Transition Complete!

We had whirlwind week trying to get ready for seminary to start. We looked at paint colors, bought sample paint, painted splotches, didn't like the splotches, bought new paint, decided on final colors, moved the couches and reorganized the formal living room, bought more paint, painted and painted and painted, moved the TV above the fireplace and DH took care of mostly hiding all the cables, we put up a large tile board (to write on) and sheet metal to use for putting up things with magnets. We picked out and hung curtains, put together a little "teacher's desk/podium" for me to use, put up pictures, spot-cleaned the carpet, and set up chairs.

Whew! All of that would have been much easier without DH working a 40+ hour week and our four children traipsing in and out and around. We also didn't get much work time in the evenings - on Tuesday we went to the state fair, Wednesday we watched some friends' kids, Thursday we got to go to the temple to watch some friends be sealed to each other for time and eternity, Saturday we had the missionaries over for dinner... We ended up doing a lot between 9pm and 2am. And we're definitely not done - next up, fixing up the downstairs/powder bathroom. Here are the pics...




The pictures don't really do it justice. I really love the colors we ended up with and I think it's looking great!

AND this morning was my first day of teaching! It was nerve-wracking; I could barely sleep because I was anxious and excited. I think it went pretty well. I had 25 students and all of them stayed awake and most of them even laughed at my jokes. :) I of course keep thinking about how I could have done a better job for the first day, but hopefully I will get more comfortable as the days go by. And just keep praying they keep coming back!


sully said…
I hope you ask them to remove their shoes and leave them by the door when they come in. Maybe you could invest in a shoe rack! lol.

Those kids will love you!
Kristy said…
You are amazing!!! It all looks so great.
Shauna said…
Wow. Now that's some serious dedication! You are awesome!