Creative Juices...

I have a bunch of things to post (fun news, the Bubbs' love of Samstagschule, Halloween, etc) and I really do hope to get around to posting them. But right now I'm just letting you know about this...

If you've never heard about NaNoWriMo, it stands for National Novel Writing Month. The idea is that aspiring writers often get bogged down after writing a few chapters or pages and never manage to complete that Great American Novel they've been dreaming about. So now there's some motivation to just get the words out on the page in a short period of time and worry about revising, fixing, polishing later.

The real scoop? Participants are attempting to write a 50,000 word novel in just 30 days! You have to start writing on November 1 (honor system here) and complete your 50,000 by November 30.

Why me? I have always loved loved loved LOVED to write. I've even posted a few short stories on my blog. With the support of my cute husband, I am finally going to try to write a book. Well, 50,000 words at least. I haven't written more than a few pages since my creative writing classes at BYU.

Why should you care? You probably don't :) But the NaNoWriMo people seem to think that the more people that know you're attempting to write a novel, the more pressure they'll put on you to actually finish by the end of the month. So here I am. Be my support group or something, okay?

What I am going to write about? Well, I've already managed to write about 3000 words so I guess I'm off to a good start. I don't want to give much away because then maybe I'd end up feeling stupid and quit now. I'd rather write and then feel stupid at the end of the month. If you're really curious, here's a short sample -
“I have got to get out of here,” Eden mumbled under her breath. It was Mel’s place, after all, and living here was just temporary. At least it could be, if she could find a job. She thought about picking up the paper again to browse the classifieds, but knew what she was looking for wouldn’t be there. Not now. She needed networking, not just newsprint tinting her fingers and browser bookmarks to and craigslist. She grabbed the throw pillow again, cuddling it to her chest, and stared aimlessly out the window. The view was gorgeous, the mountains even more breathtaking as clouds wisped around their peaks, swirling just enough to create the illusion of islands in the sky. It was lost on Eden this morning, all of it.
Intrigued? Bored? :) Keep an eye on my word count in the sidebar and throw happy writing thoughts my direction!


Jen said…
Oh you would be the best author, I just know it! Go get 'em!
Stacee said…
I can't wait to hear more!! You are going to share when you are done...RIGHT?
Emily said…
So exciting! :)
Happy Writing thoughts...multitudes of them coming your way! Watch out! They almost hit you in the head!

Good luck. You are GREAT at this stuff. I am so impressed. You go girl!!!

BTW, Come to my house during Thanksgiving break. Leave DH with the kids and you can just write the day away. I will take care of feeding you meals when you get hungry. Otherwise...write, write, write!

Leanne said…
Way to go, glad you shared so I can pester, I mean, encourage you about it. :)
RachelFlores said…
That's an awsome goal and your paragraph was intriguing, I'd love to read more.

Honestly it is so funny that you wrote this. I used to write short stories in high school and college and was just thinking a few hours ago (really) it might be fun to try writing again. I'm not brave enough to take the challenge this year, but you've inspired me to try writing SOMETHING this month. Thank you for sharing!
Lindsay said…
work it girl!