This just in...

Yep, schools were closed again today. And now I've heard that there will still be no school AGAIN tomorrow! Hold me! ....

Through all this off of school-ness though, I have really enjoyed one word... PRETEND...
My kids are running around playing all sorts of make-believe games with each other, with minimal fighting actually, and I do love to hear

Pretend I'm the mom. No, the grandma. And then you can be the grandma's dad. I guess that's like the extra great grandpa or something.
*Oh, let's pretend you were playing Ninja Turtles and they actually thought they were Iron Man but then they looked in the mirror and realized that, wait, we're turtles!
*Mom, can we pretend I'm Kirsten from my American Girl books and do my hair in two circle braids?
*Oh, you know what? We should just pretend that I was dying like Jesus but I didn't want to be a skeleton so you came and founded me and took me to the Tree of Life. Okay? Okay?
*I think we should pretend that this was the mom's house but she only liked mazes so pretend we had to build a maze and a fort house for her and pretend if we did that she could make us the dinner?
*(The Buns) Mom, ahh! Don't touch that! That is. a. monster! It is, it is mom. Oh, wait, actually now the Buggs is a monster. Pretend, right? She. is. a. MONSTER, mom! Okay? Don't pick her up!!

This has gone on and on and on and on. But my favorite... when I was trying to encourage a little tidying up of all this pretending.....

"Mom, but we could we just pretend that we cleaned up? And you pretend you don't see the mess in the movie room? Okay? Okay, mom?"

So yeah, maybe these snow/ice days haven't been so bad after all. :)


That is great. K and I were laughing! :) We wish we were all together!