Saturday, November 06, 2010

Thankful Thoughts, Day 6

We went to a baptism this evening. For a mother and her son. And it made me think about the many blessings I have that are related to that ordinance. So today, I'm thankful I was baptized by immersion for the remission of my sins and confirmed a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

I was baptized by my dad when I was eight years old. I specifically remember being baptized on a Friday night because there was a BYU/Air Force football game on Saturday that - ahem - some of the parents/families involved wanted to attend (and I'm pretty sure we won, too). To be honest, I don't remember a ton about that day. I remember the two boys baptized the same day. I remember my grandma and aunt and uncle came to Colorado to join us. I remember the normal chill of the November evening. I remember a sweet sister who did my hair a little fancier than usual. I remember being more nervous that my dad would slip than nervous about me falling or not going under or anything. I remember walking into the water and being baptized. The water was actually pretty warm and when I came up out of it, I remember thinking, "Wow, I really don't feel that much different. Maybe I didn't have as many sins as I thought..." :) I guess I had expected a brand new person to take over my body. A sinless perfect one. But even though I was still me, I could feel warmth and peace. A confirmation that not only was my earthly family pleased to be there and witness my baptism, but my Heavenly Family was too.

Funny that I don't remember all of what happened. It's not that important, actually. I mean, I needed to be baptized to be cleansed from sin and to make my first covenant with Heavenly Father, but the day itself isn't that important. What I think is important is that I continue to remember and keep that covenant I made. That I would follow Jesus Christ and live as His disciple. My baptism symbolized a step in that direction. My path was now centered on Him.

I am grateful for that decision I made as an eight year old. Some might argue that I didn't know what I was doing at that age. Well, I definitely didn't know then what I know now. But because of goodly parents and teachers, I knew I wanted to follow Jesus. To be like Him. And remembering that day and the promises I made reminds me of who I am and where I am going and where I want to be. Remembering that day reminds me to try to raise my children with kindness. It reminds me that I need to forgive when I've been offended. It reminds me I need to ask for forgiveness when I've been stupid (which is pretty much all the time). It reminds me that even though I make mistakes and sin, repentance allows me to again be clean. Like I was that day.

(I recently found this picture of me with my parents after my baptism. And no, I didn't have really short hair. I just had my hair back in a ponytail thingy. And it was fancy.)

Friday, November 05, 2010

Thankful Thoughts, Day 5

Thankful Thought for today: I am grateful (and super excited!) that my husband's awesome haiku WON his company's contest!

Another one of DH's super cool talents - who knew he was a rap/haiku artist? The winning entry out of 400 (about a Mobile Medication Cart the company is debuting):

Meds on the go, yo
Nurses love it, fo' sho'
Patients be chillin'

Nice, huh? Now he is going to be the proud owner of a brand new iPAD!!! When he entered the contest over a month ago, he told me if he won, he would give me the iPad. Because I adore all things Apple. And because he's sweet like that. Of course, I kind of thought it was a long shot to win, so I agreed. And then I teased him all month about "my" iPad. Don't worry about getting me a birthday present because I'll just wait for my iPad. It will be nice when I'm watching movies on my iPad. Etc.

So now that he won? He is still 100% planning on giving it to me. He says he will take my iPod touch (which I have definitely loved) and I can have the iPad. But I am feeling a little bit guilty... he's the one with the wondermous haiku. He's the one who is overworked and stressed (at times) and puts many many hours into this company. So really, it should be his. Not saying I wouldn't enjoy being the owner of it. Maybe we can just share it.

We'll have to see how this all pans out when mister iPad arrives. I'll keep you posted... :)

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Thankful Thoughts, Day 4

(Please note: Blogger is doing something weird. My posts aren't publishing right away. It's kind of possessed. Hopefully it will straighten out so you'll see one post a day for all my thankful thoughts)

Because she turns 8 months old today (!) and I'm thinking about her, today I am grateful for the Buggs.

Everyone of my children is a delight. And each one brings a unique spirit, individual strengths and new challenges (at times) to our family. The more children I have, and the more I see how different their personalities/spirits are, the more I come to understand my Heavenly Father. So many children in earth's past, present, and future. All of them unique. But He still loves each one of us!

So the Buggs. Overall, she has been a great baby. My first one to sleep through the night on her own. The youngest to roll over, crawl, sit up, stand up, cruise, and probably walk (not quite there yet). My only thumb-sucker. At just after seven months, she popped out two teeth (the other kids have been 9+ months before getting teeth). She is extremely tolerant. I guess she has to be, because there's so much - ahem - LOVE for her from her siblings! Sometimes I catch both Sim and PJ basically laying on top of her and she's not making a peep. Just squirming and looking at them like "Umm... I love you too, can you please get off of me now?"

Eight months seems just too big already. I keep reminding myself to take those moments to just breathe in her babyness because it will be gone before I know it! I love to watch her wait for her daddy and then kick her legs in excitement when he smiles at her and picks her up. She's just what our family needs, she fills an important spot, and we love her!

And today, I'm thankful Heavenly Father entrusted her to me!

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Thankful Thoughts, Day 3

Today I'm thankful for a reliable vehicle. Seems a bit silly, right, but for this soccer mom, it's a necessity. Especially since our little subdivision is right off of a busy highway and I can't easily walk/bike to anything.

Thank you Eisbär, my fantabulous swagger wagon, for taking me everywhere today...
  • to the school so the three youngers and I could eat lunch with the Bubbs
  • to my friend C's house where her very nice husband watched her two kids and my three while we went...
  • to get a massage 30 minutes away (yay!)
  • then back to grab a delicious burger and
  • then back to drop her off and pick up my kids
  • then home to my house
  • and out again after the Bubbs got home so we could take all four kids BACK to the school to pick up her fundraising stuff
  • and back home again
That's just today. Tomorrow I'll drive to and from ballet. Friday I'll drive Delfin (our other reliable vehicle) to and from seminary inservice, to the grocery store, to the high school football game. Saturday Eisbär will be headed to the church for a Super Saturday and a baptism. And that's probably not all :)

And looking ahead? He better train for this one, because in December, he'll be taking us to Nauvoo where we're going to spend Christmas with DH's family!

Such a blessing, our reliable vehicles. Maintenance can be a chore, it can be costly, but pretty much everyday Eisbär or Delfin gets us where we need to go. And I'm grateful!

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Thankful Thoughts, Day 2

Today I am thankful for special times I spend with my family. I'm sure multiple posts this month will be related to my family. Because they are pretty much my life! And they are amazing!

But I digress. Specifically, I'm thinking about times where we should be working, cleaning our house, working on the yard, generally doing other stuff, but we don't. We go and enjoy ourselves as a family. And in with the mayhem of getting everyone ready, packing a diaper bag full of essentials + everything needed in case of disaster, finding the lost shoes and socks, doing PJ's hair for the 10th time because she loves to undo it faster than I can do it, buckling car seats, passing out water, etc - - - we eventually make it where we're going. And it's just nice. To be together, making memories, enjoying the good company of friends and other families, laughing more and (hopefully) grumping less. I know sometimes we overdo it and overschedule, but in general, the balance is good, and it makes times out and away even better.

(PS - Happy Belated Halloween! Don't you love our trunk or treatin' Star Wars family? Complete with Princess Jasmine/Amidala, Han Solo, Chewbacca, Darth Vader, Leia, and Yoda. Fun times!)

Monday, November 01, 2010

Thankful Thoughts, Day 1

So I haven't blogged, but November is giving me a chance to get back into it! Like many other people who blog, in honor of this month of Thanksgiving, I am going to share something I am grateful for each day. These will really be in no particular order, but they are all things that bless my life, and help me recognize and honor Heavenly Father who loves me, and I love him!

Thankful Thoughts, Day 1

I am thankful for my Savior, Jesus Christ. And a Heavenly Father who loved us enough to give us the opportunity to be tested, tried, and to grow in ways we could only do on this Earth. He loves us so entirely He also provided a Savior to be our example, to suffer and atone for our sins, and die for us to provide a way for us to make it back.

Jesus Christ is my Redeemer, He is my advocate with the Father (see D&C 32:3). He not only went through indescribable pain to pay for my sins, He also suffered for my pains, sicknesses, and deepest sorrows. The sorrows that even with an amazingly awesome family, can't be understood by anyone but Him (see Isaiah 53:4-5). I know He knows. I have felt Him send the comforting Spirit. I have felt the Spirit whisper of soft encouragement in my struggles and in my weaknesses.

Last week I had an extremely hard few days. Have you ever had something said to you that hurt you and part of the reason it hurt so much was because at least some of it was true? That's what happened last week. Something was said (actually written) to me and it hurt me deeply. After a little discussion, the person in question assured me she wasn't intending to make me feel sad or upset. She just thought I needed to know.

After a good cry, it was clear to me that I can always do better. Be a better person. I fail in so many ways. I am imperfect. Pretty much the most imperfect person I know. This one of the main reasons I need my Savior. Because if I was perfect, I wouldn't need to rely on Him and His atoning sacrifice and His grace and His ability to succor me in my weakness and trials. BUT with Him, not only can I feel a renewed desire to be better, I can also understand that even though sometimes I'm not giving my 150%, I am usually hovering between 80-90%. (yeah, okay, edited now to say probably more like hovering around 40-50%. Maybe I was a bit too generous with my self-evaluation...:) And the advice I feel from Him? Sometimes I need to be more gentle with myself and satisfied with the 40%. My best isn't good enough, but my best (and even my not-so-best) can be good enough WITH Him. Because He makes all the difference.

So so grateful for my Savior.