Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I Should Be Sleeping...

So it's a little late for me to be posting and of course, I really have nothing exciting or profound to say, but I just thought maybe I should give it a shot, since it's going on three weeks since I last posted.

What's new with me? Biggest news - the Simster is walking! He takes about 15-20 steps now without holding on to anything (except, of course, when he's trying to grab his sister and pull her down). My baby's growing up! And my other baby? The Bubbs is 2.5-going-on-12; she is having a major preteen week. My hubby is studiously (and sometimes not so studiously) studying for his next certification exam scheduled on Friday (working on his MCSA, if anyone's interested). And me, myself, and I? I have been trying to expand my horizons, since I am in the process of considering quitting my very nice, flexible job. My application was accepted for a company looking for writers (telecommuting), but I haven't really decided on that. I don't need to work, but I worry about turning into a TV watching blob if I am not motivated by deadlines to do something to develop myself. I am soo impressed by SAHMs who have so many talents and achievements because I often slack off unless I have someone breathing down my neck - I've always been that way although it's not a trait I like to brag about. I guess that's why I love being in school - always a paper or a test, right? Anyway, we'll see what happens :)

Anything I'm looking forward to right now? Well - the Jazz winning their first game of the Western Conference Finals in Game 3 on Saturday (it's looking grim); Girl's Camp prep; traveling to my baby brother's BHS graduation (we have a car DVD player; I'm counting on it to help us suffer the 8 hour drive with two toddlers); camping! and my sis's visit at the end of June!

Saturday, May 05, 2007

A Tribute to the Jazz

Well - on this fateful of all nights, I am here to pay tribute to the Utah Jazz - win or lose! This season has been full of love-hate moments... First we led the league and then we fell down. Then we picked ourselves up and kept it going, then we ended the regular season on a very low note!

Now we are playing Game 7 against the Rockets in Houston (9:30pm EDT). On behalf of my family, I will copy the Bubbs' rallying call "Go Jazz! Go Jazz!" We believe! (I have to post this now while my hopes are high - I might not have kind words if we lose.) I predict that it will go down to the wire - 5 points difference tops. And as we chew on our fingernails and yell at the refs and turn the game off then on then off then on again, I will end on this final note -

If we win, elation!
If we lose, hey, well, it's not as embarrassing as the Mavericks! :)