Monday, January 28, 2008

Random Tired Thoughts

Pres Hinckley passed away today. What an amazing man; I'm sad my children will not remember much about him as prophet.

Two times people see what you really look like: during childbirth and when you move a house with 3 small children.

Moving makes you realize how much crap stuff you have. Really.

People are awesome. We have had so much help and support from family, friends, and ward members throughout the past week. Many thanks! I hope to repay you - even if it's just by passing it on and helping someone else.

Even when you are excited about something, you can dread it too. We FINALLY finished packing/cleaning and said goodbye to our house of almost four years and many wonderful friends. I am sad. We are embarking on a new adventure in our lives and I will have my sister close by. I am excited. It's a love/hate thing.

We're in Little America after being on the road for 4+ hours, with one stop for food, 2 stops to feed PJ and too many times of saying "PLEASE stop kicking my chair!" and now saying "Get back in bed!"

I am tired. But relieved. And sad. And happy. Did I mention tired?

More moving (complete with pictures) at a later date. We'll be at my parents' tomorrow.

Friday, January 18, 2008

A Mother's Doodee

So as I was standing in the bathroom, trying unsuccessfully to get the poopoo stains off of PJ's clothes, I started thinking...
*Newborn poop seems to stain like no other. Which is funny because all she's eating is mama's milk.
*Blowouts inevitably happen when my newborns are wearing the cutest clothes.
*If I added up all the time I've spent scrubbing stained clothes (bodily functions, food mishaps, the run-in with the markers...) in my 3.5 years of being a mom, I'll bet I could have gone on a nice cruise with that time.
*I am very grateful for Shout and Spray n Wash. I've had the most success with Spray N Wash Dual Power (with Oxy).
*What did mothers do before Spray n Wash? I have read my share of "historical" fiction and I don't once remember anyone mentioning how those mommas got rid of newborn poop stains. Maybe I should research this.
*In 100 years, maybe my descendants will have such high-tech stain removal systems (like laser beams or something) and will wonder, How did Great-Grandma get rid of those stains?
*Most likely, no one will document the process and my descendants won't have a clue.

So since I was thinking about this, I decided to document my doodee system:
  1. I cry.
  2. I say "How come you had to have a blowout?"
  3. I say "This is gross, sweetie."
  4. I change the offensive diaper using numerous Pampers sensitive baby wipes.
  5. I put the soiled clothes in the sink.
  6. I scrub the poop out using some regular bar soap and cool water.
  7. I repeat steps 1 through 3.
  8. I douse the clothes with spray n wash.
  9. I wash the clothes.
  10. I look at the clothes after washing and often still see stains. I repeat steps 1 through 3. Then I repeat steps 8 & 9. Hopefully that does it.

So, children of the future, no laughing. This is how hard life was for us moms. Plus, we had to walk 40 miles to school in the snow. With no shoes. Uphill both ways.

(I wanted to post a poop picture, but decided against it. Just me and PJ hanging out. She's cooing right now. It must feel good to have a clean bum.)

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Visit from Elder Walker

I don't have much any time, but I wanted to document this so I don't forget. Yesterday, in the middle of all the hassle of getting moved (one step closer yesterday - the windows can be replaced!) my hubby calls me from the airport to say he invited his old mission companion, who's in town for a few days, to dinner! Yikes! At first, I wanted to wring his neck! I am dressed in packing clothes (sweatshirt & jeans), the house is chaotic at best, the kids are bouncing off the walls, and I HAVE NO TIME! But instead I said "what the heck" and we had a dinner guest.

Elder Walker is great and fun to be around. He lives in Phoenix, so we rarely see him. He was good to DH on the mission and they have stayed in touch. He is always so gracious and flatters me (He always tells DH how great I am and how lucky DH is to have me...). My kids loved him (especially E; she took his hand to walk with him - where's the camera when you need it!!) and it was a nice visit. They got to reminisce about the good ole days in Atlanta and got to discuss current lives and plans for the future. He had to fly back last night, so we only ended up spending 1.5 hours with him, and I'm really glad we took the time. It was a couple of hours I could have spent packing, but it was definitely more important to get a chance to see him. Now we just have to get him married! (and move him out to Texas...) Visiting with him made me want to make sure I visited a couple of close friends here before we move - I think it will be worth it as long as I don't overdo it. :)

PS - Pic is of Elder Walker on E's blessing day. I am hopeless because I didn't take pictures last night. My brain is only half there. Really.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Can you tell me why...

My 3-year-old and my 2-year-old, who are supposed to be taking naps, are running around E's room in just their underwear (or a diaper as the case may be)? And the 2-year-old's pants are in the diaper pail? Just a question. I'm baffled and I thought maybe you might know.

A Tribute...

I am making some phone calls (the whole moving thing requires loads of phone calls) and am on hold right now so I thought I'd post a tribute.

On Friday evening we said goodbye to our doggies. I've been having a really hard time taking care of them with only two kids. Add one more into the mix and we decided that it would be easier to find them a new home here instead of in Texas. So I posted on freecycle and had several responses. One lady emailed me three times within a 30 minute period! After chatting with her, it sounded like a great situation for them. She was excited to give them a good home and we were grateful we didn't have to take them to the Humane Society. On Wednesday I took them to the vet to get an update on shots and a wellness exam. While I was waiting in the exam room with them, it hit me that I will miss them. I have spent the last year or so mostly complaining about how much work they are and they bark and shed, but they are really good dogs overall and I will miss them. Someday, I promised DH, we would get another dog. DH is the real dog lover of the family and his own dog was put to sleep when he was 10 or 11, so getting rid of more dogs was really hard on him. If he was home more, I would think more about keeping them.

Just to do them justice: We picked up Pippin in 2003. DH was working nights and I decided it might be nice to have a companion while I did homework and stuff. We talked our landlord into letting us get him (ie - we threatened to move out) and we fell in love with him when we saw his picture online. He was truly our first kid. We walked him at least three times a week, fed him way too much food, bought him too many toys. We took him on the 8 hour drive to Colorado for Christmas, and often took him with us when we went shopping or even to the laundromat. He was well-behaved, was able to stay in his crate for over 12 hours at a time (when I was student teaching and worked in the evening) without having an accident, and was spoiled!

When we put an offer in on our house, we went looking for dog #2. We found Diamond at a shelter and liked her a ton. (We named her Diamond because we found out that Pippin - from the Lord of the Rings - had a wife named Diamond) She and Pippin got along great and it was nice for him to have a companion. Before the Bubbs was born, we took the two to dog parks and on walks. They played basketball with us and romped up and down the stairs :)

As most probably know, once you have kids, they become your priority. Our "other kids" started to get neglected when the Bubbs came along, and much more with the Simster. We still loved them, but found it hard to take care of everyone. As good as our dogs were, it was difficult when DH traveled. I really hope they love their new home and know that we will always have a place for them in our hearts!

Monday, January 07, 2008

Life at My House

Well, I have BIG NEWS (yeah, about the whole house/move thing), but you'll have to stay tuned for that. In order to keep myself sane (hubby is out-of-town for the first time since PJ was born), let me just post the conversation taking place at my house right now. E (3 years old) and S (almost 2).
E: Do you want to be like Jesus?
S: Yeah.
E: Then you have to be nice. Let's go find Jesus... and Gilmore Girls.
S: Yeah. Lead me, guide me, walk me find the way.
E: Now we have to find the star and Jesus. Then we can be nice.
S: Yeah.
E: But oh my phone is ringing like Mommy's. I have to talk to Jesus on the phone. (picks up phone) Hello, Jesus? Do you love me?
S: The phone, the phone is ringing... What's gonna work? Team-work!
E: Wait, I need to say a prayer. Or a testimony.
S: No, I say it. NO!
E: Okay, you say it.
S: I testimonies..
E: NO! You have to say: I like my testimony...I church is true.
S: NO! (smack! on his sister's head)
E: S! That is NOT nice! (smack! on his head) Okay, do you want to be like Jesus?
S: (whimpers) Yeah.
And the whole thing starts over again. You can tell five things from this conversation:
  1. We have had several FHE lessons on compassion and being nice.
  2. They are kind of working (as noted by the references to "Jesus" and "nice"), and kind of not (as noted by the "smack!").
  3. The Wonder Pets songs are annoyingly catchy (the kids have only watched the show like four times).
  4. Sometimes my three-year-old listens at church. And in FHE. And in general.
  5. At my house, even conversations about Jesus will contain fighting.

And with that, I leave you. See if all my kids are alive tomorrow.