Again?! You have got to be kidding...

Umm... tonight's forecast calls for 2-4 inches of ... ahem... snow! Maybe up to 6 inches in our area. Again. Canceling school, anyone? Again? Maybe.

And this is a picture of the Buns. Sleeping. At 12:40pm. Not too strange I guess, except for the fact that she was at a friend's house for a three-hour playgroup this morning and slept. the. entire. time. She didn't feel super hot, but the thermometer says 101. And she's whimpery. Sick again. Yikes, poor thing. Hopefully it will just be her this time around.


Sigh again.

I guess I'll have to sacrifice doing the laundry and dishes and snuggle up with her while she sleeps and read a book instead. :)