Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Pump You Up

I just finished an amazing work out. I found a way to work basically every muscle in my body. When I finished, I was sweaty, toned, thirsty, muscular, and did I mention sweaty? Now I know you'd all like the secret to my success....

Well, using this...

I did this...

You got it folks. And for only three payments of $29.99, you can get my intense workout DVD collection: "You Gotta Mow It to Tone It". If you call now, I'll throw in our recently deceased lawn mower for free! Just pay shipping & handling.

Yep. I am now one buff woman. I can already feel my tighter little glutes. Who knew getting in shape could be so cheap? Added bonus? That fresh grass smell. It's a nice musk.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Candy, Iron & Wood

What do these three have in common? They are all traditional/modern-traditional 6th Anniversary Gifts!

Happy Anniversary to us (sorry - seems all the most recent pics of us together always contain one of our offspring)! We had great aspirations, but as you may remember, our aspirations don't often come to fruition. The whole needing-a-babysitter thing is really holding us back. :) But I hope we'll have many anniversaries to enjoy when our kids are older and can watch themselves.

Last year I told a bit about us & our wedding day, so I thought this year I'd share six maybe-lesser-known facts about us:
  1. When we were dating and first married, we drove DH's parents' 1988 Toyota Corolla (thanks to them for letting DH steal their car). It was a pretty nice little car ... except for the overheating on Vail pass and a finicky starter problem. We spent many dates with me popping the clutch while DH pushed it down the driveway/road.
  2. We spent our 1st anniversary in Park City at a cute little Bed & Breakfast. It was nice but could have been nicer. I was stupid and got mad at DH for a little excessive skateboarding and almost ruined the whole thing.
  3. On our 2nd anniversary DH was out of town and he surprised me by having a flower and balloon bouquet sent to our house. It was very sweet!
  4. Our current idea of a date is putting the kids to bed and watching a movie we got from Netflix or playing a game. It's cheap and usually involves junk food. :)
  5. I really don't deserve DH. He's always willing to take the kids so I can do my work, my calling, get a little extra sleep, or whatever. He listens to me vent & talk for hours on end. He's very forgiving when I'm being petty or obnoxious. He's my BESTEST friend!
  6. DH is always telling me that one of his most favorite memories is when he first saw me in my dress in the temple. He says that I took his breath away. Isn't he the best?
So six years and three kids later and we still feel like newlyweds! (Mostly because DH is so immature ;) I'm very blessed and looking forward to an eternity to come! It doesn't get better than this :)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


I'm going to the Storehouse. And I'm not happy about it. I appreciate all the support and advice, but when it comes down to it, our ward only has this assignment three times a year, and other people will suffer if we don't fulfill it, and I'm the only one who's willing to make it happen. The end. I'll try and post something uplifting soon. :)

**UPDATE to the Update (Aug 23)**
I went; thanks to my awesome Laurel advisor and Sim's preschool teacher for watching the kiddos. I took my one Young Woman and we went. And it wasn't too bad - I enjoyed the one-on-one time with my young woman and we were able to perform service. The poor girl dropped a jar of spaghetti sauce and it broke and spilled on her brand-new shoes :( but she was a trooper. And my kids were good overall while I was gone. I think the blessings are definitely there from going - I just hope I didn't set a precedent of doing whatever everyone else doesn't do... Anyway, thanks again for the support and encouragement!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Just Venting

I am alive! And I am back from an overall successful and pleasant business trip. I'll tell you about all of it in my next post.

Right now I am a little bit grumpy. Turns out that while I was gone, the Bishop asked the YW and YM to provide some volunteers to go to the Bishop's Storehouse. This is a good opportunity for some of the older youth to participate in a service experience. I have no problem with that. Except that no one told me about it until yesterday. I have three YW planning on going (our designated amount) and one of the girls gave me the impression that the Bishop was going as well. So today I asked the Bishop about it and he told me that the assignment needs to be three YW, three YM, plus leaders (and he's not going). And, since the YM leaders work during the day, the leader needs to be from the YW. Super. It is this Thursday from 9am to 2:30pm (not counting driving time). There are only three leaders in the Young Women who do not work away from home during the day. And guess who is probably going to end up going? Yep... me.

Don't judge me too hastily. I am normally a service-loving gal. In fact, I am very aware that there are things that we do just because they need to be done. And that part of being a member of our Church is donating our time to help others. But right now, I am feeling less than excited about this. I have now had three days notice, and I have a preschool meeting already scheduled that day that I will have to miss. I need to find a babysitter for three children, one of whom has never been left without either Mommy or Daddy for more than four hours. But I will figure all of that out.

What is really bugging me right now is the whole "stay-at-home-mom" thing. I kind of feel like more and more women in my Church are working outside of the home, either out of necessity or out of desire. Because of that, so many times things that happen during the day are taken care of by those who are SAHMs. And yes, part of the reason I am a SAHM is so I can be available to help others. I just get a little tired of people thinking that if you're a SAHM you have nothing better to do all day than cater to the things the "working" men and women can't do. Like because I'm at home, it's no big deal for me to rearrange things and fulfill assignments. Because I'm too stupid to have a full time job, I should not ever complain if I have to leave my kids with someone or pay someone to watch them so that I can jump to every need with very little notice. We are living on one income so I can be at home to raise my children and sometimes I feel I am looked down on or even penalized because of my choice. Does anyone else feel this way or am I on a selfish soap-box? Don't worry; I won't shirk my duty, but I'd just like to feel appreciated once in a while. Like a simple thank-you from "smart" moms with full-time jobs. What do you think? If you are a SAHM, how do you deal with this situation? And you're welcome to tell me to buck up and stop being a baby :)

Monday, August 04, 2008

MIA Again

I'm not following my posting goals. Not because I don't want to...

I spent 2 hours in urgent care this morning, was sent to the hospital and was in the ER for 5 hours because they were worried about meningitis.

Good News: The spinal tap was normal! No meningitis. And I'm home tonight. And they gave me narcotics. :)

Bad News: They hope it's just a bad virus, but if it doesn't improve dramatically within 24 hours, they will probably ask me to come back in for a CAT scan. And if there's something wrong there, I won't be making my Utah trip on Friday :( Also, I have a friend going in for a C-section tomorrow and I was supposed to watch her daughter and now I can't do it and I feel like a flake.

In other Munchkin Monday news, please vote in my poll about the Bubbs' structured activity options. I'd love some opinions!

Friday, August 01, 2008

Feature Friday

Here it is! Day One of the New Plan. And my first FEATURED SITE?


*Description: Links to live streaming for over 5000 radio stations from Europe, the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.
*More Details: Fantabulous website! Most radio stations these days seem to have a "listen online" choice for some easy access to jamming-in-your-car radio tunes or argue-with-me-political talk radio. The cool thing about this site is that they're all in one place! It's not so much to get the local radio stations to listen to on the web (since, hello, I have a pretty uncool Wally World special that does that for me), but I use it to get access to things I can't really listen to otherwise. The site is divided by country and then, for the US, by state. Each link has the call letters for the station (if applicable), the name of the station (which is a link to the radio station's site if they have one), a listen live link, and a "format" - oldies, top 40, country, news radio, etc. Pretty darn neat. I was introduced to the site while student teaching several years ago. My mentoring teacher showed it to me when I mentioned I missed my favorite German stations.
  • All the streaming stations listed in ONE easy place! (No more google-ing station names to find a "Listen Live" link!)
  • Station lists also link to individual station websites for more info, etc
  • One-click listening availability
  • For US stations, you can sort by location within a state to find a specific station based on location
  • You can browse stations by location or genre
  • Great resource for language teachers or foreign language learners
  • Only lists for Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the United States. I would love to have links to African, Asian, and Central/South American countries.
  • Most of the live streams require Windows Media Player or Winamp. Which, if you're a Mac user like me, is a little annoying. You can download Windows Media Player for Mac (or get Flip4Mac to work with QuickTime), though, so it's okay.
  • Some of the stations are not A+ sound quality, which is to be expected with the variety of internet connections. Most of the ones I listen to are at least B+ quality if not A- or better. But just an FYI.
*My favorite stations:
  • Antenne Bayern & Bayern 3 - German Adult Contemporary stations I listened to when I lived there; the kids and I turn them on and jam out and it brings back memories of studying in my bedroom while my host sister begged me to play UNO "just one more time"
  • Radio Teddy - A German kid's station. Stories and kids songs that I like to put on when my kids are coloring. Background noise in their non-native language. I love it!
  • DeutschlandRadio Kultur - German news and feature stories. Are you sensing a pattern with the German?
  • Alouette - A French Contemporary station. The music's mostly American, and how I am supposed to make fun of French if I don't listen to it once in a while? :)
  • FM 100 - I listen to this mostly on Sundays for their Soft Sunday Sounds. I have a limited collection of inspirational music, and I like the variety. I feel like I'm back in Utah getting ready for church :) Downside? commercials. :(
  • KOSY 106.5 - Same as above.
  • KBER 101.1 - They often broadcast Utah Jazz games. 'Nuff said.
  • KSL - They broadcast BYU games. Again, I think that's self-explanatory.
  • Capital 95.8 - A contemporary station out of the UK. Because British accents are fun. And they say funny things.
  • Radio CLM - A German/Spanish station out of Spain. It can be confusing. But pretty cool.
But I think I've said enough. Check it out and see if you find an international (or more local) station you love! Leave me a comment and let me know what you like so I can check it out too!