Dear Two-hugemungous-bottlenecking-semis,

I need to apologize to you. I was sitting there waiting for one of you to pass the other so that I could start exceeding the speed limit again. I was running slightly late and was really interested in going 75mph not like 60ish mph. Please forgive me for sending grumpy thoughts at you and debating whether or not I needed to call your posted "Tell Me How I'm Driving!" toll free number. I hope you'll excuse the eye-rolling and muttered "Get off the freeway!" comments. I truly was in the wrong.

Because I need to thank you for blocking my speed demon-ness this morning. Thanks to you, I pulled through the speed trap on I-35 cruising at a measly 63mph. Those state troopers drooling while they waited for some poor (non-law-abiding) citizen to zoom through had nothing on me. And I definitely was not in the mood for a ticket. And I owe it all to you! As a token of my appreciation, feel free to drop by for dinner anytime you're in the area.



(PS - Baby T had her four-month well-child check today - hence the lateness and the speeding. And the four kids at the doctor. But that's another story. Stats - height: 25 inches (75%); weight: 13lbs 2oz (25%); head circumference: 40.75 cm (50%). Everything's looking good!)


I'm already missing you.
Sonja said…
LOL...I just read this out loud to Jed - Hi comment "she is going to have every truck driver stop by her house now on there way by". You crack me up!
That is great! I love that you are so talented in the story-telling department. I would've had everyone asleep and drooling with the exact same story. You amaze me, Sis!