Letter to the Bubbs

Dear Bubbs,

Today I took you to your first day of Kindergarten. You have been nothing but excited for the past few weeks, and today was finally the day! Last night I asked you if you were nervous or scared for the day and you told me you were just excited!!

This morning we got up, ate a yummy oatmeal breakfast, got dressed, watched where the bus will come to pick you up tomorrow morning, did your hair, painted your nails, grabbed your backpack and drove to the school. You walked in so confidently and when we got to your classroom, you dropped off your stuff and let go of my hand and sat down at a little table without looking back. Sitting now with your new classmates. New friends in the making.

I stood to the side and watched for a few minutes, but you didn't look back at me. Even though you can be a little shy, today I saw a sure-of-herself little girl, excitement shining in her eyes and a smile on her face. And my hand felt empty. I know you'll still hold my hand and give me snuggles and let me tickle you for years to come, but this is the beginning. A new adventure for our family. You are the trailblazer but next year Sim will join you. And then PJ. And when you're in 5th grade, we'll even be bringing the Buggs.

I only shed a few tears. I, too, am putting on my excited big girl face today. Because I am confident too. Confident that you will grow this year. That you will make new friends and learn new things. Confident that you will make good choices and begin to understand how to rely on Heavenly Father when your mommy & daddy aren't there. Confident that my Father in Heaven will take care of my baby. You have talents to develop and to share - you love reading and coloring and you have a gentle heart and care about helping others and being a friend. As your momma, I know you'll be an asset to your little Kindergarten class. :)

But princess, my hand still feels empty. And there's a void in our house today. We miss you; is it 2:50pm yet? When it is, I'll be waiting for you - ready to hear EVERYTHING about the day and to put that hand of yours right back where it belongs. In mine.

Love always and forever,

PS - had to include this picture. Totally the kind of mom to try to butter up the teacher. Yep, that'd be me. Yep, it's filled with chocolate dipped fortune cookies. Yep, I'm pretty much awesome :) (But most of the thanks goes to the eighteen25 blog for the great idea!)


Farrah said…
Sniff, sniff! You got me all teary-eyed! I hope she has a great first day--I still remember when she was a wee thing we played with at the ELC!
Stacee said…
You really have a way with words! So sweet. I hope she had a great first day! We still have that sweatshirt for her that I keep forgetting.... Not like she'll need it anytime soon!
daisy lynn said…
ahh, you couldn't have said it any better! For me too! Wish little Elianna could go to Clara Love....