Candy, Iron & Wood

What do these three have in common? They are all traditional/modern-traditional 6th Anniversary Gifts!

Happy Anniversary to us (sorry - seems all the most recent pics of us together always contain one of our offspring)! We had great aspirations, but as you may remember, our aspirations don't often come to fruition. The whole needing-a-babysitter thing is really holding us back. :) But I hope we'll have many anniversaries to enjoy when our kids are older and can watch themselves.

Last year I told a bit about us & our wedding day, so I thought this year I'd share six maybe-lesser-known facts about us:
  1. When we were dating and first married, we drove DH's parents' 1988 Toyota Corolla (thanks to them for letting DH steal their car). It was a pretty nice little car ... except for the overheating on Vail pass and a finicky starter problem. We spent many dates with me popping the clutch while DH pushed it down the driveway/road.
  2. We spent our 1st anniversary in Park City at a cute little Bed & Breakfast. It was nice but could have been nicer. I was stupid and got mad at DH for a little excessive skateboarding and almost ruined the whole thing.
  3. On our 2nd anniversary DH was out of town and he surprised me by having a flower and balloon bouquet sent to our house. It was very sweet!
  4. Our current idea of a date is putting the kids to bed and watching a movie we got from Netflix or playing a game. It's cheap and usually involves junk food. :)
  5. I really don't deserve DH. He's always willing to take the kids so I can do my work, my calling, get a little extra sleep, or whatever. He listens to me vent & talk for hours on end. He's very forgiving when I'm being petty or obnoxious. He's my BESTEST friend!
  6. DH is always telling me that one of his most favorite memories is when he first saw me in my dress in the temple. He says that I took his breath away. Isn't he the best?
So six years and three kids later and we still feel like newlyweds! (Mostly because DH is so immature ;) I'm very blessed and looking forward to an eternity to come! It doesn't get better than this :)


Kristy said…
You are so cute...I love to read your blog. I feel like I know you better now then I did when you lived here.
Litnak Family said…
Happy Anniversary! It is so funny how children seem to be the cause of concern for a little get away I mean seriously can't we just get out once in a while? :)
Loved the comments. I just feel sad that I'm in second place (or third -gasp!-) j/k Your DH is so awesome and I'm so glad you picked a good "little" brother for me.