Thankful Thoughts, Day 4

(Please note: Blogger is doing something weird. My posts aren't publishing right away. It's kind of possessed. Hopefully it will straighten out so you'll see one post a day for all my thankful thoughts)

Because she turns 8 months old today (!) and I'm thinking about her, today I am grateful for the Buggs.

Everyone of my children is a delight. And each one brings a unique spirit, individual strengths and new challenges (at times) to our family. The more children I have, and the more I see how different their personalities/spirits are, the more I come to understand my Heavenly Father. So many children in earth's past, present, and future. All of them unique. But He still loves each one of us!

So the Buggs. Overall, she has been a great baby. My first one to sleep through the night on her own. The youngest to roll over, crawl, sit up, stand up, cruise, and probably walk (not quite there yet). My only thumb-sucker. At just after seven months, she popped out two teeth (the other kids have been 9+ months before getting teeth). She is extremely tolerant. I guess she has to be, because there's so much - ahem - LOVE for her from her siblings! Sometimes I catch both Sim and PJ basically laying on top of her and she's not making a peep. Just squirming and looking at them like "Umm... I love you too, can you please get off of me now?"

Eight months seems just too big already. I keep reminding myself to take those moments to just breathe in her babyness because it will be gone before I know it! I love to watch her wait for her daddy and then kick her legs in excitement when he smiles at her and picks her up. She's just what our family needs, she fills an important spot, and we love her!

And today, I'm thankful Heavenly Father entrusted her to me!