Baby T Update

So... it's Sunday. And I'm home from church. Because the kiddos are sick. The worst part? They're not THAT sick. They have enough energy to run around, fight, yell, umm.. fight, run around, etc. But they are sick enough that I didn't feel comfortable sending their germs into primary and nursery and giving those germs to all the other children. That would not be very fair. And I couldn't foresee having to keep them with me through all of the meetings. So long story shorter... we're at home. Perfect time to blog about the Buggs.

Can't believe it, but she's already SIX months old!!
Some milestones she's reached:
  • She started eating baby food a few weeks ago and took to it like a fish takes to water. Seriously! She scarfs it all down, prefers to have her veggies mixed in with her fruits (who wouldn't?) and stares longingly at our food when we eat. It's probably just a matter of time before she's eating what we're having.
  • She is a CrAzY mover! She started rolling just after three months, starting crawling right at five months, and now she's already pushing her legs to a standing position while she's crawling and she's pulling herself up on some of the furniture. I blink and she's already on the other side of the room. My hypothesis, since my kids haven't usually been fast movers: she's trying to get away from the Buns. 'Cause the Buns likes to sit on her. And grab her. And kick her. And sit on her. I would want to walk too, if I were the Buggs. And then run away :)
  • She is... a THUMB SUCKER! What?! Where did this come from?! I have always been kinda proud of the fact that my kids have all just taken a pacifier and have given it up at 12 months and had no problem with it. So that's what I get. I have a little thumb sucker.
I have been trying to dissuade her. I have. I take out her thumb and replace it with the binky. Yeah, take that! BUT - before I know it, the binky is out and the thumb is in. Especially for naps and bedtime. I'm pretty sure she waits until I've left the room and then emphatically tosses out the binky and sticks in that thumb. I won't worry, though, since the paper I got from the doctor says "Thumb-sucking peaks at around seven months, and most children stop between 9-12 months". So that's my plan. It will work, right? Plus I guess it's kind of cute.

Stats? She's 15.5 pounds (35th percentile), and 26in (50th percentile). And overall, a pretty happy, good kid. We couldn't imagine life without her! :)


sully said…
I think that doctor doesn't know what he's saying! I sucked my thumb until 6th grade and then spent 4 years biting my nails! My sister was in 9th grade when she quit sucking her thumb! I think babies are cute thumb suckers but the longer you wait the harder it gets, & the dental and weird shaped thumb and the teasing and everything... You might want to work on that now. (A little vinager on the thumb helps.)
Just some sugestions-
Sam sucked his thumb until right before his 3rd birthday. I HATED it. But he quit on his own. Emma is going to be a bit harder to convince she doesn't want to do it.
Miss you...
RachelFlores said…
We were right with you on Sunday; kids sick, but not that sick. Ugg! Your baby is adorable. My youngest sister sucked her thumb and my mom didn't get her to stop till she was three and there was bribing involved. Her doctor and dentist said that it wouldn't cause future issues. I think thumb sucking pictures are super cute AND you never lose a thumb so there are some positives right?