Thursday, February 28, 2008

Another February Birthday!

It's that time again! DH is another year older and wiser too!

Unfortunately, he can't be home on his birthday (the parts didn't show at the account, so he won't be home until tomorrow...) Poor DH! :( But although I can't give him a kiss today, I'll post a picture of me giving him a kiss!

I was remembering the first birthday he had when we were dating... I made him breakfast for dinner (bacon, hashbrowns, eggs, waffles with strawberries & whipped topping), prepared a candlelight dinner in the living room of my apartment complete with candles and sparkling cider, and got him a few presents. Then I picked him up (in his car, of course, since I didn't have one), blindfolded him, drove him around and around until he was dizzy and carsick and then parked and walked him to my apartment. I think I tricked him, but when I took the blindfold off, he said, "I knew this was where you were taking me!" We had an almost uninterrupted dinner and he was flattered! (I wanted to post a picture, but of course, they're in storage.) For the next birthday, we went to St George (it was also our 6 month anniversary). I was a much better birthday giver before the kids :) I'll have to remedy that!

DH's dad always says we should give the parents presents on our birthdays, since they gave us life in the first place. And you know, I am definitely very glad that my wonderful hubby was born! I love him so much and he does so much for our family! I'm looking forward to seeing him tomorrow and celebrating with him!

Happy Birthday, DH! And many more... ! :)

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Haircuts and a Playgroup

Yesterday was the Bubbs' FIRST haircut!

Yes, I know she's three, but both DH and I like her hair long and were both afraid to ruin it and both didn't want to pay for someone else to do it... It's been getting a little ratty at the ends, and I know it's healthy to cut it, so yesterday I did it! It was a little scary, but E was happy to wear the little barber cape that came with DH's new clippers. And she doesn't look half bad! (But all I did is trim. No bangs, no shaping. Just a trim.) And DH also clippered (which is not a word, even if you're talking about the LA Clippers) his own hair and his son. Fun times!

And of course, not to be out-pictured, here's PJ! She doesn't have enough hair for a haircut (just a bald guy's mullet) but she needed a picture...she's finally batting at the toys when she's in her bouncer. They really do grow up fast!

And on another note, today I went to a playgroup with some moms in my new ward. It was only my second Sunday in their ward and several of them invited me. I am just so grateful for the Church that helps us fellowship each other and feel included. Thanks to Carrie and Wendy - it was a blast! Eight moms, six babies under six months old and a bunch of toddlers and preschoolers... what more could you want? E and S had a good time once they warmed up a bit (plus, the Simster was one of only two boys over six months old - how could he not have fun with a bunch of girls?) Since we plan on staying here for years to come, I am excited for my kids to grow up with good friends!

Messy Mouths

This is a test. Can you tell me which one is three and which one is two? It's tricky.

Tagged: All About My Man

Thanks, Jen, for giving me this opportunity, since in, oh, about an hour central time, 2 hours mountain time, it will be DH's birthday! How appropriate!

1. Full name: DH (although I like to also call him Patch)

2. How long have you been married: 5.5 years

3. How long did we date: 10 months (not counting the 2 week "dating other people" break he took) + 3 months engagement (when he should have backed out if he'd been smart)

4. Who said I love you first: I don't really remember. But probably me. I was a pretty sappy little dater.

5. Who is taller: He is, of course. And I can fit perfectly at his shoulder, so it was made to be.

6. Who sings better: We're pretty close. He has a great voice, but I can sing different parts, so it's a toss up.

7. Who's smarter: book smart? probably me. practical smart? DH for sure. computer smart? no one needs to ask that question... :)

8. Who does the laundry: I do. But he's pretty helpful at hanging our stuff up if I ask.

9. Who pays the bills: We have a deal - he earns the dough and I pay the bills. If I die, I think he will be in trouble... LOL

10. Who sleeps on the right side of the bed: Right now, he does.

11. Who drives: He does when we're together, but just because it's the manly thing. I actually really like driving. It's therapeutic... except when somebody cuts you off...

12. Who's more stubborn: Hands down, me.

13. Who kissed who first: He just couldn't wait to smooch me. Just ask him! (But I didn't push him away)

14. Who asked who out first: I introduced myself first, but he did the asking.

15. Who proposed: He did, at the same place we had our first date & our first kiss, and then I told him he was doing it wrong. ("You're supposed to get down on one knee!") I'm lucky he still proposed!

18. Who has more siblings: He does - 4 sisters, 2 brothers. I have 3 brothers, 1 sister.

19. Who wears the pants in the family: Dress pants? him... Maternity pants? Me! :)

It's fun to chat about my awesome DH and remember stuff. I have the best hubby! I have a saying... He was kind of a poop when we were dating, so I get to be a poop for eternity! :) I, of course, got the better end of the deal!

Now... I tag my sister, Heike, and Cheryl!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Sis!

"Having a sister is like having a best friend you can't get rid of. You know whatever you do, they'll still be there. " ~Amy Li

I have the best sister! And today is her birthday! Because of some poor planning on my part, I didn't do anything special for her today like I wanted to (but beware, sis, I may surprise you!). But I am definitely grateful to have such a wonderful sister. I always wished I had another sister too, so I could have an older sis and a younger one, but my sister is so great, who needs more? I am thrilled to live much much closer to her. We haven't lived this close since she lived at home, some 14 years ago! Eventually the novelty may wear off and she might wish we would just go away, but for now, I think sisters and cousins are enjoying it (and even DH and her DH, at least a little).

As a birthday tribute, I want to list 5 things about her I admire and look up to:
  1. She has a strong testimony. I began my testimony based on hers. We used to sing "A Child's Prayer" as a duet when we shared a room. She would often play uplifting cassettes and CDs and taught me about journal and scripture reading and seminary by her example.
  2. She is a great listener. Even when we were at different life stages and my problems probably seemed stupid to hear, she would listen and give advice. She's pretty much one of two people (the other is DH) I feel comfortable crying around and spilling my guts. And I have a lot of guts to spill!
  3. She is an awesome mom. Every time I am at her house, I see things she does or ways she handles her children that I want to add to my life. She is happy to be a mom and it shows! Her kids are happy and well-behaved, something I hope someday I can say about my own!
  4. She is talented. Whether it's being a friend, teaching math, speaking Spanish with her kids, partnering with her hubby to start a business, doing moneybooks for the business, picture-taking, cooking, organizing, decorating her home - she just does it all so well!
  5. She is fun to be around! I love to just hang out and chat with her, play games (which neither of our DHs particularly love), go shopping, cheer on our kids or whatever! Plus, she laughs at my jokes. Which, if you know my jokes, must make her fun to be with!
Here's to many more birthdays! All the best!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Happy Birthday, Simster!

Well, you can tell the Simster is the 2nd kid... His birthday was on Saturday and I am just posting today :) Actually, the poor buddy had to deal with a Mommy who has a cold that just won't go away. I spent much of Saturday not even being able to swallow and it's been going on more or less since we left Utah (3 weeks!). Even today I've been trying to get rid of it. Yucky colds. Enough about me.

It was very fitting that Sim's birthday was rainy, gloomy, windy, cold and wet. When he was born 2 years ago, it was during a nasty storm that we made our way to the hospital. I was going to be induced on the 20th, but it was President's Day so the doc said he would induce on either the 16th or the 21st. We chose the 16th because it was (duh!) earlier and because the 21st is BIL's bday and we wanted S to have his own day. The night before I was induced, it snowed and snowed. MIL almost didn't make it down to watch the Bubbs. With all my kids, I put off the whole packing thing until absolutely necessary (good thing we didn't have any real emergencies!) and we stayed up late getting ready. We headed to the hospital at 5:30am to arrive by 6am to be induced. The roads were nasty, but luckily we were early enough we missed a lot of the traffic.

It ended up being a busy baby day and since I wasn't in active labor, I had to wait. I didn't end up getting the pitocin to start labor until after 8am. DH and I settled in to watch some Judging Amy and I read a little. Of course, as is tradition, DH slept a little too :) What is it about me having babies that puts him to sleep? :) When I was at about a 3, I got an epidural, and it was smooth sailing from there on out. I slept a little, watched some TV, and waited. Around 1:30pm I was at an 8, and the doctor came by and suited up. I pushed a little and he slid out - pretty uneventful but I was thrilled to meet little S! He was 7lbs and 18.5" and cute as a button! He took a nice shot at the nurse while she was cleaning him up and his aim was good enough to almost get the doctor :) DH and I spent the hospital stay getting to know our little guy. It took me a while to get into the recovery room because the epidural didn't wear off until almost 6pm. That evening, a couple of close friends visited and one of the nurses came in and said it was so busy that she was actually from another hospital and came to fill in! What a fun day to be born! :)

I didn't have many newborn pics of Simster to post because they are on my other computer that is currently waiting for us to have a house before it can come out of storage. He has grown so much in two years! He has gone from being my baby to being my big boy. He loves to shoot baskets and throw great football passes - and he's pretty good at it! (We have great dreams of our son the star quarterback or point guard.) He loves to talk (wonder where he got that from) and is detailed and easy to understand. I am wondering whether we will have another kid because then it might be a boy and it's hard to imagine any boy better than my little S! I love him so much and have really enjoyed watching him grow and see his cute personality!

For his birthday, we didn't do too much - just a couple of presents, some balloons and a visit to McDonalds (he loved the play place). We celebrated with my sis and her family (how fun it was to share a birthday with cousins!) on Sunday and I think the Simster had a good time! Happy Birthday buddy!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Congratulations DH!!

After several months of deliberation, six interviews, and seemingly endless waiting, DH was told today that he got the job! Wow! It's one of those things you don't think you'll see the end of, and then when it happens, you barely catch your breath :) In the last month or so, DH was told it was down to him or one other guy, so it made the pressure a little more intense, I think. The job is a new position within his current company. He will start officially on April 1st as an STM (Systems Technology Manager). The company is taking a little chance with him, since he's never been a manager/boss before, and now he'll have employees to manage. I know at first, he'll be super super busy, getting acclimated and setting things up (it is a newly formed region so it will be a little new to everyone), training his employees and just figuring stuff out. But it will be a good challenge for him and will give him more diversified experience in his field. After the initial intensity, he should also be able to travel less. And yes, it does pay more too - as an added bonus. I am proud of my cute, smart hubby!

It's also a testimony to me that Heavenly Father knows what he's doing even when we don't. We really really felt strongly that we needed to be in Texas, even though at the time we weren't sure what was going to happen with this job (it was just barely in the beginning stages). We told people it was to be near family, to get a house that would suit our budget and our needs, to have a new adventure... But really, we just felt like it was the right time. And amazingly enough, our house sold and we were able to move here. Then we found out that DH being in Texas was an added bonus for him in contention for getting the job, since several accounts are in the near vicinity. Then DH went to an annual National Meeting for the company and they had this silly hypnotist there and she asked for volunteers. Normally? Not something DH would volunteer for. But he really felt like he needed to get up. So he did, and he embarrassed himself (think air guitar and Beavis & Butt-head). But then he got the job, and his new boss told him on the phone this evening that what really cinched the deal was that DH volunteered for the hypnotist. All of these things have really fallen into place and I KNOW Heavenly Father was prompting us. We have been so blessed as a family ever since we were married, but it never ceases to amaze us how abundantly we are blessed! It is real. There is a God, and He cares about His children.

Once again, congrats DH and I'll keep you posted on how it all goes! (PS - picture is from last year's birthday - I need to take more pics of DH!)

Monday, February 11, 2008

Ode to Chiropractic

I am in some pain. Somehow I picked up the Bubbs wrong this morning and I must have stretched/torn some muscle because my back is really hurting me. I spent much of the day leaning against the couch because it was the only thing that felt comfy. Luckily, I am blessed to now be in very close proximity to a chiropractor (my awesome BIL) and he was able to squeeze me in today. Basically, he tortured me (just joking - but he did literally "ice" me to help numb my inflamed muscles) and helped get me on the road to recovery. Next time I see him I hope my back's feeling better so I can get an actual adjustment. If you haven't tried seeing a chiropractor, you should! Plus I am just in awe of my BIL because he is so smart, and he has his own practice and business is good right now for him (because he is great at what he does - puts people at ease and explains to them what they have and what he can do to help them). And of course thanks to my sis for helping run BIL's clinic and for watching the kids today for me. Anyway, I am now putting an ice pack on my back for 15 minutes (doctor's orders) and then going to bed...

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Adventures in Texas

The kids and I went on one of our first adventures in Texas. I was excited when I saw on the internet that there's a German deli in the area and this morning, in the still really really windy coldness (Chicago's the windy city?!) I packed up the troops and went off to find it. And I eventually got there. I ended up getting off of the correct exit only to get pushed back on the highway (weird Texas on- and offramps...) and then my directions told me to go right instead of left, so I circled a shopping center for 10 minutes before seeing the flying German flag on the other side of the road. Ta da!

I was like a kid in a candy store! Literally, kind of, since I picked up DH's favorite (Kinder) and the weltberühmte Gummibären. They had all sorts of German goodies to make. A little expensive but worth it once in a while. I can make some traditional German stuff and even a little treat (Milchreis). The kids were good, the ladies were sweet, and the stuff was great. Did I mention the kids were good? Of course, I tried to speak in German, and E switches back and forth fine, but the Simster responds in English. The ladies probably thought he didn't understand what I was saying. Gotta work on that.

DH comes home tomorrow! Yeah!

He has Sisters

My son is sooo cute in this picture! He likes to put on the Bubbs' headbands. This one happens to be pink. And happens to make his dad a little crazy ("S! Take that off, buddy!" are pretty much his exact words). Poor DH. I think it's fun right now and the Simster loves to do his hair, nails, etc when his sister is doing it - and I don't mind indulging him once in a while. He would have made a cute girl. :) And maybe we can get him a headband like the guys wear in the NBA. Just as long as it isn't pink.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

In Case You Were Wondering...

I love Dr. Pepper. Love it. Doesn't really matter what kind - diet, caffeine free, cherry vanilla (probably my favorite), berries and cream, a combination of the above, you name it. So at WallyWorld yesterday and having a heart attack after seeing the price of milk ($3.50 a gallon?! You've got to be kidding!) I decided to give the new flavor - Cherry Chocolate - a try.

BIG mistake. I think it's gross. Ugh. There is something about bubbly fake chocolate flavor that rubs me wrong. I'm sure people love it, but I would recommend not wasting your time. Stick to the Cherry Vanilla. Really.


Apartment Dwellers

We are officially in Texas! Wow! We made it! We actually spent one day at my parents, and an overnight at DH's sister's in Oklahoma. I would have posted sooner, but between moving stuff into storage, visiting with my parents, church, being sick, PJ being extra needy, etc, I hadn't found time.

This is the view from our apartment. With enormous help from my sis, we finally found a good situation for us. Instead of moving some of our stuff into an apartment and most of it somewhere else, we have a "corporate" apartment. Basically it's like an extended stay hotel. It is completely furnished (although a little sparse on dishes), so basically all we had to haul up to the third floor were our clothes and some toys.

E and S love to ride around on our balcony. And where's all of our stuff, you might ask? It's in a storage unit. Tightly packed into a storage unit. We are SOOO grateful to my sis and her DH because it was basically the four of us who moved all of our stuff from the moving trailer into the storage unit. It took some of two days and lots of sore muscles, but it's DONE!

Now of course my question is... how do I live in a little apartment with three kids for a month without going crazy? My kids are a little wound-up from all the change and I'm not sure how to keep them quiet/entertained without completely annoying my fellow apartment residents on the side and below us. At least I'm blessed to have my sister to bug and a pond (stocked with fish) right behind us. And we're in Texas, so I'm not fighting blizzards to take them outside (just some wind and a little rain).

Like the furnishings? We also went to a new ward on Sunday. It's the ward we're living in now, not the ward our house is in, so I don't know if we'll go back there. But it is sure nice to know that the Church is the same wherever you go. The people were very very welcoming and sweet. The Bubbs was excited because they had at least 8 Sunbeams (poor Sunbeam teacher...) and when I went to get her from class, she said, "Church is fun, mom!" Even the Simster did fine in nursery without me, and the sweetest sister held PJ for much of Relief Society (PJ was pretty much the only baby...that was a weird change...) At any rate, we are enjoying this new adventure, but are still missing the friends and normalcy of home. Stay tuned!

Another Random Post

I was tagged by Heike at Bilingual Life and More like two weeks ago, but with all the moving, I haven't posted it yet. So in case anyone needed to have me post something random (again), here it goes...

The rules:
1. Let others know who tagged you.
2. Players start with 8 random facts about themselves.
3. Those who are tagged should post these rules and their 8 random facts.
4. Players should tag 8 other people and notify them they have been tagged.

About Me:
  1. I have crazy dreams. And I tend to remember them. All the time. If I wake up some morning and don't remember what I dreamed the night before, I think I must be sick. My mom told me I take after my grandpa (her dad) on this.

  2. My favorite number is 23. It is my birthday number. I have always loved the number 23. Ask my family. I'm not sure how it started (but I know it wasn't because it was Michael Jordan's number, that's just a plus).

  3. I am a night owl and I always have been. I find it easier to get stuff done if I stay up than if I try to get up early. Darn snooze button! Plus I like the quiet time after the kids are asleep. Plus my DH is a major night owl. :)

  4. I try to speak mostly German at home. Most know this. I was an exchange student in Germany and then got a degree in German Teaching, and I love so many aspects of the language, culture and people. So I speak German with my kids and they are doing decently, although I get lazy when others are around who don't speak German. Right now the Simster responds in English to pretty much anything I say, even though he understands the German. I've got to find them a German playgroup or something!

  5. I am a programmer. I use Revolution and create programs. But I don't think I'm a nerd; I just like to make stuff that can help people do things easier. I actually took a programming class (HyperCard at the time) just to get a raise, not because I was originally interested. I love it now, though.

  6. My favorite foods: soda, salty snacks, and fruit. Pretty much in that order. Good thing I have one healthy thing on the list, huh? I get to blame my dad for the soda and the salty stuff. I try to emphasize moderation but it can be a losing battle.

  7. I love books but try not to read them. When I start a book, I don't usually put it down until I finish it. This creates problems (kids, work, housework, etc) so I have been trying not to read much. But I miss it, so I probably should try to find a happy medium.

  8. My budding hobby is cooking. It's one of my favorite things about being a mom. Well, that and vacuuming, I like that too. I have discovered how fun it is to try new recipes and to put my own spin on them. Two I'm really proud of: Kung Pao Chicken and Strawberry Cheesecake.

So there you have it! Me in a nutshell :) Now I'm tagging: my sister, of course, Litnak Family, Jen at my little corner of the world, Sonja, Ben and/or Alison, and Cheryl. Have fun!