Friday, December 18, 2009

On a Lighter Note...

We are not immune. During the last year, some of the Bubbs' and Simster's friends decided it would be fun to cut their hair. Or their sibling's hair. Or some of each. Up until yesterday, my kids had always followed my fantabulous rule - "Scissors are just for paper"

So... yesterday I came home after a Relief Society activity and helped DH finish putting the kids to bed. I came back downstairs and started to clean up the kitchen. And there were locks of hair on the ground by the table. There wasn't much. In fact, I almost thought DH had decided PJ needed another little bangs trim and trimmed her right there with the kids' safety scissors. He insisted he didn't, so I went upstairs to have a chat with the Bubbs.

Me: Bubbs, did someone cut their hair tonight? Did Simster cut your hair? Did you cut your hair? Did someone cut PJ's hair?
Bubbs: Ummm... no....
Me: Well, I know somebody used the scissors to cut hair tonight. There's hair on the floor. Do you know who did it? It wasn't Daddy.
Bubbs: Well, maybe it was Daddy...
Me: Umm... no. Did you do it? Simster? PJ?
Bubbs: No.
Me: You know that it's better to just tell me the truth, right? We'll both feel better and it's the right thing to do. Do you know what happened with the scissors?
Me: Hmm... it sounds like all three kids will be in timeout tomorrow until we find out what happened and someone can tell me the truth.
Bubbs: Oh, no! (pause) If I tell you what happened, I won't have to go in timeout?
Me: If you can tell me the truth, that would be great. Did you cut your hair?
Bubbs: Yes.
(a short conversation ensues about the importance of telling the truth and the rule about scissors being for paper, etc)
Me: Okay, well, the consequence for not using the scissors appropriately is that I am taking all the scissors away for a few days.
Bubbs: What?! (starts to cry. She LOVES coloring, writing, cutting, it is her favorite activity. Taking away the scissors is like cutting off her arms or something)
Me: Well, there has to be a consequence for a wrong choice, right?
Bubbs: Yes...
Me: So we'll have to not have the scissors for a while.
Bubbs: But I told the truth!
Me: Yes, and that's good, and you won't be in timeout. But there still has to be a consequence for using the scissors to cut your hair. If you didn't tell the truth, the scissors would be gone AND you would be in timeout.
Bubbs: Oh. (pause) But I need my scissors! (crying and crying)
Me: So I guess you shouldn't cut your hair anymore, right?
Bubbs: Yeah.
(I tuck her back in and start to leave)
Bubbs: But mom?
Me: Yes.
Bubbs: It wasn't that much hair.
Me: That's good. But you're still not getting the scissors back yet.
Bubbs: (whimpering again) Okay...

Good news? Her hair isn't worse really; you can't even tell she did it. She did tell the truth. AND it was on her dad's watch, not mine :)
Bad news? There will be a lot of wailing and gnashing of teeth until the scissors can be used again. AND I was already debating about a present we purchased for her, and now it really doesn't seem like a good gift...

Blessing and a Curse

At the risk of sounding ungrateful, I am going to vent a bit... My lovely husband works from home. Meaning, he doesn't have an office to go in to work. His company is based in California, and his office is in our house. In. Our. House. Doesn't it sound like a dream, ideal situation? Most people tell me they think it would be - but really, it has it's pros and cons. And this morning, the cons are far out-weighing the pros...

  1. No commute time
  2. No paying the gas for a commute
  3. No lunches to pack/money to spend on lunches out
  4. On rare occasions, he eats lunch with us
  5. Sometimes if the kids are napping, he can let me run errands kid-less (BIG plus!)
  6. If someone is in need of a priesthood blessing or a ride or something, sometimes he can get away and help them out
  7. No commute time
  8. No paying the gas for a commute
  9. Once in a very rare while, he'll even do something with us during the day without having to officially take the morning/afternoon off (like go to the swimming pool)
  1. He works ALL the time. Since his employees/co-workers/customers know he has a home office, they expect it to be no problem that they call at 6am or 8pm and have him fix something. And he's salary with no overtime...
  2. He has conference calls ALL day. Sometimes they are really important (customers, his boss), sometimes they are moderately important (coworkers, employees), sometimes they are just fluff, but I don't know the difference - so my job is to keep the kids quiet enough when he's on the phone (ALL day) so that the people he's talking to on the phone think he's professional. (And nothing screams non-professional more than three children yelling happily in the background)
  3. Since DH's office is downstairs, keeping the kids quiet means mostly staying upstairs from 7:30am-6pm. We have been blessed with a good-sized home, and there is plenty of room upstairs to play, but the laundry and kitchen and access to the outside are all downstairs. I spend 80% of my day following the kids around and saying "Shh! Daddy's working and he's probably on the phone."
  4. PJ knows that Daddy is home and has no problem running to him whenever she feels wronged. I won't even know something happened and be doing something else and all of a sudden, I hear DH bringing her back upstairs. We could use a gate at the top of the stairs, but we have to buy a custom-size gate because the opening is too wide and then she would scream at the top of the stairs for him, which is almost just as bad.
  5. He almost never eats breakfast with us, rarely eats lunch with us, and often misses dinner as well. And since he's working while I'm making all three of these meals, I have to be quiet then too and try to make the kids whisper.
  6. I don't have people over during the day very often. I would love to have friends over, playdates, etc, but I try to only do this when DH is out of town. Because if it's hard keeping my three kids quiet, imagine everyone else's kids too... And he is definitely not a fan of the days I teach preschool...
  7. I get sad when I hear my kids playing house and the Bubbs is the mom and she repeats several times in a very grumpy voice "SHHH! BE QUIET! Your dad is on the phone! And you cannot go downstairs unless you ask me first!"
  8. I feel like a prisoner in my own house. I try to do laundry, dishes, etc between the hours of 6pm and 6am so we don't bug Daddy, but some of that time I should be sleeping, right?
  9. He works ALL the time
  10. He is on the phone ALL the time

PLEASE don't get me wrong, I am SOOOO grateful that my husband is employed and can provide for us on basically his one income. We have been HUGELY blessed, and I understand that. But I feel better already venting. And it would be nice if some people would feel a bit sorry for our situation instead of telling me, "You can't complain! I would LOVE it if my husband worked from home!"

It will probably be much more ideal when I have children in school all day and then it's just the two of us at home the majority of the time, but probably by the time that happens, he will have a normal go-in-to-work job. :) He says he wants to work on "sound-proofing" his office to help the situation but... we'll see. I have a better idea. I think I know what to get him for Christmas -

What do you think? He could fit his laptop in there, right? And we have wireless internet, so that shouldn't be a problem! The economical outside office... that would make the work-at-home thing perfectly ideal! :)

Sunday, December 13, 2009


Enjoy :)

The Bubbs is off in the movie room, singing to herself when I hear (not exactly sure what the tune was): "I don't have any faith... I'm just a vegetarian"

Simster to Bubbs: Hey, let's play Batman!
Me: Hmm... that's not a very good Sunday activity.
Bubbs: Yeah, you're right.
Simster: I know! Let's play Batman CHURCH!

While listening to Christmas music...
"Walking in the winter of the lamb"
"Angels we have heard on high of the high on the plane" (Simster)
"Mom, this is NOT Jingle Bells!" (It was the "dashing through the snow" part)
"He knows when Sim's been bad or good" (Bubbs)

PJ: A-Bee-bee! (AKA Peek-a-boo)

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Terrific Twos!

Today is PJ's 2nd Birthday! And we woke up to this...
SNOW! Wow - snow in Texas happens like once a season, and it happened to be on PJ's birthday! So after a scramble to track down gloves, hats, coats, I bundled up the kiddos and they spent some time enjoying it. Since it had melted by lunchtime, I'm glad they got to go out.
We were thinking about going to the Fort Worth Zoo in the morning, but even without the snow sticking to the roads, it was wet and cold and it's Texas. I'll wait a few weeks until it's 65 degrees again :) But I had some great leaders who pinch-hit for me tonight at YW, so we ended up out to eat at IHOP (kids eat free, it's a beautiful thing!) and then the next best thing to the zoo - Cabela's.

Then home to "cake" and presents.
So see the dog in the above picture? It has a little remote control, walks, wags its tail and barks. PJ loves animals more than the other kids and we thought she'd adore it. But right now, she has a love-hate relationship with it. Sometimes she laughs and sometimes she screams, drops the remote and runs away. We might be looking for a new home for the dog... :)

Overall, a fun day. We're so blessed to have PJ in the family. She is definitely challenging at times but we have loved watching her grow up! Last year she didn't have any teeth, she wasn't walking or talking, it's really amazing how much babies change from one to two.

A few things about her at age two:
  • She doesn't talk much (some in English, some in German) - about 20 consistent words and some babble. Her favorites? Mommy, Dada, fertig, alle, danke, cheese, buh-buh (bye-bye), Schnappi, baby, ball, hurrah
  • She LOVES babies and is always carrying one of them around. She loves doing eveything her brother and sister do. Playing with blocks, singing, coloring, throwing the football with her dad, running around, etc. Oh, and having her picture taken. Can you see her great "cheese" face?
  • She still has some stranger anxiety but not as much as she used to. Now she mostly just looks away if someone she doesn't know tries talking to her.
Happy Birthday! We love you PJ!