Friday, December 18, 2009

On a Lighter Note...

We are not immune. During the last year, some of the Bubbs' and Simster's friends decided it would be fun to cut their hair. Or their sibling's hair. Or some of each. Up until yesterday, my kids had always followed my fantabulous rule - "Scissors are just for paper"

So... yesterday I came home after a Relief Society activity and helped DH finish putting the kids to bed. I came back downstairs and started to clean up the kitchen. And there were locks of hair on the ground by the table. There wasn't much. In fact, I almost thought DH had decided PJ needed another little bangs trim and trimmed her right there with the kids' safety scissors. He insisted he didn't, so I went upstairs to have a chat with the Bubbs.

Me: Bubbs, did someone cut their hair tonight? Did Simster cut your hair? Did you cut your hair? Did someone cut PJ's hair?
Bubbs: Ummm... no....
Me: Well, I know somebody used the scissors to cut hair tonight. There's hair on the floor. Do you know who did it? It wasn't Daddy.
Bubbs: Well, maybe it was Daddy...
Me: Umm... no. Did you do it? Simster? PJ?
Bubbs: No.
Me: You know that it's better to just tell me the truth, right? We'll both feel better and it's the right thing to do. Do you know what happened with the scissors?
Me: Hmm... it sounds like all three kids will be in timeout tomorrow until we find out what happened and someone can tell me the truth.
Bubbs: Oh, no! (pause) If I tell you what happened, I won't have to go in timeout?
Me: If you can tell me the truth, that would be great. Did you cut your hair?
Bubbs: Yes.
(a short conversation ensues about the importance of telling the truth and the rule about scissors being for paper, etc)
Me: Okay, well, the consequence for not using the scissors appropriately is that I am taking all the scissors away for a few days.
Bubbs: What?! (starts to cry. She LOVES coloring, writing, cutting, it is her favorite activity. Taking away the scissors is like cutting off her arms or something)
Me: Well, there has to be a consequence for a wrong choice, right?
Bubbs: Yes...
Me: So we'll have to not have the scissors for a while.
Bubbs: But I told the truth!
Me: Yes, and that's good, and you won't be in timeout. But there still has to be a consequence for using the scissors to cut your hair. If you didn't tell the truth, the scissors would be gone AND you would be in timeout.
Bubbs: Oh. (pause) But I need my scissors! (crying and crying)
Me: So I guess you shouldn't cut your hair anymore, right?
Bubbs: Yeah.
(I tuck her back in and start to leave)
Bubbs: But mom?
Me: Yes.
Bubbs: It wasn't that much hair.
Me: That's good. But you're still not getting the scissors back yet.
Bubbs: (whimpering again) Okay...

Good news? Her hair isn't worse really; you can't even tell she did it. She did tell the truth. AND it was on her dad's watch, not mine :)
Bad news? There will be a lot of wailing and gnashing of teeth until the scissors can be used again. AND I was already debating about a present we purchased for her, and now it really doesn't seem like a good gift...

Blessing and a Curse

At the risk of sounding ungrateful, I am going to vent a bit... My lovely husband works from home. Meaning, he doesn't have an office to go in to work. His company is based in California, and his office is in our house. In. Our. House. Doesn't it sound like a dream, ideal situation? Most people tell me they think it would be - but really, it has it's pros and cons. And this morning, the cons are far out-weighing the pros...

  1. No commute time
  2. No paying the gas for a commute
  3. No lunches to pack/money to spend on lunches out
  4. On rare occasions, he eats lunch with us
  5. Sometimes if the kids are napping, he can let me run errands kid-less (BIG plus!)
  6. If someone is in need of a priesthood blessing or a ride or something, sometimes he can get away and help them out
  7. No commute time
  8. No paying the gas for a commute
  9. Once in a very rare while, he'll even do something with us during the day without having to officially take the morning/afternoon off (like go to the swimming pool)
  1. He works ALL the time. Since his employees/co-workers/customers know he has a home office, they expect it to be no problem that they call at 6am or 8pm and have him fix something. And he's salary with no overtime...
  2. He has conference calls ALL day. Sometimes they are really important (customers, his boss), sometimes they are moderately important (coworkers, employees), sometimes they are just fluff, but I don't know the difference - so my job is to keep the kids quiet enough when he's on the phone (ALL day) so that the people he's talking to on the phone think he's professional. (And nothing screams non-professional more than three children yelling happily in the background)
  3. Since DH's office is downstairs, keeping the kids quiet means mostly staying upstairs from 7:30am-6pm. We have been blessed with a good-sized home, and there is plenty of room upstairs to play, but the laundry and kitchen and access to the outside are all downstairs. I spend 80% of my day following the kids around and saying "Shh! Daddy's working and he's probably on the phone."
  4. PJ knows that Daddy is home and has no problem running to him whenever she feels wronged. I won't even know something happened and be doing something else and all of a sudden, I hear DH bringing her back upstairs. We could use a gate at the top of the stairs, but we have to buy a custom-size gate because the opening is too wide and then she would scream at the top of the stairs for him, which is almost just as bad.
  5. He almost never eats breakfast with us, rarely eats lunch with us, and often misses dinner as well. And since he's working while I'm making all three of these meals, I have to be quiet then too and try to make the kids whisper.
  6. I don't have people over during the day very often. I would love to have friends over, playdates, etc, but I try to only do this when DH is out of town. Because if it's hard keeping my three kids quiet, imagine everyone else's kids too... And he is definitely not a fan of the days I teach preschool...
  7. I get sad when I hear my kids playing house and the Bubbs is the mom and she repeats several times in a very grumpy voice "SHHH! BE QUIET! Your dad is on the phone! And you cannot go downstairs unless you ask me first!"
  8. I feel like a prisoner in my own house. I try to do laundry, dishes, etc between the hours of 6pm and 6am so we don't bug Daddy, but some of that time I should be sleeping, right?
  9. He works ALL the time
  10. He is on the phone ALL the time

PLEASE don't get me wrong, I am SOOOO grateful that my husband is employed and can provide for us on basically his one income. We have been HUGELY blessed, and I understand that. But I feel better already venting. And it would be nice if some people would feel a bit sorry for our situation instead of telling me, "You can't complain! I would LOVE it if my husband worked from home!"

It will probably be much more ideal when I have children in school all day and then it's just the two of us at home the majority of the time, but probably by the time that happens, he will have a normal go-in-to-work job. :) He says he wants to work on "sound-proofing" his office to help the situation but... we'll see. I have a better idea. I think I know what to get him for Christmas -

What do you think? He could fit his laptop in there, right? And we have wireless internet, so that shouldn't be a problem! The economical outside office... that would make the work-at-home thing perfectly ideal! :)

Sunday, December 13, 2009


Enjoy :)

The Bubbs is off in the movie room, singing to herself when I hear (not exactly sure what the tune was): "I don't have any faith... I'm just a vegetarian"

Simster to Bubbs: Hey, let's play Batman!
Me: Hmm... that's not a very good Sunday activity.
Bubbs: Yeah, you're right.
Simster: I know! Let's play Batman CHURCH!

While listening to Christmas music...
"Walking in the winter of the lamb"
"Angels we have heard on high of the high on the plane" (Simster)
"Mom, this is NOT Jingle Bells!" (It was the "dashing through the snow" part)
"He knows when Sim's been bad or good" (Bubbs)

PJ: A-Bee-bee! (AKA Peek-a-boo)

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Terrific Twos!

Today is PJ's 2nd Birthday! And we woke up to this...
SNOW! Wow - snow in Texas happens like once a season, and it happened to be on PJ's birthday! So after a scramble to track down gloves, hats, coats, I bundled up the kiddos and they spent some time enjoying it. Since it had melted by lunchtime, I'm glad they got to go out.
We were thinking about going to the Fort Worth Zoo in the morning, but even without the snow sticking to the roads, it was wet and cold and it's Texas. I'll wait a few weeks until it's 65 degrees again :) But I had some great leaders who pinch-hit for me tonight at YW, so we ended up out to eat at IHOP (kids eat free, it's a beautiful thing!) and then the next best thing to the zoo - Cabela's.

Then home to "cake" and presents.
So see the dog in the above picture? It has a little remote control, walks, wags its tail and barks. PJ loves animals more than the other kids and we thought she'd adore it. But right now, she has a love-hate relationship with it. Sometimes she laughs and sometimes she screams, drops the remote and runs away. We might be looking for a new home for the dog... :)

Overall, a fun day. We're so blessed to have PJ in the family. She is definitely challenging at times but we have loved watching her grow up! Last year she didn't have any teeth, she wasn't walking or talking, it's really amazing how much babies change from one to two.

A few things about her at age two:
  • She doesn't talk much (some in English, some in German) - about 20 consistent words and some babble. Her favorites? Mommy, Dada, fertig, alle, danke, cheese, buh-buh (bye-bye), Schnappi, baby, ball, hurrah
  • She LOVES babies and is always carrying one of them around. She loves doing eveything her brother and sister do. Playing with blocks, singing, coloring, throwing the football with her dad, running around, etc. Oh, and having her picture taken. Can you see her great "cheese" face?
  • She still has some stranger anxiety but not as much as she used to. Now she mostly just looks away if someone she doesn't know tries talking to her.
Happy Birthday! We love you PJ!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Tschüs Samstagschule!

As many know, I am a big fan of German. I lived there, I studied it, I taught it, I love it! I'm sure I would feel the same way about Spanish, French, Japanese, etc if I had any experience with any of those. I just love the doors it opens when you know another language. You get to really understand other cultures, other viewpoints, other people when you speak their native tongue. Ever since the Bubbs was born, we've been speaking German in our home. I was the most consistent when it was just the Bubbs, because DH traveled a ton and it was just us. With the Simster we already had more English in our home from nursery, play dates, etc and I wasn't as good. Now with PJ, she is really getting 80-85% German at home and understands and speaks both.

Before we even moved to Texas, I had done some research and found out there was a German Samstagschule (Saturday school) in Dallas! I was thrilled because I hadn't found something like that in Utah, and I really wanted the kids to experience German with native speakers and other kids, then they would know it wasn't just crazy Mom's language :)

The youngest class was 4- and 5-year-olds, so we decided to start the Bubbs this semester. She LOVED it!!! She looked forward to it every week! Many of the kids in her class knew less German than she knows, and a few of them with native German parents, knew a lot more. It was hard for the teachers to tell how much she knows because she is by nature really shy (I know, where the heck did she get that from?) and didn't say much. But she ended up with a few good friends (including a little boy who always wanted to share her chair and sit by her... cute!)

They played games, worked on their letters and writing words, sang songs... you know, the basic preschool stuff but all in German. She had two cute young teachers - die Atika and die Laura - and they tried to really speak just German in class, even if some of the kids were still learning. They had two special events during the semester - the first was a big play/production to honor the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall (this is E's part - doing a traditional dance, sorry she's so hard to see)

...and they had a St Martins Umzug (a St Martin's parade) to honor the German holiday of St Martin. The kids all made Laterne (lanterns) and we carried them in a little parade at a park, singing the Laterne songs and getting eaten alive by mosquitos :)

She almost cried last week because it was the last week, and I know that the experience was a great one for her. It was out of her comfort zone and she had to make new friends, and she spoke in German and she heard lots of other kids/adults speaking in German. I was actually amazed at how much she adored it!

Now the big question - will we do it next semester (starting in January)? Hard to say. The pros? It's German from native Germans, I got to hang out some of the time with the other parents and speak German, and of course, she loves it! The cons? It wasn't exactly cheap, it was 2.5 hours every Saturday, with about a 45-minute drive each way. Kind of a huge Saturday time commitment, and we did have to do some juggling to make it work every week. Plus, does that mean we now have the Simster go since he'll be old enough? He really wants to, but that does mean more commitment to it. And it means they haven't been able to do any other activities (like soccer, dance, etc) and I would like to have that balance. Technically, we could just do German school at home. I am a German teacher, after all, and they do speak it. I would just miss the interaction from native speakers and other kids. Sigh. We'll have to see what I decide come January.

It was a nice idea...

Today is November 30th. The end of the whole "writing-a-50000-word-novel" month. And hmm... I made it to about 8000 words. Really, 90% of that happened in the first week, but I really went no where from there. I might write a chapter tonight, just to kiss the experience goodbye, but that's pretty much it. Why couldn't I finish?

Life happened. I was reminded that I have three+ children, a husband who works constantly, Church responsibilities, work, etc. At the end of most days, I felt no desire to write. Plus, I didn't know what I was really gaining. Sure, I enjoy it. But I doubt I'm very good (I have pretty much no talent for anything, you can ask anyone about that) and the time I spent writing was time I could have been doing many other productive things.

Will I still work on it? I don't know. I am still excited about my storyline, characters, locations and everything, but I'm not sure I'll finish it. Without the pressure to get it done in a month, I don't know if I'll find the time. We'll see. I'm not going to delete it or anything. It's just going to have to be content collecting dust on my hard drive. :)

Thanks for all the happy writing thoughts! I'll post another segment for your entertainment/boredom :) Then I'll post about what's REALLY been going on around here!

“A surprise?” That in and of itself was surprising. Don was the least surprisingist person Eden knew. He wasn’t very creative in his dating or wooing. But he was also an engineer. Not really known for their romancing.

“Well, not so much a surprise I guess -”

“Ah ha!”

“Let me finish! Not so much a surprise, but more like a proposition.”

“Hmm....” Eden said. “A proposition? That does sound a teeny bit intriguing...”

“See, I can be suspenseful and mysterious, right?”

Eden laughed without replying. His track record spoke for itself. His proposition most likely was about some very calculated investment plans he had. When Eden had applied for the School of Mines, it was refreshing to think that her peers would be just as passionate about what they could produce in the field of engineering and not so concerned with how much money they could make. Come on, your stereotypical engineer isn’t a smooth-talking, slick-haired schmooze in an impeccably cut business suit and tie. Usually you think of the nerd behind the computer monitor, in a lab or on the street sizing up the world with some strange set of tools. Maybe the modern image doesn’t elicit images of greasy hair, zits, horn-rimmed glasses and pocket protectors anymore, but generally... you get the picture. Even though Eden herself didn’t quite fit the mold, what she expected was quite different from what she experienced. Don was a great example - a top-of-his-class electrical engineer who also had an eye and ear for business. He only accepted a job offer after a thorough investigation of potential for upward mobility, a full stock portfolio, a reputable staff... But also something that would allow him to stay under the radar enough that he could stick out and make his mark - and be a surprise to everyone. In other words, he was choosing solely based on the company’s potential to serve and benefit him not on his potential to serve and benefit the company. He knew options, knew how to play the market, and was building up his assets while simply lying in wait to pounce - to produce the next novelty that would propel him into the national - and hopefully international - spotlight.

Monday, November 02, 2009

Creative Juices...

I have a bunch of things to post (fun news, the Bubbs' love of Samstagschule, Halloween, etc) and I really do hope to get around to posting them. But right now I'm just letting you know about this...

If you've never heard about NaNoWriMo, it stands for National Novel Writing Month. The idea is that aspiring writers often get bogged down after writing a few chapters or pages and never manage to complete that Great American Novel they've been dreaming about. So now there's some motivation to just get the words out on the page in a short period of time and worry about revising, fixing, polishing later.

The real scoop? Participants are attempting to write a 50,000 word novel in just 30 days! You have to start writing on November 1 (honor system here) and complete your 50,000 by November 30.

Why me? I have always loved loved loved LOVED to write. I've even posted a few short stories on my blog. With the support of my cute husband, I am finally going to try to write a book. Well, 50,000 words at least. I haven't written more than a few pages since my creative writing classes at BYU.

Why should you care? You probably don't :) But the NaNoWriMo people seem to think that the more people that know you're attempting to write a novel, the more pressure they'll put on you to actually finish by the end of the month. So here I am. Be my support group or something, okay?

What I am going to write about? Well, I've already managed to write about 3000 words so I guess I'm off to a good start. I don't want to give much away because then maybe I'd end up feeling stupid and quit now. I'd rather write and then feel stupid at the end of the month. If you're really curious, here's a short sample -
“I have got to get out of here,” Eden mumbled under her breath. It was Mel’s place, after all, and living here was just temporary. At least it could be, if she could find a job. She thought about picking up the paper again to browse the classifieds, but knew what she was looking for wouldn’t be there. Not now. She needed networking, not just newsprint tinting her fingers and browser bookmarks to and craigslist. She grabbed the throw pillow again, cuddling it to her chest, and stared aimlessly out the window. The view was gorgeous, the mountains even more breathtaking as clouds wisped around their peaks, swirling just enough to create the illusion of islands in the sky. It was lost on Eden this morning, all of it.
Intrigued? Bored? :) Keep an eye on my word count in the sidebar and throw happy writing thoughts my direction!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Favorite Things...

Remember my post with the videos of Hilary Weeks? In case you didn't see them, one of the videos is her singing a mommy version of "My Favorite Things" from the Sound of Music. I guess the Simster has heard me sing it a few too many times because here he is...

(Real Hilary Lyrics: Bedtime and Naptime and Bedtime and Naptime
Did I mention it's nice when the kids go to sleep?
These are a few of my favorite things...
When the kids fight, when my husband's late
When I'm feeling sad
I open the freezer and pull out the ice cream
And then I don't feel so bad)

Not to be outdone, the Bubbs will now showcase her version of "Two Voices, One Song" from the movie Barbie and the Diamond Castle (and really, at the end, she's not throwing up on me, she just needed to cough). See how fun life is at the breakfast table at our house? :)

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Art Birthday Party!

So originally the Bubbs was going to have a small party (4 or 5 friends) and we were going to go out and do some fun girly things (I'm planning to do this next year, so I won't spoil it and give the details now). Then she decided that she REALLY wanted all the boys in her preK to come. And then just everyone in preK. And she wanted a princess party but one of her friends with a birthday a week before her just had a princess party. Are you following all this?

Ergo - she does love to draw so I talked her into having an Art Party. The invites turned out cute ("artist E is celebrating the opening of her first art exhibit") and we planned out some crazy fun crafty stuff. One problem - the kids had all had preK here and hmm... an art party seems a little bit like preK. Oh, well, we did it anyway!

DH couldn't take the day off to help (which I know he was not too sad about), but my awesome sister-in-law (she's 17) ended up here for a few days and she was a life-safer! Twelve party kids, one seven-year-old neice, and one two-year-old. Without Addy, it would not have happened. Well, it almost didn't happen anyway... twenty minutes before it was supposed to start, the Bubbs and her cousin were running around and somehow she managed to cut her head open on the edge of the couch. We're talking a pretty good gash and lots of blood in her hair. Thanks to DH taking a break and stopping up the blood a bit (no stiches needed), the party went on...

  • colored with sidewalk chalk on the driveway
  • painted a huge mural on the garage door
  • painted and put footprints on little art aprons
  • made and ate our own pizzas (colored the tablecloth while they cooked)
  • played twister and balloon games
  • decorated and ate our own cupcakes
  • presents
  • sent them home with their aprons and goody bags (with candy, play-doh, crayons, and foam notebooks with foam stickers)

(Sorry for the lack of pictures... some of this artsy stuff is pretty messy and we were too busy washing kids and cleaning up to take pics :)

Anyway, she had fun, her friends gave her great art gifts (really nice homemade stuff too!), and she only had a little pool of blood in her hair when it was over (see picture below). She still says she wished she had a princess party *sigh* but I still call it a success!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Happy 5th Birthday, Bubbs!

From this...

To this...

Can you believe how much she's grown? I sure can't! Craziness! For the last year, I have been lamenting the fact that E missed the school deadline and had to wait another whole year before starting school. Now that it's here and some of her friends are in Kindergarten, I'm feeling blessed to have her home longer. She really is such a blessing in our family! As most of you know, DH and I were convinced child #1 was going to be a boy. We had a name picked out and everything. When we found out E was a girl, I was a little disappointed. Of course, now I know that Heavenly Father knows what I need WAY before I do, and He knew I needed the Bubbs to be the one to help me understand what it means to be a mom. To discover a love that is as close to God's love as I think I will ever get. I'm so grateful for my first baby bear!! (see the book You're All My Favorites if that comment about bears made no sense)

What did we do today? Well, after working and doing lots of prep for the big day, I finally went to bed around 2am. I woke up early to get ready for this...
(Preschool at our house - actually nine kids + PJ wasn't too bad today! Lots of fun! They're doing the Dino Dance in the pic)

Then after preK, I put together these in my new efforts to become more organized with the Mt. Everest of toys we own...

Then inspired by my friend Rachel and this lovely tutorial, I spent *ahem* a little bit of time making the Bubbs a Belle cake. By request. And I'm pretty darn proud of it, even if I had to improvise a little and she also ended up with a little bit of a ghetto booty... Still, not too shabby, what do you think?

We talked to the grandparents, opened a bunch of presents (yep, definitely spoiled) and had cake and ice cream.

Her favorite presents? The Belle dress-up (of course), the Belle barbie in the cake, a new doll from Grandma and Grandpa, and her roller blades. Oh, and the Barbie German movie. And the guitar. And... well, I think she was satisfied :)

Five Great Things About the Bubbs:
  1. She is so happy to be five! There are a lot of things she's been telling me she'll do when she's five - be better at sharing her toys, eat salad, clean up when she's asked... Well, if today is any indication, she's being true to her word! :)
  2. She can spend hours on end drawing pictures, coloring pictures, writing words on pictures, writing her own songs, making pictures for others... She is such a little artist!
  3. She loves to learn - read books, count and add numbers, she's starting to learn letters and sounds in German too and she soaks it up. Like mother, like daughter, I guess. I have always loved book learning.
  4. She is a wonderful big sister - sure, she and the Simster have their moments, but overall, she is caring and helpful. She can't wait to share a room with PJ (which will probably happen in the next few months) and they already giggle together about nothing.
  5. She is so full of life! She's always singing and dancing and jumping and running and laughing and is very animated when she plays with her siblings. It's so fun to have her around!

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

She says it so well...

So I want to post something exciting, but man, I'm tired. And boring. So I thought I'd post some great Hillary Weeks videos. I heard her perform these when I went with my sister and friends to Time Out For Women last year. And they really epitomize the way I've been feeling lately... enjoy!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Pool Fun

DH and Simster playing with Daddy's toy at our pool. Is that awesome or what? :)

On My Mind - Summer

So I am having a kind of hard time with some things right now. I will spare you the details, because I am sure I should just buck up and get over it. But since I can't sleep because of it, I thought, "Hey, I should blog something!" Aren't you proud of me? It's 3:30am right now so bear with me if I don't make sense :)

Summer is coming to an end. My kids aren't in school yet, but we will be starting preschool next week and I can't believe it's already time for backpacks and notebooks and (hopefully) cooler weather and my favorite part of fall - college football!

I won't bore you with a separate post for each of the things we did this summer, but if I had to make a summer-y (get it? hee hee I told you it is 3:30am!) it would be...
  • lots of swimming!
  • baby showers - thanks to all my great friends who had babies so we had an excuse to stay out 'till all hours of the night :)
  • the bubbs' first dance class (maybe I'll post some footage - all the girls were adorable!)
  • YW camp and other YW activities
  • my nephew's baptism
  • hanging out with family and friends
  • roadshow practices and performance for the Denton Jubilee
  • DH's band playing in the Jubilee (with a not-so-great appearance from me on the viola)
  • wonderful vacation really just to visit friends and family in UT and CO that we miss so much!
  • Oquirrh Mountain temple open house (would have been our temple if we were still in Utah)
  • working
  • DH working
  • entertaining three young children
  • oh, did I mention swimming?
  • oh, did I mention YW?
  • oh, did I mention DH working?
  • etc
We have enjoyed pretty much all of it and we are doing well. We have been very blessed as a family. We have all we need and many of our wants as well. We are healthy. We have support from a wonderful family and great friends. Even right now, when I'm struggling, I can't help but recognize how much we are truly blessed and acknowledge the hand of my Heavenly Father in all things.

And again, I leave you from within the shadows of the everlasting Texas heat :) May peace be with you, this day and always... (If you get that reference, I hope you are just floored by my extreme cleverness :)

Hope you enjoy a few summer pics and I'll post a little footage later!

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Letter to My Children

Dear Kids,

The older you get, the harder this will be to hide from you, so I'd better fess up now.  Hopefully you can find it in your hearts to forgive your dear mother.  Here's the deal: if you attempt to look through your life in pictures, you will find a great chunk of 2008 is missing.  Where are all the pictures?  Of the Bubbs and Simster starting preschool?  Little miss PJ weighing like 10 pounds for a whole year?  Birthdays and trips and just random little kid cuteness?  Did your parents just not love you enough to take pictures?

Here's where I have to fess up.  My hard drive crashed a few days ago.  It is toast.  Fertig.  Finito.  My sweet husband went out and purchased a new drive for me, we reinstalled, did the software updates and then I went to my backup drive to pull over all of my documents.  To make a long story short, even though I was almost positive I had backed up the pictures recently, I hadn't.  Yikes.  Luckily most of 2009 is on Dad's backup and some of 2008 as well.  But the rest of it is gone.  Kids, let this be a lesson to you.  When your grumpy old daddy :) keeps reminding you to backup your stuff, do it!  Even when you think this won't happen to you!  It will!  So listen to your techguru Dad and not to your "all is well" Momma.  And then you won't have to explain to your children where all their pictures disappeared to...

All my love,

(PS - at least I can salvage some from my -ahem- whole 10 blog posts... And to show you that I am not a complete failure of a mom, check out the title pic of E and S from 2006.  I'll make it up to you!)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Tribute to Some of the Moms in My Life (AKA my mom collection)...

1. My Mom. What a wonderful person! She is a great example to me of patience, intelligence, figuring stuff out, perseverance, kindness, strength and love. She has always listened to me, talked with me, given me advice (of course, I haven't always taken it), cried with me, laughed with me, and helped to mold the person I am. Sometimes I find myself doing things and realize "I'm turning into my mom!" which is a good thing :)

2. My Sister. If I had been able to have my pick of all the women of the world to be my sister, I still would have chosen her! She has taught me much in my life - in my childhood, teen years, and as the example of a mom now in her life. We can talk all day about all sorts of things, and we laugh and cry together. She is such an example to me of strength and teaches me to rely more on my Heavenly Father when things are rough. Not to be cheesy, but I really feel like she is often the wind beneath my wings and my hero. :)

3. My Grandma. As much as I love being near my sister, I miss my grandma a ton! The older I've gotten, the more I feel love & respect toward her. She has gone through many joys and sorrows in her life and is still adorable and plugging away at 93 years old! I love to hear the stories she has to tell, her wisdom and watch my children grow to know her, too.

4. My Host Mom. When I lived in Germany, I stayed with a host family, and Rafia became another mom to me. It was cool to learn mom-isms from another culture (Tunisian mixed with German) and she always had my best interests in mind. When we went back to visit in 2007, she treated my kids like her own grandkids and I am grateful for the impact that year living with her had on me and my growth.

5. My Aunt. I had the opportunity to live with another mom for a year while at college. They just have one son, and although they've opened their home to many a weary college student, I was the first girl. It was fun to talk about girly things, enjoy the occasional early-morning walk, talk about my day and my life and learn new things from her. After I got married, she even helped me learn more about canning fruit. And she's always been such a great aunt/grandma to my kids! They love to snuggle with her and be tickled.

6. My Mother-in-law. It's pretty neat that all you have to do to get another mom who loves and cares for you is marry her son. :) My MIL is one of the most generous people I know. She is interested in everything we're doing and always finds just the right things for my kids. She has stayed with my kids when I've been at Girls Camp or had new babies. It's been said that DH was a momma's boy as a kid, and I don't blame him! She's a great addition to my mom collection.

There are so many more I can't name everyone - sisters-in-law and so many friends (you know who you are!) who I also look up to as examples and who support me.

So to all you women out there - whether official "mothers" or not - you are all nurturing the children of the world! Thanks for all you do to touch my life and others! Happy Mother's Day!