Another Letter

Dear Some-Random-Sickness,

I don't care if you're a virus or a sinus infection or an ear infection or the flu. Just please go away. Puh-lease! Pretty please with a cherry on top? I'm not too proud to beg either. Really. Getting up at 4am for seminary has already been doing some kicking of my trash, I really don't need you to join in.

Thank you. I would write more but now I am going to try medicating myself and go climb back into bed. I think I am going to hire a babysitter so I can sleep. And FYI, I'll be sending you the bill. I think you at least owe me that much.

Miserably Yours,



Yes.. thank you. But first Lucy had it. I thought, what is wrong with you kid, you don't look sick, just a fever. Then I got it. Everything hurts. Sorry Lucy, I get it now.
Hope you feel better. I would watch your kids for you.
Your home make over turned out awesome too. I hope you new calling is everything you hoped for!
YIKES!!! Do you need to send your kids here this weekend?? I am sorry. :( I am doubly sorry if mystery illness was introduced to you by yours truly. :( YIKES!