Thankful Thoughts, Day 3

Today I'm thankful for a reliable vehicle. Seems a bit silly, right, but for this soccer mom, it's a necessity. Especially since our little subdivision is right off of a busy highway and I can't easily walk/bike to anything.

Thank you Eisbär, my fantabulous swagger wagon, for taking me everywhere today...
  • to the school so the three youngers and I could eat lunch with the Bubbs
  • to my friend C's house where her very nice husband watched her two kids and my three while we went...
  • to get a massage 30 minutes away (yay!)
  • then back to grab a delicious burger and
  • then back to drop her off and pick up my kids
  • then home to my house
  • and out again after the Bubbs got home so we could take all four kids BACK to the school to pick up her fundraising stuff
  • and back home again
That's just today. Tomorrow I'll drive to and from ballet. Friday I'll drive Delfin (our other reliable vehicle) to and from seminary inservice, to the grocery store, to the high school football game. Saturday Eisbär will be headed to the church for a Super Saturday and a baptism. And that's probably not all :)

And looking ahead? He better train for this one, because in December, he'll be taking us to Nauvoo where we're going to spend Christmas with DH's family!

Such a blessing, our reliable vehicles. Maintenance can be a chore, it can be costly, but pretty much everyday Eisbär or Delfin gets us where we need to go. And I'm grateful!