Update: the Simster

**Again, another post I started a long time ago.  September 2011 as well.  I will publish it now without any extra so you don't get a heart attack reading all about Simster growing up in one long post!**

Mr. Sim has spent this past year W-A-I-T-I-N-G for school to start!  He and the Bubbs are so close in age and have done pretty much everything together that the separation was a bit hard on him.  In other news, it has been nice for the Buns because the two of them have become pretty good friends, playing together every morning after seminary while I rest a little before the Buggs gets up.

He turned five.  Birthday was a bit sad because he spent the whole week super sick and I don't think he even enjoyed much of his special day.  The whole time I was thinking about how turning five was one step closer to Kindergarten and I wasn't sure if I wanted him to leave me :)

Sim played T-ball again in the spring.  He is getting pretty good at catching and throwing, but his team was really big this time around and those poor little boys got pretty antsy in the dugout for all those games... Daddy was one of the coaches and I think they both enjoyed that.

We spent three weeks in Colorado/Idaho/Utah over the summer for a bunch of weddings (FOUR siblings got married this summer!) - a post for another time - and right before we left, Simster managed to get a nice cut right on his eyebrow while playing around in the living room.  We didn't have to do stitches again (just glue this time).

Now the Simster is in Kindergarten!  We were so blessed this year because both the kids got the teachers I was really hoping for - ones that taught Kindergarten last year and I watched and enjoyed their approach. He wasn't really nervous at all for his first day and has already made a few good friends.  He is behaving well too, which we weren't sure would happen and are so grateful.  He loves school, he is doing well with his reading and writing, and is beginning to enjoy Math too!  I think he will do another round of T-ball this fall because one of our friends is coaching.


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