Thankful Thoughts, Day 5

Thankful Thought for today: I am grateful (and super excited!) that my husband's awesome haiku WON his company's contest!

Another one of DH's super cool talents - who knew he was a rap/haiku artist? The winning entry out of 400 (about a Mobile Medication Cart the company is debuting):

Meds on the go, yo
Nurses love it, fo' sho'
Patients be chillin'

Nice, huh? Now he is going to be the proud owner of a brand new iPAD!!! When he entered the contest over a month ago, he told me if he won, he would give me the iPad. Because I adore all things Apple. And because he's sweet like that. Of course, I kind of thought it was a long shot to win, so I agreed. And then I teased him all month about "my" iPad. Don't worry about getting me a birthday present because I'll just wait for my iPad. It will be nice when I'm watching movies on my iPad. Etc.

So now that he won? He is still 100% planning on giving it to me. He says he will take my iPod touch (which I have definitely loved) and I can have the iPad. But I am feeling a little bit guilty... he's the one with the wondermous haiku. He's the one who is overworked and stressed (at times) and puts many many hours into this company. So really, it should be his. Not saying I wouldn't enjoy being the owner of it. Maybe we can just share it.

We'll have to see how this all pans out when mister iPad arrives. I'll keep you posted... :)


Jen said…
Use it and love it (without feeling guilty)!)