We will resume our regularly scheduled programming....

someday.  I still have this strange idea that at some point I will go back to blogging.  At least somewhat regularly.  Like every three months.  That would be at least an improvement, right? :)

In the interim, let me just talk about this -  I LOVE all Olympics.  Winter, summer, whatever.  When they are happening, our TV is on pretty much all day.  Even Sunday evenings, which is usually a no-TV-watching-especially-sports zone.  My kids are too young to remember the last summer olympic games, so it was awesome to watch how excited they got to see it all.  We put up a world map before the Opening Ceremony and then found the countries on the map as the athletes walked by.  Awesome.

All of them had their favorite events:  Bubbs (almost 8 now!) adored the swimming and synchronized swimming, the Buns (age 4.5) loved the gymnastics, and the Bugs (age 2.5) couldn't wait to see the "jumping" (diving).  And the Budds?  He reminded me of my older brother J.  After pretty much every event, he announced that was what he was now going to do.  And then he did.  In the living room, on the sofas, on the stairs, on the playset.  First swimming, then gymnastics, then volleyball, then rowing, then running, then wrestling, then decathlon, then hurdles, then BMX, then basketball, then diving, then fencing, then all of them all over again.   SO fun to watch.

Love the spirit of the Olympic games.  We cheered on the US, of course, but Germany, Austria, and the Netherlands also got a lot of support.  The older kids made a two-sided flag out of paper and a wrapping paper tube - one side was the German flag, one side the stars and stripes of the USA.  We cheered when someone won a medal from a country that had never medaled in that event before.  We got excited to think that the sights of London we were seeing on the TV might be things we will see in person if we end up moving to England next year.  (What?! Yep, story for another blog post.  Check back in three months...)   We can't wait to watch all over again in two years in Sochi and four years in Rio.

In honor of London 2012, here is our personal ode to the Olympics. Enjoy!

PS - Please ignore the dorky commentary by me.  Even Sim said we should have re-filmed because I said "smidgeon" and that was not professional olympic talk.  Because, you know, him rolling out of the pool is totally professional :)  Don't you love how they used winter hats for swim caps?  They made the whole pool setup by themselves and were doing this before I came along and I saw it.  Had to capture for posterity.  And my blog. :)


Kristy said…
We had to watch this twice...my kids loved it!!
She-Mulk said…
That was so cute! Thanks for sharing!
Wendy said…
The turns at the end of the lengths cracked me up. Love what kids come up with when they play on their own.