Tuesday, October 14, 2008


So somebody (not mentioning any names... AHEM! Coolwhip!) seems to think I'm not blogging enough. Yeah, well, she's right, I have been so boring lately and so wrapped up in stuff that I haven't blogged much. So tagging me seems to be the cure. We'll see...

I am- so blessed! I have everything I need and many many many of my wants.
I want- a playset/swingset for the backyard to help with the kiddos' energy levels.
I have- a wonderful supportive husband.
I wish- to have more hours in the day.
I dislike- feeling inadequate. Lately I've been feeling like I'm falling short in all aspects of my life. And I don't like it.
I fear- the economic collapse of the universe and not being able to provide for & take care of my kids.
I hear- silence! The ceiling fan and the typing of the keyboard. I LOVE nighttime. That's why I always stay up way too late. I'm addicted to the time when the house is peaceful and I can relax/get stuff done.
I search- the scriptures but not as regularly as I should.
I wonder- what my kids really think of me.
I always- worry about what other people think. Not so much because I have a need to be popular or trendy, I just want people to like me. I want everybody to like me. I'm pretty likeable, right? :)
I usually- watch something on TV or some of a movie before getting ready for bed. It's a habit I got into when DH would travel all the time and I wanted to hear adult voices that weren't speaking baby talk. Now I just relax with some fruit or a bowl of cereal and unwind.
I am not- very good at many things. I'm still searching for my talents.
I dance- to my old school music in the kitchen with the kids. I don't think it's old school music, but apparently it is, thanks to my YW for the heads-up on that. Sometimes I dance with DH in the kitchen. Or at the youth dances when we're chaperoning.
I sing- mostly primary songs. We have a primary CD and the primary program is in two weeks, so we've got to practice.
I never- get through a day without doing something I need to apologize for. Like yelling at the kids because I'm tired or forgetting something or bumping into the counter. I like to apologize though because it clears the air and my conscience.
I rarely- get everything done that I'd like to.
I cry- more than I'd like. Mostly when I'm pregnant or tired (which seems to be 98% of my life). But mostly in secret. I HATE other people to see me cry (with the exception of DH).
I am not always- punctual. I always have good intentions, but it doesn't pan out all of the time. Sometimes it's unavoidable (like a huge blowout or major trantrum right when I need to leave), but often I just get going a little later than I should. I am, however, almost always punctual when it comes to church and church activities (unless I have to pick up the YW... they can be doddlers).
I lose- hmmm... this is a toughy. I lose to DH whenever we box or play baseball on the Wii. And I lose my sanity on a regular basis.
I'm confused- about how people can say there isn't a God or a higher power. It's so evident to me in everything around me. And if there isn't a God, what is the purpose of life?
I need- to get someone to watch the kids tomorrow night while I am at Young Women.
I should- call my Grandma. I miss her and miss talking to her.
I dream- of a perfect mix of my Colorado life, my Germany life, my Utah life and my Texas life. I just want to combine all the good things about each one and create a perfect Utopia. And I dream of victory Thursday night against TCU.
I TAG- my sister Good Life, Emily, Carrie, bilingualandmore, and Jordan Family. Have fun!


So I heard that the first snow of the season hit Utah on Saturday/Sunday. The beginning of the Rocky Mountain winter. There's a part of me that's sad, missing the soft white flakes, the frozen temperatures, staying home and building a fire in the fireplace, hot chocolate, shoveling, scraping, slushing through it all... and singing "Let it Snow!" at the top of my lungs. But then there's the part of me that didn't mind so much, since we were enjoying this...

And this...

DH even got out the skateboards for a little driveway training...

And of course, PJ had to get in on the action...

Notice the shorts? PJ without socks or shoes? Yep, we're talking 78 degrees, a nice breeze, and a beautiful October Saturday. Are we missing the snow? Nah. At least not yet! (Of course, we're getting a ton of rain today and it's in the forecast for the week, so we're not out playing much now. But now I'm getting my hot chocolate. This whole Texas thing isn't so bad...)

Monday, October 06, 2008

What the Youth Need to Hear...

Anyone feeling suggestful?

We are having a youth Standards Night at our church on Wednesday. This is basically a night to emphasize moral values and eternal goals to the youth ages 12 to 18. It is to encourage them to live the standards that will bring them closer to the Savior Jesus Christ. Our particular take on it this year has to do with keeping standards in all our relationships (with family, friends, the community, in dating, etc).

As we prepared for this activity, we decided to ask six adults to sit on a panel and answer questions the young men and young women submitted about relationships and standards. Of course, we only had a smattering of questions from the young people. So now we are filling in the gaps with some of our own questions, questions we think the youth need to hear answers, issues that are on our minds and the minds of all the adults who love and care for teenagers in a scary world.

Overall, we have enough questions. I think we're pretty much set. But as I have been pondering this, I thought I would ask you if you can think of an issue/circumstance/question that the youth of today might benefit from hearing more about. What tugs on your heart strings as you watch kids grow up today and strive to stay close to the Savior?

Thursday, October 02, 2008

New Undertaking: Sewing!

All right, this post is very late. I mean, I meant to post this in early September. But somehow September has gotten away from me. I've spent most of the month being sick. I'm not sure how this is happening, and it's annoying. And I don't want to dish out any more money to our friends the physicians because there's a 97.654% chance they'll tell me it's a virus, so buck up, go home and wait it out. I can tell myself that and save the time and money, right? Anyone a budding doctor? Let me know and I'll tell you my symptoms...

But I digress. Back in early September we had a Super Saturday activity at my Church. Basically, we get together as women and learn new skills, make things, and eat. It's always an enjoyable time. This time around I decided to brush up my sewing skills (and believe me, they needed brushing! And so do my teeth for that matter...) and with the help of my friend Rachel, I came home with this...

Cute, huh? It's a reversible bag, and believe it or not, I've been using it to hold some YW stuff when I'm at church! I felt pretty proud of myself, even if some of my stitching was a little non-straight. I also came home with this...

(No, not the Bubbs, she was already here.) Do you see this cute dress? Wow, am I a great seamstress or what? Okay, yeah, I didn't make it. It was Rachel's handiwork, but her cute daughter didn't like it much and the Bubbs is about the same size, so she passed it off to me!

The awesome thing about this dress? It was made from a woman's dress shirt Rachel found at a thrift store!! You can see this one and another one she made and read about it on her blog. I think it is just the cutest dress! I am hoping to make my own for the Bubbs soon, and another project I'm trying to tackle is the making of pajama pants for all three kids!

I really enjoyed the sewing. It's my goal to really get going on it when DH is out of town... Throw in a chick flick, make sure I have a cold beverage, and break out the sewing machine! Thanks to Rachel for the motivation and if any of you have links to patterns you love, leave me a comment and let me know!