SNOW day... and 11 months

YAY for a real snow day today - instead of all the yucky ice all over, we actually got some SNOW today!! Probably about, oh, 5 or 6 inches. And the weather was warmer. So it was a perfect day to go outside. This is the kind of day I think about when school is closed. Snowmen, snow angels, hot cocoa, yesh. I love it. And I love saying yesh. Yesh, yesh I do.

And the Buggs is also 11 months old today! We bundled her up to "play" in the snow too. (And yes, those are little boots on her hands. She doesn't have any good mittens that stay on.) I will definitely need to date these because she has all of Simster's old stuff on and she could really be his twin. :)

PS - don't you love DH's pants? I call them his fancy pants. They are warm and comfy. And fancy. Well, not really, I just like calling them that. Because it's sort of a little maybe slightly like I am making fun of him. No, not laughing at him, just near him :)


Rowdy Family said…
you crack me up. I miss you. but i don't really miss the snow. oh no. I do not