Thursday, August 30, 2007

Thursday Thirteen - Today's Blessings

Count your many blessings, name them one-by-one...
We have many many blessings to be grateful for today. Here's just my Thursday Thirteen:

  1. We were blessed that both of us were home when Sim fell. If DH had been out of town, he'd have missed the entire ordeal. And this being my first major mommy-crisis, it was a MAJOR blessing that he was here when it happened.
  2. We were blessed that he hit his head where he did - it was a little deep and wide, but not too jagged, which would have made it worse.
  3. We were blessed that between the two of us, we were able to be calm and cool-headed even though it scared us more than anything!
  4. We were blessed to get him seen by someone who recommended Primary Children's.
  5. We were blessed that I'd already filled up the gas tank so we didn't have to make another stop on the way to the hospital.
  6. We were blessed with a parking spot right next to the entrance.
  7. We were blessed with VERY nice nurses and doctors who didn't treat us condescendingly and were very understanding of our children.
  8. We were blessed to not have come during the busiest time so we didn't have to wait forever to see someone.
  9. We were blessed with a TV in the room to distract E and S and that E allowed herself to be distracted so she was not a problem.
  10. We were blessed with DH's understanding boss who will never be upset with DH for taking care of his family, with a neighbor willing to inform the cub scouts, and with an Enrichment leader and friend who understood me canceling my meeting and practice.
  11. We were blessed with modern medicine that allowed Sim to feel a minimal amount of pain during stitches and with an element in it that will help him forget the procedure, and a talented surgeon that did a beautiful job.
  12. We were blessed that the Simster recovered from the anesthesia and the procedure very well and is already almost back to his normal, rambunctious self.
  13. We ARE blessed to have healthy children. I told DH that it was hard enough watching S cry while they put in the IV and did the stitches and he looked at me so pleadingly. There are an amazing number of parents whose children are in the hospital most of their young lives. I can't imagine what that would be like. We were and ARE so blessed!

It's hard to put into words the experience of today, but I know many have experienced it before me and all I can think about is how grateful I am that he's okay and that we were able to take care of him!

The Adventures of the Simster

I had many plans for the day... cleaning out the kids' clothes to get ready for fall, plan & have cub scouts, meeting, music practice... etc. However, life has a way of ... well, happening. After a slow morning and some nice quiet time from the kids to get some work done, I was finally getting myself presentable around 11:30am.



I flipped around to see blood gushing down the Simster's forehead into his eyes. Even without my contacts in, I knew immediately that he had fallen into the dresser and that the cut on his forehead was going to need stitches. That's about as far as logic got me before I just whipped into frantic action. I've never had a child bleed so much! I yelled for DH who was downstairs working and then took him to the sink. DH was a little more cool-headed and got the bleeding to stop enough to get a band-aid on to take him to the UrgentCare. I wasn't quite ready and neither was the Bubbs, so DH took Sim and headed out.

12:10pm - I am finishing getting ready waiting for hubby's call. Bubbs admits she pushed Simster when he fell. She was rather repentant for a three-year-old. We say a prayer together for him. DH calls and says the doctor at the UrgentCare can stitch it up but she recommends taking him to a plastic surgeon at Primary Children's to reduce the scarring. Yikes!

12:30pm - DH and Sim arrive to pick up E and I to head to Primary Children's to get the stitches.

1:00pm - Arrival. They checked us in and did vitals rather quickly and put some numbing stuff on Sim's gash. We realized it's an IHC facility and we were a little nervous about insurance because our insurance doesn't cover all IHC stuff. The staff said they took all insurance so we breathed a sigh of relief.

1:45pm - They take us back to a room and the nurse practitioner checks him out. She says she could probably do the stitches but we still ask for the plastic surgeon to look at it. Sim is acting fine really, trying to run away from us and laughing. They are really nice to the kids (they've seen a bunch of course) and we pass the time watching TV.

2:30pm - Plastic surgeon peeks in and looks. He says there might not be a huge difference between what he could do and an ER doctor, but we opt for him to do it. He has a couple of other things to do first so we would be waiting a while. We read books and watch TV. E is actually being really good considering we had no lunch and Sim couldn't eat so we didn't want her eating in front of him.

3:00pm - Nurses come in and start Sim's IV. He cries during the IV but once it's in, he snuggles with his dad and falls asleep.

3:15pm - Plastic surgeon returns, nurse puts blood pressure, breathing & pulse monitors on Sim and they set up. They put some anesthesia through the IV and get started. The resilient Simster fights the doses of anesthesia almost the whole time but he's completely out by the end. E was VERY good and let the surgeon do his job.

3:50pm - Stitches - nine stitches - are finished! I make a quick call to make sure someone's at our house to tell them cub scouts is canceled. Sim is still out from the anesthesia.

5:15pm - After making sure Sim is okay - he can sip water, sit up and is coherent, we check out!

We spent the rest of the evening getting some food for him, buying him a new comfort animal for being such a good boy, taking care of his body and his wound and getting the kiddos to bed. We were very blessed overall but after the kids went to bed we realized how physically and emotionally drained we were. We are grateful for the comforts of life we are blessed with and for the expertise of doctors and nurses who care for our loved ones!

Here's my trooper!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Waddle Waddle Mama Duck

Once this baby is born, I am never leaving the house. Especially if we decide to have another one after that. What made me make this decision? I took the kids to the doctor and the store today. (The Simster is 18 months and growing well!) Ergo...

I am trying very hard to hide my swelling belly. I am now days away from trimester 3, but I'm just not cute enough to show off the belly. Plus, I can sense the eyes following me when I'm out and about - they look at the almost 3-year-old Bubbs and 18 month Simster and then they check me out and think - can she really be pregnant again? I am ready for the kid but I am mind-reading "birth control" on the minds of many who see me. So for now, I'd rather have people wonder "chubb or baby?" and I suck in a lot. Often. However, I do waddle. It just happens.

So I'm in the doctor's waiting room chasing the Simster and trying to keep my eye on the Bubbs sitting in the little kid's chair. I'm wearing a shirt that hides my belly but screams moppy Mom and my eyes are drooping. I can see the lovely woman reading her Cosmo glancing up now and again in my direction. And there's no understanding smile. She's probably looking at the bruise on the Bubbs' head (playgroup playground mishap but looks like I could have bashed her in the head) and the Simster's black eye (sister mishap but looks like I could have punched him or something) and I'm thinking - child services will be here any minute. Then the nurse calls us and I gather my protesting kiddies and head to the room.

Waddle Waddle Mama Duck. So much for hiding the belly.

And the Bubbs tells the doctor "I have a big owie on my head. From Mommy." What?! I have told DH I think it would be funny for her to tell people that but I didn't actually want it to happen! Luckily, she follows "Umm, I fell in the park. Did Mommy put ice on it? Yep." So I think I'm in the clear. But it doesn't end. When the doc checks S's ahem- privates - Sim starts, you know, fiddling down there and laughing and says "Wee-wee, wee-wee" As we know, boys will be boys, but still... is the doctor thinking "I hope she's just gaining weight because I think this is enough..." We leave trailing crumbs of a granola bar (which S found in my purse of course).

Waddle Waddle Mama Duck. Duck #2 tries to get run over by a car and/or escape to Mexico.

The excursion to the store could have been worse. Ducks sat in the cart rather nicely and it's just a quick trip. Of course, there's only so much room in one cart and the Bubbs starts feeling trapped. She starts to throw one of her lovely tantrums and I give her the evil eye. And she says to her brother, "Is Mommy freaking out? I not freaking out. Mommy's freaking out. I have a big owie." Why the obsession with the owie? 1. She's no dummy. She thinks other adults will feel sorry for her and give her something. 2. The Simster got a band-aid at the doctor's because of his shot and she's itching for a Dora band-aid so she has to have an owie. Naturally she mentions this in the same sentence about me freaking out. Super. I rush out before Sim can discuss his genitals again in detail and before Bubbs throws the Sprite over the side of the cart for a preschool science experiment. I am starting to think the belly is the least of my worries...

Which is probably good, because I glance down and half of my shirt is untucked and the curve of the belly is holding on to some serious granola bar remnants...

Waddle Waddle Mama Duck.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

A New Look & Power Outage

One of my new goals is to start spicing up my life a little instead of just complaining about things I don't do/have. I decided that I could start with my blog and it wouldn't cost me any money! Now if only new bedroom furniture and a start to a new wardrobe could be as cheap! :) At any rate, this is my first trial look. I might change it if I decide a. I don't like it or b. It's too cheesy (see a.)

Now to the main adventure... yesterday a transformer blew and it resulted in a major power outage for about 10 houses in the neighborhood. When it first went out at 5:30pm, we all assumed it was out in the entire neighborhood and waited patiently for it to come back on. Our lovely Sunday dinner was about 45 minutes away from being done in the slow cooker. We ended up taking a walk and my smart hubby observed that there were others in the subdivision watching TV, enjoying having their lights on, running the dryer, etc. When we got back, our neighbors had called the power company. The first guy came to check on it but couldn't fix it, and the crew wouldn't be free until 10pm! We ended up with sandwiches for dinner (it also got dark early so we had a candlelight dinner - we should have fed the kids more veggies since they couldn't see what they were eating :). Luckily we were supplied with flashlights, candles, food (nongourmet of course) and even lightstick bracelets to entertain the kids. Since I had a music practice at the church, the fam came along to hang out in the air-conditioning and light. The Simster went down to sleep easily but since the Bubbs is lately a lights-on sleeper, she had some issues.

The crew didn't show up at 10pm. Or 11pm. We were pretty sure we were out for the night - we were blessed with a cool breeze so our house temp still stayed around 78 degrees even without fans or AC. The power beeped on around 1:30am so they must have fixed it. Still, 8 hours without power required a major discardation of pretty much all of the food in the fridge (freezer stuff's okay). I spent all of today emptying out the fridge then going shopping to replenish it. It's amazing how dependent we are on electricity. Although DH and I discussed it and if it had a been a full-blown, major outage, we would still have been okay. We had plenty of light and batteries, a decent amount of non-perishable food available, clothes had been washed, we have a wood-burning fireplace so if it had been cold, we could have had a fire. It was nice to realize that we are at least in a pretty good position right now if it had been worse. As it was, it was just an inconvenience. I mean, DH without computers or the internet for 8 hours? Yikes! :)

Friday, August 24, 2007

Happy 5th Anniversary!

Well, who knew? We made it five years already! Although I am not so thrilled about the actual events of today (we had some tentative plans that didn't work out, then it looked like they might work out but then it was too late... - now? no plans, no bbsitter, grumpy kids...), I AM thrilled about our anniversary! I tried to track down cute pics of our lives together, but it seems like there's only pictures of one of us with the kids or just one of us, how boring... we need to take more couple pictures! So just a rare few...

The day we were married was beautiful and HOT! We were married in Manti in August and it was probably 150 degrees or something. I didn't get cold feet until I realized at the temple doors that my dress, which had already been worn for an open house and a reception, was a little dirty at the hem. I didn't want to wear a dirty dress in the temple! But after some reassurance and consoling by my sis and my hubby-to-be, I wore it anyway. The best part of the entire experience was being sealed for time and all eternity to my bestest friend! Looking back, I would have chosen a different honeymoon, reception, food, gotten my hair done, etc, but the most important things were wonderful and I would still do many things the same, especially marry my sweetie!

I was blessed to be able to trick him into marrying me. I always joke that he was kind of a jerk while we were dating so now I get to be the jerk the whole time we're married! Of course, I get the better deal - and I joke about it, but it's still true sometimes. He is very good to me, even when I don't deserve it. He's on his 3rd pregnancy now - well, I mean, taking care of his wife the 3rd pregnant time - and he is always trying to do his best to take care of me and let me get some needed rest or a break. He is a wonderful father who shares much of the child-raising, he has encouraged me to pursue my current occupation and supported me by taking care of the kids when I have to be on-site for my job. He is very talented, smart, hard-working, fun-to-be-around, forgiving, understanding, patient, and of course, extremely handsome! While we were dating, on the outside, we were very different and often had conflicting interests - but I think we actually complement each other rather well - we each have weaknesses where the other is strong and strengths where the other may be weak - and we have grown more alike/accommodating over the five years we've been married. I am grateful to him for all that he is and does and look forward to the adventures we will continue to have as time goes on!

Happy Anniversary!

Friday, August 10, 2007

A Great Man...

I heard this morning that President Faust has passed away. Although I know he's been sick, it still came as a shock to me! He was the 2nd Counselor in the First Presidency of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I have always been inspired and impressed by his gentle disposition and his words of wisdom. He spent so much of his life serving God and his faith. He was strong in his beliefs but loved everyone. Of course, I never met him in person, but I have read his words and seen him speak many times. How grateful I am for the knowledge that I have of "life" after death! My thoughts and prayers are with his family today.

From a talk in October's Conference that really struck me... You can tell he only preached the things he lived!

"What is discipleship? It is primarily obedience to the Savior. Discipleship includes many things. It is chastity. It is tithing. It is family home evening. It is keeping all the commandments. It is forsaking anything that is not good for us. Everything in life has a price. Considering the Savior’s great promise for peace in this life and eternal life in the life to come, discipleship is a price worth paying. It is a price we cannot afford not to pay. By measure, the requirements of discipleship are much, much less than the promised blessings...

"Our true claim as disciples comes when we can say with certainty that His ways have become our ways.

"The blessings of discipleship are readily available to all who are willing to pay the price. Discipleship brings purpose to our lives so that rather than wandering aimlessly, we walk steadily on that strait and narrow way that leads us back to our Heavenly Father. Discipleship brings us comfort in times of sorrow, peace of conscience, and joy in service—all of which help us to be more like Jesus."

What a wonderful disciple of Christ! He will be missed!

Monday, August 06, 2007


We got the online proofs of our recent portrait attempt! The ones they give us to download aren't the best quality (of course because they want us to buy more...) but they still look pretty good! Look how cute our kids are! :)

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Summer Pictures!

Something to look forward to - we got our pictures taken at Target yesterday (family and then the kids separately) and although it was one of the most trying experiences of my life, we had some success! I will try and post a few when we get the Internet ones!

Until then, here's some pictures that highlight some of the things we've been doing this summer! Hope you enjoy!

The family at A's graduation!

A couple of my girls on the lake at Girls Camp

The baptism! C, K (the baptism girl) and J! K got baptized in Utah with two of her cousins! This was such a neat experience but I don't have a ton of pictures that turned out well (there were always 20 cameras flashing!) We also really enjoyed having the family stay with us a couple of nights!

Our little Cub Scouts at Day Camp! Fun stuff! (Although this was only two days and hubby went along, it was much harder than Girls Camp - these boys are all energy!)

And lastly, a classic: the Bubbs is trying to be helpful and feed her brother his cereal! :)

And that's it from here! Hopefully I'll be posting more often now!

And the Bun's in the Oven...

This is really not meant to scare anyone, and many already know about it...
But, in case you didn't and in case you care, we're about to pop out another kid! This one is actually not a surprise (sorry to the Bubbs and the Simster - but you guys were kind of unexpected), which means that many people may consider us remotely crazy. The Bubbs is almost 3, the Simster is 18 months, and we're due in December (the 9th)! Which means, by the transitive property, I will have 3 kids age 3 and under! Can I handle it? Probably not, but that's beside the point. Why did we think this was a good idea? Well...
  1. Hubby wants a bazillion kids and the only way to get a bazillion is to keep having them (actually, I think I've talked him down to ONLY four!) :)
  2. I LOVE my sister! I have always loved her but because there was a larger age difference, it's been in the last 7 or 8 years that we've really become closer. We are seriously considering moving so I can live near her and her beautiful children and we just get along and I love it! To make a long point long, I want the Bubbs to have a sister! And I wanted her to have one a little closer to her age than my sister and I are. Reason 2: the Bubbs needs a sister
  3. I have two little kids close together. We decided we may as well keep them all close in age so they can all (hopefully) leave the house close to the same time which leaves me under 50 and an empty nest! :) I am down with that.
  4. I don't think I'll have another kid once my youngest is potty-trained. Going back to diapers? Not really wanting it to happen.
  5. Have you seen a newborn baby? Awwwwwww... 'Nuff said.

So the big question - is the Bubbs getting a sister? Or is the brother going to the pound (that's where I told hubby the baby would go if it was a boy) DRUM ROLL...
IT'S A GIRL!!! (As far as the ultrasound shows) I am very blessed. The baby has worn me out, but I am grateful to be healthy, have a husband who can support another kid, and have a (as far as we know) healthy baby! Here's to you, number 3!

Long Time, No Post

Once upon a time there was a lovely blog. It had a decent name, decent colors, and a few decent posts. Then one day the blogger was locked up in a castle tower by a wicked witch, away from her Internet, and unable to post anything for a very long time! Luckily the handsome prince (otherwise known as "H.Ubby") rescued the blogger in distress by calling "Blogger, oh blogger, let down your computer!" He used the wireless connection to climb up to the tower and release the fair maiden and once again, the blog was back in business! And they all lived happily ever after.

Of course, I am just making excuses. But it was a cute story, wasn't it? I have just not had much to say and nothing exciting to post. July was full of fun family visits and Cub Scouts but other than that, nothing much. I have just been plugging away. I do have to mention two things and I'll just post them separately for the heck of it.