To go back to bed or...?

You know how I said we were supposed to get snow? Well, hmm, there was nothing last night. I woke up every hour or so to see if it was going to be bad enough to cancel seminary/school. It didn't seem like it.

The poor Buns was up a lot in the night, so it was kind of hard to drag myself out of bed at 4:30am and get ready for seminary. It has started to sleet but it's not too crazy yet. Except for the wind. Yikes!

The Simster even got up with me. He likes to go to seminary sometimes. Because he adores the YM. Hopefully he picks up only their good habits and not the not-so-good ones :)

Anyway... this is what my classroom looked like at seminary start time - 5:45am.

And at 5:50am. And now, at 6:00am. Finally, at 5:55, the phone rang. AND... no school today! Ah ha! So that's why no one showed up for seminary! I sent the Simster back to bed, but I am debating that myself. I am awake, but not really motivated to do anything. But I think if I go back to bed I'll just lay there looking at the ceiling. What would you do? Hmm... maybe I'll read a book or something in the quiet. That usually puts me right to sleep... :)


I hope you did get some sleep. I texted you. CK was a little frustrated that I got off the phone with you to talk him in to work. I want to call you again....but, I know it will be when you are finally able to take a nap. me! :)

btw...we totally should have come up there!
Do they tack on the missed days to the end of the year? You have had more no school days this year, than I had my whole entire life. It must be global warming... er, I mean, 'global climate change'.