Thankful Thoughts, Day 2

Today I am thankful for special times I spend with my family. I'm sure multiple posts this month will be related to my family. Because they are pretty much my life! And they are amazing!

But I digress. Specifically, I'm thinking about times where we should be working, cleaning our house, working on the yard, generally doing other stuff, but we don't. We go and enjoy ourselves as a family. And in with the mayhem of getting everyone ready, packing a diaper bag full of essentials + everything needed in case of disaster, finding the lost shoes and socks, doing PJ's hair for the 10th time because she loves to undo it faster than I can do it, buckling car seats, passing out water, etc - - - we eventually make it where we're going. And it's just nice. To be together, making memories, enjoying the good company of friends and other families, laughing more and (hopefully) grumping less. I know sometimes we overdo it and overschedule, but in general, the balance is good, and it makes times out and away even better.

(PS - Happy Belated Halloween! Don't you love our trunk or treatin' Star Wars family? Complete with Princess Jasmine/Amidala, Han Solo, Chewbacca, Darth Vader, Leia, and Yoda. Fun times!)


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