I have a really fantastic husband. Really, I do. I definitely don't usually deserve him...he's always doing the little things to show he loves me. Like taking off a few hours of work so I can sleep when I'm sick. Or tidying up the kitchen at night so that I don't have to do it in the morning before seminary. Or watching kids while I have a girls night out or go to Time Out for Women. Or tucking me in and telling me to sleep when he's just as exhausted as I am. He really does stuff like this all the time for me.

Like yesterday. My power cable to my laptop broke. There was a short in the wire or something. I adore my Mac Book, but the proprietary-ness of Apple meant that a new one was 30 minutes and $80 away. And my life is sort of on my laptop. Work, seminary, kid stuff, financial stuff, etc. The hassle of using a backup and/or a different computer made me grumpy. In the morning, I used a netbook of his for work, but it was far from ideal.

So in his sweetness, DH took my power cable, did some google-ing, found some info, took the cable apart, put the wires back together, and reassembled the whole thing. And doing all of this meant he came to bed after 1am. It's not pretty :) but it IS very functional. He saw my need (well, mostly my selfish desire to have my computer) and he filled it. Selflessly. Just because he does that kind of thing.

I blog about this because it's ME that needs that reminder. So I'll remember to appreciate stuff he does even when sometimes he's doing other things I'm not a big fan of... :)


You do have an amazing husband! Great choice! He is equally lucky to have you and I, I am the luckiest of all....I have the best sister and brother-in-law in the world! :)