baby!

And since I know everyone wants to hear the labor story... here's the short(er) version...

I went in to be induced at 6am. I was already having contractions, so they didn't give me much pitocin. My labor with PJ was pretty quick and even Simster wasn't very long (less than 5 hours and I was induced without having had any contractions or anything). All of us - the nurses and the doctor and DH and I - were pretty confident that the Buggs would be born before noon for sure. No sweat, no problem, just quick and uneventful. My fourth child, right? My body is totally ready for this.

But... the Buggs' heart rate kept going down when I had contractions, so they gave me oxygen relatively early and kept having me change positions. They took me off of the pitocin, but then the contractions slowed down and she was still having a heart rate issue when I had contractions. I was thinking I would go without the epidural this time, since PJ had been around 3 hours and I figured I could handle that. Well, by the time 10am rolled around (4 hours of labor), the contractions were painful and I was only dilated to a 3. Let's remember that DH was a cripple from his sprained ankle and I'd only had four hours of sleep. I got the epidural. And then we both slept, off and on. The doctor was getting a bit nervous because I wasn't progressing much and he didn't want to increase the pitocin because he was worried about the Buggs' heart rate. They definitely warned us about a possible c-section because there was a chance the umbilical cord was around her neck and the longer her rate was down, the scarier the situation.

All of a sudden baby #4 was our hardest labor! That was crazy to think about... And to complicate matters, she was also posterior. That would explain the very painful contractions I'd had before the epidural... So then they were trying to help her flip over by putting me in different positions again. By now, it's 2:30... 3:00pm. DH gave me a blessing and we waited. I couldn't even watch TV because the positions they were trying included where I put my head. We had great nurses (one of them even made sure DH had a breakfast, a lunch, ice for his ankle, and a comfortable pillow!). The afternoon nurse that came in at 3pm had a new idea and she put me in a different position to see if it helped. Wow - it was awesome - within an hour I was fully dilated and feeling pressure to push! They hurried and called the doctor, he checked and she was ready to deliver and she had flipped so she was no longer posterior! What a blessing!
A few pushes later and we got to meet our lovely lady!

Isn't she just beautiful? We are so grateful she was fine and healthy. She didn't even have the umbilical cord around her neck - the doc actually thinks she was just playing with it and squeezing it in her hands because that's what she was doing when she came out! Silly baby!

That night my sister brought our kids and her kids to see the Buggs. Aren't these pictures precious? They were all so sweet with her! (Well, PJ was a bit grumpy about sharing her daddy with the baby, but she's adjusting...)


Anna said…
yay, congratulations!! She is beautiful. How funny that she was squeezing the cord. ha!
Jen said…
Oh my gosh, S! She is beautiful. That close up of her with her hands scrunched by her face? Ay-yi-yi. Gorgeous little thing.

And don't worry. #4 was my trouble-maker at birth too :)
sully said…
She is absolutly the sweetest!!!
BreeAnna says "give her a kiss for me."
I love that she is already smiling at the world, she will be your "jokester" I bet.
Enjoy all the fun of four!
Love from Utah,
My family

P.S. Jace has decided he likes german rock music, I'm not sure what they are saying, but their videos creep me out. lol.
Kristy said…
SO happy for you guys!
Stacee said…
Congrats, Sharon. She is so gorgeous! There is just something about baby #4! Maybe things speed up again with baby #5?
Isn't my niece dang, dang, dang cute! Love her! :)
Leanne said…
Thanks for updating the blog! Adorable--So glad to see pics of her. Sims and PJ were so excited about her at Preschool last week. Sorry the labor didn't go as smoothly as originally hoped for, but makes for a good story now, eh?
Shaunanana said…
she is SO cute! I'm glad you're home and I hope you're enjoying some time off from the rest of the world to enjoy your sweet baby!
Rachael said…
Congratulations she is beautiful!! I think I missed the memo that you were pregnant. Way to go with baby #4 is it harder than 3 kids? I am glad it didn't end in c-sec for you!! I hope you have a fast recovery and enjoy your little one while you have the chance, they grow WAY TOO FAST!!