Monday, September 19, 2011

Rubber Cement

Welcome back! Wait, I guess that would be me talking to myself. I feel like I am kind of a stranger on my own blog because I haven't posted for so long!

I do have a backlog of half-posts, drafts that I have been meaning to share with the world (well, at least the five of you who read my blog...). We have definitely had a lot of things going on since I last blogged. A finished school/seminary year, various projects/activities, working, a VERY full summer (including a 21 day road trip and four sibling weddings), and now a new school/seminary year. I sort of get sleepy just thinking about it! Oh, actually, maybe I am just sleepy from being up since 4:30am :)

But something has been holding me back from sharing. I can't really put my finger on it. All this stuff is fun to talk about and of course, I have some delightful pictures to go along with it all (think flower girls and more!). Things have been busy but not so busy I can't post. Nothing is over-the-top exciting or sink-in-the-pit depressing. We are here, doing our thing. The usual. Maybe that's why.

But this post is supposed to be about rubber cement, you say. That title is what drew me in here in the first place - so what's all the explaining about not blogging got to with it?

I was thinking about rubber cement the other day. I used it pretty much every week in my elementary art class. You remember the stuff, right? It would stick to your fingers and you'd have to rub them together to get it off. Boys would run around shoving in your face and saying it was a booger (ewww). Ah, those were the days.

I feel like my life is a little like rubber cement right now. It's like I have this fake booger stuck to my fingers. I am completely aware that it is not literally a booger, that it is just sticky glue-y stuff. Just like I am aware that there is nothing really wrong with my life, we have been blessed beyond measure. But for some reason I still think the sticky stuff is a gross nasty booger and I want it to get off. It's like it's irritating me all the time. And since there isn't anything really wrong in my life, I keep telling myself - "It's not a booger! It's just some rubber cement so roll it up and flick it off already!"

Since it is just rubber cement, I can't figure out how to explain how I feel to anyone else - like I need some moral support but don't know what I need or how to get it. I can say "Hey, I have this glue on my finger and it feels icky like a booger." And then they will say, "Hmm...that's weird. You're fine; it's not full of germs or anything, it is really is just glue. Just wash your hands now and we'll go shopping." Know what I mean?

I know this comparison is stretching it, but it is kind of the reason why I don't feel like posting. Because of the booger on my fingers. BUT that being said, I am trying to clean off my fingers so they can again type and publish posts and upload pictures, and be witty and a little entertaining. :) Keep checking in, okay?


DISCLAIMER: The reviews and opinions of Elmer's Rubber Cement are mine. I was not paid or compensated in any way. I did not even get a free bottle. And the picture comes from In case you are needing to buy some rubber cement to get your very own fake boogers on your fingers. Hee hee.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

RIP (Gr)uncle Chuck

My wonderful uncle passed away this morning. He suffered a stroke a few weeks ago and things just didn't go well from there... I had the opportunity to go visit him one last time in the hospital, to say my goodbyes and share my love with my aunt and cousin. He has meant so much to me, especially in the last eleven years when he became basically another dad to me.

We love him and we will miss him! He was such a wonderful uncle/grandfather to my kids... I don't think I have many pictures where he isn't playing with one of them :) I am saddened to think of the conversations we won't have again, the laughs we won't share, the advice that he won't be able to give me. But I take comfort in his peace and in the faith that I will see him again!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Love, Mom

Dear Bubbs,

I know your life is hard. Especially when your brother pushes your buttons and you don't get EXACTLY the same amount of time on the computer as he does. And yes, I remember that time I took the other kids to lunch and didn't bring you home chocolate milk. I will make it up to you. Thanks for being my rock, and it's so nice to know that you never have to "pull your color" at school because you try to do what's right. What a wonderful first baby bear! And don't worry, when I was your age, I too was embarrassed when my mom and dad kissed. Come to think of it, I still am... :)

Love, Mom

Dear Simster,

I so enjoyed listening to you read your story out of "Frog and Toad" this morning. I probably don't tell you this enough but you can be every bit as smart as your older sister and I am sorry if you fall in her smartness shadow sometimes. There are things you do well that she doesn't. And honey, not everything is a competition. Just don't ask your uncle J about that; he may tell you differently... :)

Love, Mom

Dear Buns,

Confession: sometimes I put your favorite baby in the movie room on purpose, and then make sure you know where she is. Then I get to ask "Where is your baby?" and listen to you say, "She's in the oodie room, mom." It really never gets old. It is just so darn cute! And you are so imaginative, like yesterday when you grabbed that Albertsons bag and turned it into your Dora backpack. :)

Love, Mom

Dear Buggs,

Yesterday you took 15 steps from the coffee table to the couch. And if I'm being honest, some of me wanted to push you down like your brother did and say, "Just stop growing up!" (He really did cry about you not crawling anymore. And pushed you down. Because I think he's afraid of everything you can get into now. In his defense, he did say sorry and give you a huge bear hug and kiss.) I can't believe you will be one next week! But even though you sucking your thumb is super cute, I wouldn't mind if you decided to give it up anytime now... all on your own... :)

Love, Mom

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

To go back to bed or...?

You know how I said we were supposed to get snow? Well, hmm, there was nothing last night. I woke up every hour or so to see if it was going to be bad enough to cancel seminary/school. It didn't seem like it.

The poor Buns was up a lot in the night, so it was kind of hard to drag myself out of bed at 4:30am and get ready for seminary. It has started to sleet but it's not too crazy yet. Except for the wind. Yikes!

The Simster even got up with me. He likes to go to seminary sometimes. Because he adores the YM. Hopefully he picks up only their good habits and not the not-so-good ones :)

Anyway... this is what my classroom looked like at seminary start time - 5:45am.

And at 5:50am. And now, at 6:00am. Finally, at 5:55, the phone rang. AND... no school today! Ah ha! So that's why no one showed up for seminary! I sent the Simster back to bed, but I am debating that myself. I am awake, but not really motivated to do anything. But I think if I go back to bed I'll just lay there looking at the ceiling. What would you do? Hmm... maybe I'll read a book or something in the quiet. That usually puts me right to sleep... :)

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Again?! You have got to be kidding...

Umm... tonight's forecast calls for 2-4 inches of ... ahem... snow! Maybe up to 6 inches in our area. Again. Canceling school, anyone? Again? Maybe.

And this is a picture of the Buns. Sleeping. At 12:40pm. Not too strange I guess, except for the fact that she was at a friend's house for a three-hour playgroup this morning and slept. the. entire. time. She didn't feel super hot, but the thermometer says 101. And she's whimpery. Sick again. Yikes, poor thing. Hopefully it will just be her this time around.


Sigh again.

I guess I'll have to sacrifice doing the laundry and dishes and snuggle up with her while she sleeps and read a book instead. :)

Friday, February 04, 2011

SNOW day... and 11 months

YAY for a real snow day today - instead of all the yucky ice all over, we actually got some SNOW today!! Probably about, oh, 5 or 6 inches. And the weather was warmer. So it was a perfect day to go outside. This is the kind of day I think about when school is closed. Snowmen, snow angels, hot cocoa, yesh. I love it. And I love saying yesh. Yesh, yesh I do.

And the Buggs is also 11 months old today! We bundled her up to "play" in the snow too. (And yes, those are little boots on her hands. She doesn't have any good mittens that stay on.) I will definitely need to date these because she has all of Simster's old stuff on and she could really be his twin. :)

PS - don't you love DH's pants? I call them his fancy pants. They are warm and comfy. And fancy. Well, not really, I just like calling them that. Because it's sort of a little maybe slightly like I am making fun of him. No, not laughing at him, just near him :)

Thursday, February 03, 2011

This just in...

Yep, schools were closed again today. And now I've heard that there will still be no school AGAIN tomorrow! Hold me! ....

Through all this off of school-ness though, I have really enjoyed one word... PRETEND...
My kids are running around playing all sorts of make-believe games with each other, with minimal fighting actually, and I do love to hear

Pretend I'm the mom. No, the grandma. And then you can be the grandma's dad. I guess that's like the extra great grandpa or something.
*Oh, let's pretend you were playing Ninja Turtles and they actually thought they were Iron Man but then they looked in the mirror and realized that, wait, we're turtles!
*Mom, can we pretend I'm Kirsten from my American Girl books and do my hair in two circle braids?
*Oh, you know what? We should just pretend that I was dying like Jesus but I didn't want to be a skeleton so you came and founded me and took me to the Tree of Life. Okay? Okay?
*I think we should pretend that this was the mom's house but she only liked mazes so pretend we had to build a maze and a fort house for her and pretend if we did that she could make us the dinner?
*(The Buns) Mom, ahh! Don't touch that! That is. a. monster! It is, it is mom. Oh, wait, actually now the Buggs is a monster. Pretend, right? She. is. a. MONSTER, mom! Okay? Don't pick her up!!

This has gone on and on and on and on. But my favorite... when I was trying to encourage a little tidying up of all this pretending.....

"Mom, but we could we just pretend that we cleaned up? And you pretend you don't see the mess in the movie room? Okay? Okay, mom?"

So yeah, maybe these snow/ice days haven't been so bad after all. :)

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Stir Crazy...

So most everyone in the country is experiencing the arctic air blast, right? So I am sure you can sympathize when I tell you that we are going sTiR cRaZy in here!

Day 1, Sunday: I leave church after sacrament meeting with three of the kids because the Bubbs has the crud now and her cough can be heard and felt in China. And the Buns is still sick, slept (and drooled) on me during the meeting. And the Buggs goes where I go. Then I try to entertain them at home.

Day 2, Monday: We keep the Bubbs home from school in hopes that we can get the cough under control. All four kids home all day long. Meanwhile, I am attempting to finish reconciliation for 2010 for work.

Day 3, Tuesday: School is canceled! We only got about 3 inches of snow, but it is freezing cold, bitterly cold when you add in the windchill. Pretty much a sheet of ice everywhere. No snow plows/salt trucks for residential areas here in Texas. So we don't leave the house. Well, except for the brief attempt to play in the snow.

Time spent getting kids bundled to go out: 20 minutes.
Time spent getting the kids un-bundled, dried off, warmed up when they are ready to come back inside: 30 minutes.
Time actually spent playing in the snow: 6 minutes.
Watching the Buns run around in her super adorable hat and snow pants for that 6 minutes? Priceless :)

We tried to entertain ourselves inside all day. It sort of worked. At least the missionaries came over for dinner to help break up the boredom. And freezing cold weather means yummy food - BBQ spicy chili on cornbread waffles, with chocolate-mint cookie ice cream sandwiches for dessert... Mmmmmm.... We said goodbye to an elder who is leaving us for Waco when the storm clears out.

Day 4, Wednesday: School canceled again!! Yikes. The ice isn't melting, it is like negative 500 degrees with the wind chill, they are issuing rolling blackouts to save on power so our power could go out at any second. Luckily we've been blessed - no frozen pipes for us, heat is working, DH telecommutes so we haven't had to face the roads, and we have food, wood to burn, water, and plenty of sweaters and blankets! BUT my wonderful children are going a bit crazy with all this inside together time. Games played, movies watched, books read, toys strewn out all over the house, crayons worn down to stubs, lots of make-believe heroes and monsters running in and out of every room. We're running out of love people. If absence makes the heart grow fonder, we need some absent-ing to make that happen? Ya know?

Who knows if we'll have school tomorrow. Nothing has melted. Our driveway and street are still basically sheer ice. If they have to keep cycling power on and off, it doesn't make sense to have school. I heard on the radio a while ago that the main highway right next to our neighborhood has been closed due to ice buildup. So does that mean even if I wanted to go somewhere, I couldn't? Yikes. It isn't supposed to get above freezing until noonish on Friday.

On the one hand, you would think that with all this time off from seminary, school, errand-running, kid shuffling, etc, I would have gotten a TON of things accomplished! And have a perfectly clean house and everything ready and prepared for weeks in advance. But the reality is that with the kids inside all day everyday pretty much since Saturday night, the house is suffering. I am following kids around to remind them that even though we are having free days, Daddy is still working and we still have to be relatively quiet. I'm trying not to do laundry or other energy-consuming projects to save a little on the electricity consumption. I am trying to find new fun and happy things for us all to do together that will not result in tears. Mine, mostly. :) *sigh* Yesterday was still a blast, today it's getting a bit old, and if we're still stuck in tomorrow? .....

At least the Bubbs had found the time to document her philosophy on loving someone. She also seems to be trying to master the transitive property (she just needs to add no nice = no good life to make it complete). And for those of you who know me well, you know that the transitive property is pretty much my favorite. Glad to see she's just a chip off the not-so-old block! :)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Bridging the Gap

Hello! So today it is gloomy and a little chilly. You know, a typical blah January day. (I apologize to all you with January birthdays. It's just kind of a let-down kind of month.) I am stuck home with two sickies and one rambunctious definitely-not-sick-jumping-on-couches-four-year-old. It's the hard kind of sick, too. My littles are snotty and runny and super coughy and fairly miserable. I feel like we've gone through a box of tissues in an hour. But they are not so sick that they just want to sleep or lay on the couch and watch movies. They go and play for a bit, then come to me crying with hair full of that-stuff-that-runs-out-of-ones-nose. I snuggle them for a while, then we rinse and repeat the whole thing. Mostly the snotting and whining part.

So what's a mom to do? #1, be grateful I can be home to care for them. Everyone knows you need your mommy when you're sick. #2, stock up on kleenex and go find a humidifier. #3, cross off the things that are on today's to-do list and put them on tomorrow's. #4? BLOG, of course!

So in five hundred words or less (and a smattering of pictures), I thought I'd try to bring you up to speed on what we've been up to. While typing one-handed. Yep, I'm pretty awesome like that.

#1 - My parents and little brothers joined us for Thanksgiving (+ my sister, her kids, and her special friend). It was awesome. My youngest brother recently got home from his mission, and it was great to see him again. We went out, we played together, we ATE together :), we talked with each other, my brother introduced us to English poppers (that's where we got the crowns) - it was really nice to have most of us together (we missed you J & D)!

(Oh, my, I just realized three out of four of my children do not really look thrilled...probably because I was the one taking the picture!)

#2 - the Buns had a birthday! We are officially out of the terrible twos and have moved on to the tortuous terrific threes! She deserves a post of her own, so hopefully I'll be back to blog more about her later! (hint: it's starts with p and rhymes with snotty... yay!)

#3 - We spent Christmas in Nauvoo, Illinois with DH's family. We fit 25 of us in the Hyrum Smith farmhouse (really fun - I'd recommend it to anyone looking to stay there with family). It was bitter cold, but we were able to attend the Nauvoo temple, it snowed on Christmas Eve and we went and sang carols at the temple, we visited some of our Church's historical sites (we would have done more but it was COLD! Yes, I am just a Texan now and yes, I am wimpy when it comes to coldness), we ate together, played in the snow, exchanged presents, watched movies, and more! It was especially wonderful to see all the cousins get to know each other. DH's siblings are pretty spread out - two sisters and a brother are in Utah, a sister in Oklahoma, us in Texas, a sister in Virginia/Washington DC, and a brother in Philadelphia. Before this trip, we hadn't even met a brother-in-law, a nephew, and a niece, and we hadn't seen the east coast families for about 3.5 years. We missed the youngest two siblings, but it was overall a really great trip. Oh, yeah, except the stomach bug everyone got on the last night :( There are two more grandbabies on the way, so we hope to see each other again soon!

#4 - We celebrated New Year's with my sister and her kids and her now fiance and his daughter. Yep, they got engaged! Congrats to her and CK, looking forward to having him as part of the fam. Anyway, we ate a big breakfast, had a belated Christmas gift exchange, played games, and partied the night away (except my poor niece K - turns out she had the flu!). New Year's Day we celebrated both Christmas and New Year's (football + parade + presents + candy + yummy food? Can't go wrong!)

#5 - We are now back into normal life. It's been so long since I've really blogged, I feel like I need to write my little Christmas letter here! You know, the whole thing about what we've been up to and our various activities and achievements and stuff. Naw, I think we're good. I can blog about all that later.